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Celcom is abusing my mobile phone number by sending unsolicited political messages

I have received many pro-BN and commercial SMSs from Celcom without my consent, the latest two SMSs are from KPKK who ask me to attend Himpunan Janji Ditepati at Bukit Jalil on 31 August 2012 and another one on 31 August at Dataran Merdeka.

I will cancel my Celcom Broadband next week as a protest for this spamming campaign. Enough is enough, this is only way to teach Celcom a lesson.

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hacker says:

don’t be so arrogant like LGE and have proctection like virus detector else your website can be hacked next.

nkkhoo says:

Idiot like you know how to hack? 99% idiots are using tool developed by real hackers to do DDOS.

kkk says:

the main trunk of internet business resides at Telekom Malaysia. You can switch around but ottomline if TM sucks every provider sucks. simple as that !

you must have attended to many freebies events giving away from private home numbers ?

You must have registered at ngo events which are actually political connected in disguise ?

Better warn the readers not to giveaways private details no matter how tempting the offers are (eg bank calls to give you free iPADs or Samsung S3)….

nkkhoo says:

My broadband number is private, not a single people know about it except Celcom.

K.mal says:

Hi, Nkkhoo. I like to read your view in this critical and less bias. But I think sometimes you are a bit sensitive also. Cheers!

ariel says:

Why use Celcom which is a crony of BN?

I suggest you use Digi. Yellow is a better color than blue.
Did you knotice that the ‘yellow mascot’ of Digi ‘disappeared’ after Bersih 328?

Did you see the latest Celcom TV ad that shows an elephant climbing a tree? With such computer technology available locally, you can also make a video of someone ‘doing business’ in a hotel room, right?

nkkhoo says:

Digi 3G broadband is suck.

danny says:

you should count yourself lucky being courted by mca cybertroopers to help Ah Lek to be relevant after GE13 ?
now it’s time to take side, bn or pakatan ? On the fence will not help your solidarity to make Malaysia a better place per your wishings…..

nkkhoo says:

Stupid idea…when the Malaysian constitution says you must support any political party.

1/3 of fence sitters will penalize more evil party at their choice.

Lord Jim says:

it’s about time to ditch your Nokia N82 for a new Nokia smart phone (touch screen) as cheap as RM299 now.