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BAM has to be reformed if we want to see another Lee Chong Wei

BAM under current leadership is another FAM, they are hopeless and unprofessional stock. BAM has failed to retain good local and foreign coaches, they treat badminton like another NEP with Malay must be a chief coach.

A China mainland newspaper described Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei is like a whole nation against an individual.

Let the true professional to run BAM and say no to stupid politician, royal member and UMNO crony from occupy the hot seat.

Malaysian players have one common trait, they all are poor mental strength and no desire to win unlike Chinese and Korean counterparts.

I saw a lot of young talents in badminton, but their own attitude has made them second-class players forever.

I think I could be a good badminton player also if I got opportunity to be trained by professional coach during my early day. As a self-trained kampong player, I had beaten a district level player when I was 13.

A senior in my secondary school was a national player for a while. He was no good enough to challenge Misbun Sidek and chose to be a training partner for Misbun.

Ex-international Ewe Hock wants BAM to overhaul their programmes


KUALA LUMPUR: Former international Ong Ewe Hock’s heart goes out to Lee Chong Wei for putting up a gallant fight before being pipped by Lin Dan of China for the men’s singles gold medal at the London Olympics on Sunday.

But he feels that the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) should not hide behind Chong Wei’s defeat at Wembley Arena and take the easy way out by saying that luck had deserted them once more.

The former national number one says that more emphasis should be given to the future generation of players to ensure that they are as mentally strong as Lin Dan.

The 29-year-old Chong Wei had looked confident at 18-18 in the decider but Lin Dan turned around the situation with a sudden burst of power to win 15-21, 21-10, 19-21 to become the first men’s singles shuttler to defend the title.

“I was rooting for Chong Wei just like any other Malaysian. I wanted him to win but, in the end, we had to settle for a silver again. My heart goes out to him as he had a great chance to nick it but Lin Dan showed better composure to win it,” said Ewe Hock.

Chong Wei also crumbled after holding two match points against Lin Dan in the final of the World Championships in Wembley last year, crushing his dream of becoming the country’s first badminton world champion.

“The first time, we can say that we got unlucky but this has happened too often with our players. We can’t be unlucky all the time. I wish Chong Wei will be able to have better finishes in the future but my concern is more for the next generation of players,” he said.

Ewe Hock hoped that BAM would look into the mental preparation of players from the junior ranks and not wait until they were roped into the senior team.

With China making a clean sweep of all the five gold medals, BAM will have their work cut out for them in the next few months and Ewe Hock called for a major overhaul to strengthen their programmes.

“BAM should change everything. If they are not ready to make sweeping changes, they must step down and give the job to the people who are willing to do it. With all the support that we are getting for badminton, it is surprising that Malaysia have still not won a gold medal,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, the badminton team led by Chong Wei will arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 7.30am today. A hero’s welcome has been planned for the team.

Despite losing to Lin Dan in his second consecutive Olympic final, Chong Wei’s valiant display has won the nation’s heart.

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Azuan says:

BAM is tupid not to hire Misbun!

打工族 says:

因为这条水准备从商(chongwei binajaya)的关系,大牌LCW一定要趁此机会巴结达官贵人,所以他的婚礼被政治化!



jeff says:


檳城漢民小學6年級12歲學生許妤欣是羽毛球比賽長勝軍,憑著這方面的潛能及優異的表現,讓她成功被新加坡運動學校(Singapore Sport School)相中,獲得獎學金,五年學費全免,目前她每天至少撥出3小時接受私人教練馬楚凱及州教練鄧磊(中國籍教練)的訓練,她期許自己未來能像偶像黃妙珠一樣,為國家爭光。

QPR says:

BAM got no guts to reform as it consists of old guards resisting to change.

Player power controls the coach. That’s why BAM dare not disband the ineffective Koo-Tan combination for fear of these 2 players defecting to KLRC.

When you have Razif as head coach, we can say bye-bye to Olympic Gold in Rio.

Same thing with FAM that is filled with money politics, whitle its FIFA ranking continue to drop after the recent home loss to Vietnam. I doubt Marimau Malaya can defend Suzuki Cup this year.
Trengganu FA is worst, it fined, suspended and then sacked head coach Peter Butler for speaking to press about the poor discipline of Trengganu players. Ha Ha!

ariel says:

Shaberry Cheek has wasted our RM20 million in his ‘Road to London 2012’ gold quest with promises of 4 gold medals from Archery, Badminton, Cycling and Diving.

No gold and he should resign immediately, as he has failed in ‘Janji Ditepati’.

Hasnim says:

BAM’s Nadzmi should follow Naim (Cycling guy) to resign immediately too.

‘Loose Cannon’ sports blogger Rizal Hashim said the Malaysian Sports Bodies ‘kurang iklhas’, a nice euphemism for ‘pilih kasih + incompetent + corrupted’.

The office bearers of FAM should all quit for good, since the latest FIFA ranking shows Malaysia languishing in 157th spot, behind Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand!!!

Lord Jim says:

BAM sent a big delegation (some say ~50 officials) to London to watch Olympics. According to RTM, this is funded by profits from hosting the successful Malaysia Open.

The ? is why not spend the money in grooming new successors to Chong Wei ? Why not spend on building more badminton courts to nurture the promising young next Chong Wei in the making ?

How come Rosmah does not honour Siti Hasmah’s pledge to build more “gelangang Badminton” at every kampung ???