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I never boycott Tanda Putera and Hantu Gangster because I never watch local movie

I have received emails to urge right thinking Malaysians to boycott local films like Tanda Putera and Hantu Gangster.

How to boycott them if I have never watched local films in my life?

Besides, I also received spamming email from Lynas from time to time.

My email reply to them is FXXX your mother.

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Ron says:

how to boycott Tanda Putera when it is open for private screening only?

“There is no problem screening the controversial film Tanda Putera privately but not to the public” said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

So it is okay to screen to select groups like Felda settlers and UIA students? It has been confirmed that the rest of the public (read the non-Malays) are not qualified to watch as the official organiser refused entry to the film from the non-Malay journalist from NST. We presume also the Chinese and the Indian students were barred from joining their fellow students at UIA screening.

Tell us on what basis that the Felda settlers were chosen over many more qualified public viewers? Are they telling us that these Malay Felda settlers and the young impressible students are easy meat (gullible enough?) for such propagandistic scheme of the Umno strategists?

jhf says:

Nkkhoo should get MCA to screen the Tanda Putera movie to the chinese, dubbed it to Mandarin for all to understand, then write a review in his blog. Afterall this is a BN project and MCA should be accountable too.

Ally Pandian says:

Ridhuan Tee criticized Tamil movie Vishwaroopam and not happy that it was allowed to be screened in Malysia despite massive censorship, in his controversial article (18 Feb 2013) on Sinar Harian:

Kesabaran Umat Islam Ada Had

He has included racist remarks to the Indian community in the article. He should have channeled his frustration on the movie TANDA PUTERA that has depicted incorrectly the history of May 13.

sean says:

MCA & MIC (except Semi Value’s son) dare to challenge hujah-hujah Riduan Tee that already caused certain degree of damage to BN.
Thanks to Ridhuan Tee, Indians will now think twice before commiting to BN!

Janice says:

I shall not watch the Jack Lim (MyFM DJ/millionaire) local movie in Chinese New Year because Jack Lim is financed by MCA.

金貴 says:


KY Ong says:

Interesting to see if Najib would invite Jack Lim, as his 1Malaysia ambassador, to watch Tanda Putera with him!

ali baba says:

“Tanda Putera” cost RM4.8 million and is funded by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) and the Multimedia Development Corporation (Mdec) – in other words, the taxpayer.

Azuan says:

Shahrizat is promoting Tanda Putera in her May 13 speech at Umno Assembly. She thought such controversial remark could divert attention from the NFC scandal.

Aidil Yunus says:

Umno people has forgiven her family of the NFC scandal.
That’s Umno for you, very forgiving and high tolerance for corruption.

Jamri says:

Finals wasted money on this stupid project that divides rakyat.

Wai Kin says:

BN finally realised that Tanda Putera is a liability if it is screened before GE.

nkkhoo says:

You are wrong, the postponement is to suit GE13 in next year.

KY Ong says:

Now Najib is so desperate and have to use his last joker card by showing Tanda Putera just before election. By screening the Tanda Putera to Felda folks recently at Putera WTC in order to gain their support goes against just about every word this PM has ever uttered in pursuit of his 1Malaysia slogan. It seeks to drive a wedge between the muslims and non-muslims and it will not be forgotten. Unity and harmony in this country will have been shredded on the altar of hegemony for the corrupt and worthless BN.

nkkhoo says:

Najib and Nazri are the ones leading Malay mass in Kampung Baru to shout “bunuh Cina” in 1987.

I do not expect him to change his inner belief from a radical to a moderate under UMNO.

Ally Pandian says:

nkkhoo will miss these scenes in the movie if he does not watch Tanda Putera where the Chinese are characterised as the aggressors.

The film opens with a group of Chinese, who appear to be Communist sympathisers, attacking a party worker, calling for the 1969 general election to be boycotted.

The victim was later revealed to be an Umno member, for news flash with the headline: ‘Umno party worker killed’ is shown.

A voice then narrates that victory marchers had chanted “Melayu balik kampung” (Malays should go back to their villages), hurting the feelings of Malays and thus triggering the May 13 race riots.

The build-up to the tension in the film shows a group of Chinese youths vandalising campaign materials.

They are later, when fleeing, shot by the police, causing anger among the Chinese community.

Later, an angry crowd of Chinese protesters assembles and their leader tells the crowd not to give reasons for the police to arrest them, for they could take “revenge” during the general election six days later.

After the general election, several scenes are shown, presumably of opposition supporters of Chinese descent, laying claim to to Selangor after the incumbent Alliance (present day BN) failed to obtain a majority to form the state government.

A scene showing a group of Chinese on a lorry entering a Malay kampung, declaring that the area now belonged to them, raises tension and the police step in to prevent a clash.

