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Malaysia will win few Olympic gold medals if Nigerians are replaced with Jamaicans

Nigerians used Malaysia as international scam base to cheap billion USD annually, and Malaysia gets nothing from illicit black money.

UMNO should re-think Muslim-first policy to import Jamaicans to replace Nigerians who may represent Malaysia and win medals in the athletic.

Olympics: Jamaica win men’s 4x100m relay

LONDON: Double Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt anchored Jamaica to victory in a blistering men’s 4×100 metres final as they retained their title in a world record 36.84 seconds on Saturday.

It was the same Jamaican quartet of Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Bolt that set the previous mark of 37.04 at the world championships in Daegu last year.

The United States team of Trell Kimmons, individual bronze medallist Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailey won silver in 37.04 to equal the old record.

Canada finished third but were disqualified, leaving the athletes in tears on the track as Trinidad and Tobago were awarded the bronze. (Reuters)

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Eori says:

BN going to waste RM50 million in its Road to Rio program. Another front for Umno to rasuah!

Henry says:

We should question how the RM20 million in the Road To London scheme is wasted by BN when the janji for emas is not tepati!

aziz says:

Nigerians dating Minahs no issue with Jakim as 50% of Nigerians share the same faith. Project M in peninsular want to procreate better genes mix previously mixed with Kerala now Nigeria.

nkkhoo says:

99% Nigerians are Muslims.