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BN Janji Ditepati rally in Bukit Jalil applies for permit 10-day in advance?

Let change the Janji Democracy rally to 9 August to see what bullshit from the police after giving them at least 10-day notice.

Police disallow Janji Democracy

Teoh El Sen

It will violate Peaceful Assembly Act, says top Dang Wangi cop.

PETALING JAYA: Police today declared as illegal the Bersih-linked Promise of Democracy (Janji Democracy) gathering to be held at Dataran Merdeka on the eve of Merdeka Day.

Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad has told the organisers to cancel it and warned the public against participating in it.

Speaking to FMT, Zainuddin said the statements made this afternoon by Maria Chin Abdullah, a representative of the Coalition of Promises (Gabungan Janji), were inaccurate.

Chin’s statements came after the group had a dialogue with the police chief.

“I did not give them the green light actually, if that was the impression given [in her press conference],” he said. “In fact, the first words that came out of my mouth were that they had already violated the law.”

He said that under Section 9(1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, the organisers should have submitted an official notification to the police of their gathering 10 days before the event.

“Since that was not done, it is illegal under the law, and I did not allow it. But if they said they would go ahead anyway, which I had advised against, then I may have to take action based on public safety and order,” he said.

Asked if anyone would be charged with the violation, he replied: “We shall see. If they
go anyway, we will open up investigations.”

The law provides for a maximum fine of RM10,000.

Asked if police would make arrests, Zainuddin said it was possible under the law.

“We will monitor it,” he said. “We have the right to detain or take action against those who break the rules.”

He added that under Section 83 and 84 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which deals with unlawful assemblies, the police were empowered to order the dispersal of such assemblies and use reasonable force if such orders were ignored.

He said that so far no police station in the Dang Wangi district had received any complaint against the gathering.

Asked if he accepted the group’s argument that the gathering was simply to celebrate Merdeka, Zainuddin said the group was obviously promoting Bersih, which “has done all sorts of things”.

Referring to plans by the Preservation of Jalan Sultan Committee (PJSC), Zainuddin said the group was celebrating their community and heritage and he did not see any problems arising from them having a gathering.

However, he said this group too would be breaching Section 9(1).

Earlier today, Maria and PJSC co-chair Stanley Yong met police for about an hour to discuss the separate gatherings. The Dataran Merdeka gathering is scheduled for 10pm and the PJSC march at 8.30pm on Jalan Sultan.

The two groups appealed to the police to allow the two events to proceed without restrictions and to provide security. “We will, on our part, try to minimise inconvenience and allow this to be a celebration,” said Chin.

She told reporters the meeting was “jovial” but added that the police were not specific about giving their approval for the events.

PJSC’s “Merdeka March for Jalan Sultan” will begin at Gospel Hall in Jalan Hang Jebat and proceed through Jalan Sultan to the old Klang bus station.

The group, which said that it would refrain from talking too much about the Mass Rail Transit (MRT) project, hopes that the gathering will garner support for the preservation of heritage buildings.

Participants in the Dataran Merdeka gathering will be dressed in yellow. Officials of the Coalition of Promises have said that their group was a separate entity from Bersih 2.0 although many of its members were key leaders of the popular electoral watchdog group.

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YHT says:


德祖 says:

董总会向首相纳吉投诉魏家祥严重失职和操守有问题 !

nkkhoo says:

That fatty is a cunning folk if you know him.

Don Anamalai says:

Strange that nkkhoo do not (or dare not?) have a column to discuss the following issues close to heart of the chinese community:

1) Chinese independent school
2) Pengerang made way for Rapid

It will be very interesting to see nkkhoo’s commentary on these matters.

nkkhoo says:

Why not you open a blog to discuss these issues?

Reamus says:

There will be a ‘Himpunan Hijau’ at Pengerang on 30 September, 2012.

nkkhoo says:

I may attend the rally.

Kramer says:

I will kick off the discussion. I hope more will provide their feedback…

Apart from Petronas and Kuokuang, German chemical company BASF SE, Dutch company Royal Vopak, local company Dialog Group Bhd and Johor state government have also invested in the Rapid project in Pengerang.

The Kuokuang project was initially planned to be constructed in the Dacheng Wetlands in Taiwan’s Changhua County. It was rejected by their President Ma Ying-Jeou last April, after local residents and environmental impact assessment teams raised concerns that the complex will consume too much water and generate high levels of pollution in the ecologically sensitive area, which is also the habitat of the critically endangered Taiwan pink dolphins.

Najib doesn’t have such concerns. He really couldn’t care less about disrupting people’s lives, threatening their livelihoods and disfiguring their environment. Rapid will eventually gobble up some 22,500 acres of land, affecting up to 15 villages in Pengerang. The first phase of project development, which is yet to kick off, will lead to the relocation of some 3,000 residents or about 1,000 households.

The project has sparked protest from local residents, mostly comprising of fishermen. Last month, 578 of them filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for land reclamation work in connection with the project.Najib has, of course, smooth-talked locals and told them not to worry as all the necessary compensation would be paid to them. To Najib, just pay and everything will be alright!

To date, a total of RM4.1million in compensation have already been given to affected fishermen. Once completed, the project will be bigger than the existing facilities in Kerteh, Gebeng and Malacca, with the capacity to produce nine million tonnes of petroleum products and 4.5 million tonnes of petrochemicals a year.

麻董 says:

参加庆典是表示爱国, 还是爱幸运抽奖?
让我先表示, 是抽奖.
很市憎对吗? 但, 可悲的是如此思维政府.

nkkhoo says:

World bank data for GDP per capita by current USD

China in 2002: USD 1135 2011: USD 5430 [2020: 25955 USD]

Increased by 478%

Malaysia in 2002: USD 4114 2011: USD 9656 [2020: 22663 USD]

Increased by 235%

With the projection, China GDP per capita will hit USD 25955 while Bodohland will hit 22663 by 2020.

China GDP per capita will overtake Malaysia by 2020.

Don Anamalai says:

BN has trapped us deep in middle income abyss.
How to achieve high income when its so-called blue-ocean strategy is based on importing low skill workers, with poor education policy that disregards English as an international language?
The chinese business circle in Malaysia has already expressed their pessimism in the coming years.
Our trade surplus has dropped from RM18.1 billion in 1st Qtr to RM9.6 billion in the subsequent Qtr.
Better get your childrent o study in Chinese independent schools to have a future in China for higher salary!

柔麻 says:

Janji Ditepati ???
教育部及马华领袖尚欠华社一个交代,清楚说明发出批文的来龙去脉,华社普遍的一个感受是,觉得被人愚弄了 !!!

勇华 says:





柔锋 says: