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Singapore is 1st healthiest nation, its neighbor named Malaysia only at 51

A narrow Tebrau Straits has divided the world to a heaven and a hell.

If you think health issue is something to do with GDP, you are wrong. These poor nations with lower GDP like Cuba, Peru and Ecuador are ranked above Bolehland in heath index.

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Sadako says:

Cyanide poisoning is a health risk now in Raub.

黄金与人命,何者价更高?在马来西亚黄金半岛,“脚下三尺有黄金”对劳勿县的居民而言,是祸非福。微量山埃就可致命,金矿却每天使用數以吨計的山埃采金。一级剧毒“氰化物”(俗称山埃Cyanide)入侵家园,短短1个月内300人患病。 当权者在衡观山埃采金作業所帶來的利益間並沒有將對環境造成的永久性傷害考虑在内。有家归不得,基本人权,生存权被剥夺,数千人命不及黄金价。

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