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Evidence Act is another evidence UMNO is learning from China Communist

You have to prove you are innocent in the China court, now UMNO is shamelessly to copy and use it in Malaysia law.

Can you prove yourself that you are not a rapist against Rais’s daughter?

Yes, you must produce a film like Chua Soi Lek in his porn video that the girl is voluntarily making love with you.

IF not, you are guilty for rape against any girl as believed by our BN government.

Every male Malaysian is rapist until he proves otherwise in court.

BN has to go before Malaysia is turning into a communist-styled regime with all sorts of ridiculous laws.

Rais: Evidence Act to be maintained

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet decided at its meeting on Wednesday to maintain the recently-passed Evidence Act 1950, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He said the Cabinet discussed the issue exhaustively and decided not to make any changes because Parliament was represented by the ruling party and the opposition had debated on it.

“Once it is officially passed, to do something now is an after thought,” he said after launching the Merdeka Taxi Advertisement and delivery of Raya cards in Kg Desa Pahlawan on Thursday.

Rais said he would leave to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri to further explain the matter.

The amendment to Section 114A was one of two made to the Act, and which were gazetted in July, receiving various reactions from Internet users.

A campaign was mounted against the Act by the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) with its banner titled ‘Stop 114A’ appearing on Facebook and downloaded by Internet users in the country.

The development caught the attention of the Prime Minister, now in Mecca attending the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Extraordinary Summit, and he immediately asked the Cabinet to discuss the issue, through his Twitter account Tuesday.

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華人漢奸 says:

From my experience with the MCA and the people whom I had worked with in the party, I can only say that most of them (from Lee San Choon, Koon Swan, Liong Sik, Kim Sai, Ka Ting, Tee Keat and all the other people at federal and state level) KNOW that the Chinese in Malaysia are not ever going to be in a position to influence the direction of how the country is to be governed, i.e. to say anything that affects MAJOR policies.

There’s just this denial syndrome that non-Umno parties are just there for window-dressing; so the next best thing to do is scoop up the scraps Umno throws their way… except Taib and PBB who take the lion’s share as well!

From the many, many sessions of central committee meetings and brainstorming, seminars, courses, etc, the one main thing to emerge is to only defend or safeguard Chinese position in education and economic sectors … we’re down to TAR College, Utar and Chinese business interests which, sad to say, …is playing to Umno whims and patronage… macam crony business.

The rest in the SME (small and medium industries) can pray to God and hope to survive and are at the mercy of the idiots who run the bureaucracy.

There is NO hope ever under Umno that Chinese position will improve because the OVERRIDING philosophy since May 13 is that non-Malays/Muslims are to be assimilated (much like the Borg in Star Trek).

That is why the MCA is always fighting ghosts; Umno is always lying, even when the truth is exposed about their true intention.

MCA people know this and pretend to fight for Chinese when they know they are only protecting their personal interests/financial gain, through Umno patronage.

The BN was never a coalition; it is and always has been an illusion created by Umno to present an imaginary front to the world that the people represented by the various races and parties support them.

[Our elites] cheat and bribe their way in elections and steal what they can, when they can, with impunity. They not only do that, they find ways to criminalise the victims!! That takes them 10 levels above the Somali pirates!

To cut a long story short, and to answer your question about going back, even if Penang booms further under the DAP, the short answer is NO; I’ve burnt my bridges … It’s just too hard to ever hope that they will ever understand the meaning of a civil society, let alone try to forge one in the years ahead, even if PKR takes over Putrajaya… my prediction is that the worst is yet to come. I hope I’ll be proven wrong in my lifetime.

Hudud has always been used as a weapon to frighten the Chinese and some extremists in PAS may have been used by Umno/Perkasa to split PKR, so the MCA is just playing the propaganda game to try to win back some Chinese votes. Umno, on the other hand, is using [the Malay fear of] Chinese political power to frighten the Malays.

芯心 says:

尽管《1950年证据法令》第114A条文恶评如潮,但马华中委会议决,政府应该保留这条文。 蔡细历强调,政府有必要对付滥用网际网络的人士。

“口交肿会长” 当然希望更多的 “日日湿” “日日吊” “日日久” 的法令 好叫你们不敢乱乱说他。。。“日日偷” 嘛~~ 人头猪脑总是讲一大堆废话 !