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A second murder case at my new village in this year

A murder case involved a foreign worker is reported today.

There was no murder case for last 60 year of new village foundation before this year, but two murder cases in less than six months were reported in my new village.

Can Hisham and PDRM tell us that Malaysia is the number one safest nation in Asia?

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Rajesh says:

Please do not blame the Indians as we have imported criminals coming in as students. Even Ah Long now from China, but nkkhoo choose not to report.

nkkhoo says:

Show me the evidence for China Ah Long.

newboy says:

Actually it was on 8TV news about 2 days ago – China ladies operate Ah Long biz in Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

If you refer to Ipoh Ah Long, these Chinese ladies are girlfriends for local ah longs.

Ah long business is not free trade zone, it’s still being controlled by mafias.