Another scene shows a group of Chinese youth urinating on a flag pole bearing the Selangor flag, outside the residence of the then state menteri besar Harun Idris.

The group declares that Kuala Lumpur – then still a part of Selangor – belonged to them and the menteri besar should get out.

At another protest, the crowd chants slogans in Chinese. A Malay police officer there shifts uncomfortably when he is told that they were chanting “Malays go die”.

In yet another scene in Setapak, a group of Chinese refuse to allow two Malay youths on a motorcycle to pass through, claiming that the area now belonged to them. The pair were beaten up when they insisted on passing through, until the police intervened.

The duo, beaten bloody, subsequently made it to Kampung Baru where a rally led by then-menteri besar Harun of Umno was going on.

Enraged by this, the Malay crowd took it out on a passing vehicle whose driver was Chinese and he was killed. Later, a similar Chinese crowd also went about hunting for Malays.

In another scene at a cinema, the screen suddenly blacks out, replaced with Mandarin words asking the Chinese to leave the venue, which they do.

A man then shouts out, in Malay, why there were Chinese words on the screen and demands the movie be put back on. Then, suddenly, the remaining audience in the cinema is massacred.

Throughout the build-up of tensions and race riots, there is a mysterious Chinese man who observes the happenings. He is later revealed to be a communist leader – indicating that the communists may have had a hand in orchestrating the mayhem.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO is a step ahead of China Communist party, and reaching the Nazi stage in propaganda campaign.

Manja says:

Pilihan rakyat Malaysia adalah jelas iaitu di antara ideologi ketuanan UMNO yang penuh dengan fitnah, kebencian, keganasan, rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang menganiayai rakyat ataupun sebuah negara berprinsip dan bersatu padu berdasarkan prinsip kebebasan, kebenaran, keadilan, mengeratkan hubungan silaturahim dan kebajikan untuk semua.

Jom Ubah.
Jom boikot Tanda Putera!

reamus says:

Shuhaimi Baba is a paid mouthpiece for Umno propaganda, and her Tanda Putera movie actually distorted true history. She claimed that the film focussed on the special relationship between Razak and his then deputy, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, but 10 minutes of footage out of 105 minutes (or 9.52%) has been devoted to the May 13 riots. The Malays themselves voted against Umno in 1969, resulting in a setback for Umno. Eyewitness accounts and documents were indisputable – that then Selangor MB Harun Idris and Umno Youth had prepared parangs and Molotov cocktails and this was distributed by them to start the conflagration.

Then PM Tunku Abdul Rahman had stated that Tun Razak had disobeyed his instructions that there was to be no march by Umno. Razak, Harun, then home minister Ghazali Shafie and former PM Mahathir Mohamad all played a nefarious role in executing a political coup d’etat against the Tunku.

The screening date was postponed to Nov 15 with the calling of the next election. It is undoubtedly intended as a lethal election weapon to incite racial hatred and fear so as to save Umno from obliteration.

Baha says:

Buat malu orang Cina!
Hairan nkkhoo masih sokong MCA!

nkkhoo says:

Go learn to read English before open your stupid mouth.

chua chua says:

Pensonic better change the local celebrities. Alan Yu already tainted (may be blood on keris should be his reward!).

what do you think of Amber Chia ? ok ?

華人漢奸 says:

Tanda Putera – a documentary for nkkhoo’s taste ?
Filem ini mengisahkan persahabatan akrab antara Perdana Menteri kedua, Tun AbdulRazak dan Timbalannya Tun Dr Ismail yang terpaksa berahsia dan mengetepikan masalah kesihatan masing-masing bagi memulihkan keadaan Negara ekoran daripada peristiwa hitam 13 Mei 1969.

nkkhoo says:

Only idiots do not know that Razak and Mahathir are the masterminds for 513 riots.

芯心 says:

Alan Yun (袁錦倫) 為了錢背祖忘宗拍了歪曲事實的電影Tanda Putera,真的是非常可恥。我们不可原谅​这种对历史那么肤浅的人!!!




wei wei says:

I like NTV7 now showing 9.30pm “SUMMER BROTHERS”. The actor Colby as Ah Ti is the favourite male artist to win Golden Awards.

I agree that nkkhoo must watch local production more to support the industy to grow.

Also recommend nkkhoo to watch 8TV quickies as the hosts are hot : Zher, Megan Tan and Julie Woon.

nkkhoo says:

Life is short, wasting time in non-value added dramas is like commit suicide.

There are tons of documentary programs are waiting people to explore and gain knowledge from the activity.

fong cy says:

everyone can use intelligence to analyze what you can learn from here : hstory of malaysia not on local tv !!!

i hope nkkhoo can shar some good websites (although o love nkkhoo updates i still think he can further improve with more entertaining news)

HOE says:

RE : Documentary programs produced by KRU for National Geography are excellent.

which one ? The one about Silat and Agong installation ?

