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At least 1/2 of Bodohland's judges have to be axed

Sparking debate: Chuah (left) and Noor Afizal both received light sentences in the recent statutory rape cases.

These judges are produce of UMNO’s brainwashed education system, they have no intelligence to make rational and professional decision.

Mandatory rape is a rape whether the girl agrees or not to make love with a man.

The standard of Malaysian court is as bad as kangaroo court because these Malay speaking judges do not understand the true meaning of mandatory.

Law . permitting no option; not to be disregarded or modified: a mandatory clause.

Believe me, if you go seduce the underaged daughters of our judges to have free sex, you will be jailed for 20-year and canned for 30 strokes.

Another possibility is the judge was bribed to make lenient decision.

I know a real case, a guy was arrested red-handed with a fake credit card in a petrol kiosk. His case was dismissed in the court after his brother forked out RM200,000 to a middleman to settle the case.

Basically, you can murder and rape anyone in Bodohland if you are rich enough to bribe police, judge and lawyer and then walk out as a free man.

Courts sending out mixed signals over statutory rape

NOW that their trials are over, former national youth squad bowler Noor Afizal Azizan can go on to fulfil the promise of his bright future and electrician Chuah Guan Jiu can focus on his fixed job and many years ahead.

Through it all, no one spoke of the 13-year-old girl Noor Afizal took to a hotel to spend the night with, or the 12-year-old schoolgirl who was “coaxed” to go to her 21-year-old electrician boyfriend’s flat instead of to school because he said he was too sick to take her.

These were prepubescent girls who were deemed to have consented to sex with the older boys they were dating and Court of Appeal president Justice Raus Sharif wrote in his written judgment that Noor Afizal had not “tricked the girl into submitting to him”.

In the electrician’s case, Sessions judge Sitarun Nisa Abdul Aziz also thought the “sexual act was consensual”, even though DPP Lim Cheah Yit recounted how the girl had repeatedly asked Chuah to take her to school. If she did give consent, there was certainly trickery and fraud involved.

The fact remains that the girls were 12 and 13, children barely out of primary school.

They are not old enough to be able to legally buy cigarettes, or even obtain medical treatment if they had contracted sexual transmitted diseases.

The law on statutory rape was meant to protect these very girls. Section 375(g) of the Penal Code states unequivocally that a man has committed statutory rape if he has sexual intercourse with a girl under 16 years of age, with or without her consent.

It is rooted in the presumption that girls below 16 have not attained the mental maturity to consent to sex, and this law was enacted to protect children from abuse. It places the onus on those around her to not have sexual intercourse with her, even if she gives consent, because she is not deemed mature enough to give consent.

In other words, the older guys should have known better.

Noor Afizal and Chuah were found guilty of raping the underaged girls, but were not jailed. They were bound over for five years and three years respectively on a RM25,000 good behaviour bond.

The public uproar has been over how these young men got away with a slap on the wrist, and how the emphasis has been on not blighting their future.

Our teenagers are growing up inundated with overt sexual messages from the media and the Internet, without the benefit of a full-fledged sex education curriculum, or avenues to get answers.

Clearly, our young people are having sex with each other but there is a line drawn by the law. And that is sex with girls below 16 children is off limits, even to their peers.

By letting Noor Afizal and Chuah off lightly, are the courts sending out mixed signals?

Are they saying these two girls aged 12 and 13 are capable of giving consent for sex, and are they saying future good behaviour is sufficient punishment for having sex with minors? What is the message that teenage boys and younger men are getting?

At the root of it all, this is about protecting our children boys and girls.

A 12-year-old girl was lured by a man twice her age into his flat, and coaxed into having sex with him, and he got away with a promise to behave himself for the next three years.

Where does that leave her? What about her worth? What are we doing for these two girls?

How do we protect other naive young girls from being sweet-talked by an older teen into a sexual relationship if he knows he could be found guilty of statutory rape but walk away with a promise to behave?

If we do not uphold unequivocally our intolerance of sex with underaged girls, what does that say about us?

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Manja says:

Kalau ada kaliber dan masa depan cerah, maka hak rogol itu ada pada orang itu. Maka mampuslah Malaysia.

Reamus says:

In Singapore, 51 men (many high profile & successful persons) have been charged for having commercial sex with a minor.

In Singapore, it is illegal to have sex with a person under the age of 16 with or without the minor’s consent. Sex with a person below 16 is called “Statutory Penetration of a Minor Under 16″, S376A, Penal Code. If the minor is a girl below 14, the offence is called statutory rape.

Another reason why Singapore is much safer than Malaysia because of the laws that are enforced regardless of the background of the offenders.

Don Anamalai says:

Why are the BN women MPs not speaking up?
Please speak up for your fellow women in Malaysia.

Oh! I forgot that Najib is now in charge of Ministry of women’s affairs.

Protecting underaged children is more important than protecting the future of the rapist, although BN thinks otherwise.

麻董 says:


Lord Jim says:

Dr M said better trust the devilish judges rather than those angelic ones to be appointed by pakatan after GE13.

Baha says:

Tun M dah nyayuk !

Lord Jim says:

Next to be pardoned will be young Indian rapist. This 1Malaysia Young Rapists policy.