Behind China Miracle >>>

A Muar pariah named Namewee manipulated Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei Olympic final for his movie promotion

Lee Chong Wei has to apologize to Chinese mainlanders in his weibo, even the video attacking Lin Dan is from a pariah from Muar.

Chinese government should ban that pariah to visit China and stop any movie related to this pariah to be released in China.

Only some low taste Malaysians are wasting money and time to watch his movie and youtube videos.

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HOE says:

nkkhoo i think you fell into namewee’s trap to help his promtion of movies going viral.
i don’t know about it until you publicise it; and i may go and watch his movie out of curiosity.

nkkhoo says:

Unnecessary curiosity like watching road accident is a bad habit.

華德 says:




Hasnim says:

Namewee is using viral marketing strategy. All publicity, good or bad, is bound to generate interest for his Hantu Gangster movie. Already nkkhoo is giving Namewee the free publicity although unintended. nkkhoo can learn a thing or two from his fellow Muaraian here, so that he can be featured as a blogger who ‘pilih Malaysia’ campaign ad on national TV along RockyBru and BigDog.

nkkhoo when in KL will face dilemma of which Hari Merdeka slogan to support on the eve of Merdeka? My advice is for him to align with Pak Samad. Do remember to bring along your videocamera (on iPhone or Samsung SIII) to capture the antics of PDRM!!!

Muar Chee says:

namewee can be an a$$hole.
now he can only go to Taiwan not China.
The China Panda may even piss on his face.

at least we have nkkhoo – a true Muar hero.

hope nkkhoo can squareoff with namewee for a charity boxing in Muar. This time we shall see whose face get the real bruises.

are you going to Bersih event on Merdeka eve ? or is there a Muar event we can attend ?

nkkhoo says:

I am not hero, at least I will not exploit national anthem, Bersih 3.0 and Lee Chong Wei to make money.

I will attend Bersih event if I’m in KL.

Namewee is a Hainanese should use Hainan dialect to insult Lin Dan. He insulted Hokkien dialect.