KRU is funded by gomen and their programs must have bn agenda. If you like it, you should also like Rais Yatim’s scripts and song lyrics.

nkkhoo says:

Everything goes back to your intelligence to analyze what you see and learn in your life.

HOE says:

TV8 chinese foodie show – r u refering to Ho Chiak ? That lady presenter is Orange who won 8TV singing contest and i wonder how she ended up not singing but hosting. As for that male host, his command of Mandarin not up to CCTV standard hut he’s handsome to pull in viewers according to 8TV.
8TV got one Malay presenter named Baki Zainal who could speak Mandarin and like you he dislike Nasi Lemak 2.0 may be he’s a bn supporter.
NTV7 links up with Double Vision for local chinese dramas which Mandarin standard still better than 90s TV3 chinese drama where the actors spoke with Klang Canto-Mandarin slang. I hope now u r in KL u don’t forget your Muar near Singland spoken Mandarin. NTV7 Golden Awards honouring local artists this Sep you better check it up and update your readers who u think deserve the awards.
As for RTM2 there is now a local Mandarin Sitcom called Kopitiam 88; with the script as if written by MCA folks glamorising gomen agenda most of the time. It’s on Sunday nite 7pm i think. Go check that out.
As for CCTV, i do subscribe to Astro so cannot comment.
Some say Singland’s Channel News Asia is good but you can let me know if you like it. It’s on UNIFI channel.
Happy watching.

nkkhoo says:

I rate them on overall quality, presenter’s language skill is just one of them. Picture, story telling, editing, etc. are other aspects. Most local TV programs still stagnate at the 70s standard.

Most CCTV English news presenters are foreigners with thick American slang, I am not really like them. Singapore TV Mandarin and English news presenters are quite good standard since 80s.

Yes, some TV dramas made by private producers for NTV7 are quite ok, some are aired in CCTV and Singapore TV.

芯心 says:

kopitiam 88 – sitcom propaganda BN!

Terence says:

Someone forwarded a link of your article on Bersih to me. I browsed through your writings. My suggestion to you to improve your understanding of local issues as reported by the BN-controled media, you should from time to time watch TV3 buletin 8pm news, read Awang Selamat’s commentary on Utusan. This will make you more aware of local issues as painted by such media, as they have great impact on Malaysian public who have no access to alternative media. You need to be sensitive to such reporting, often skewed to manipulate the mind of unsuspecting Malaysians. Then only you can be an informed blogger to be a better social and political commentator of local issues, and to guide your readers accordingly.

As it is I am not sure your reliance on CCTV media can help you in local matters.

That Tandra Putera movie is definitely a wrong interpretation of May 13 incident. You should watch it and be a more responsible blogger in your opinion.

Anyway, i wish you all the best in reporting the truth, and not be ‘bought’ by BN to serve their agenda. I have seen many bloggers ended up that way for the sake of their livelihood, not their aspiration for justice.

nkkhoo says:

I read both mainstream and alternative news via Google news, no important news escape my eyes.

Rajesh says:

It is not about the news, but how it is reported.
Umno’s TV3 news is a blatant abuse of information, twisted to suit its political agenda.
Media Prima is filled with BN propaganda, getting artists to promote its I Pilih BN campaign.
Too bad nkkhoo choose not to see it, perhaps he is more keen on CCTV lady presenters?

nkkhoo says:

CCTV programs hv better quality than programs produced by Malaysia TV stations.

For example, both presenters in TV8 Chinese foodie show have damn poor Mandarin skill.

newboy says:

MCA flers watch CCTV and MIC flers watch ZeeTV.
No wonder they do not know Umno is spewing all the lies and fitnah on TV3!!!!

kkk says:

i suggest as a social blogger it will be wise for you to watch local content (especially finas sponsored programs). This will enable you to inform your misinformed readers about hidden agenda to braoinwash rakyat towards certain social activities.
what say you ?

by the way, since you watch cctv, i recommend you to watch cctv travelogue. Very excellent presentation of china scenic sights. now the program also venture out to feature foreign land like Turkey and Greece. The chinese host has good English which Malaysis is sorely lacking these days.

btw, how come you no black out in protest today ?

nkkhoo says:

I usually read local news through tonton to shorten my life span.

Rajesh says:

Tonton is operated by Umno cronies, the KRU brothers.

nkkhoo says:

Documentary programs produced by KRU for National Geography are excellent.

hai fong says:

don’t watch local movies meaning you watch foreign movies ?

may be you can have an entertainment category in your blog where you can review and recommend some foreign movies you have watched ?

or may be those movies in the internet you can recommend ? Can save movie ticket money also dvd money. thks.

nkkhoo says:

CCTV online cBox provides free Chinese movies and TV soap operas. Don’t watch their propaganda news.