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Zoo Johor and Pulau Orang Utan in Bukit Merah should be next targets for closure

All zoos should be shut down in future, may be by 2050. We should go to jungles, wetlands, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc. that are their habitats to visit them. Only those endangered species still needed to be protected is allowed to be bred in captivity until their population is sustainable in the wild.

3D virtual zoo is viable option for education and entertainment purposes in future.

May be treadmill for wild animals like mammal a must facility for all zoos to keep animals healthy.

Perhilitan shuts six zoos

PETALING JAYA: Six zoos around the country have been shut down by the Wildlife and National Parks Depart-ment Perhilitan for being unsanitary and unsafe.

They have also failed to comply with the Wildlife Conservation (Operation of Zoo) Regulations 2012, which came into effect last Feb 1.

The six are Lye Huat Garden in Kedah, Kuala Krai bird park in Kelantan, Countryview Recreation in Pahang, PD Mini Zoo in Negri Sembilan, Taman Kuang in Ajil, Terengganu, and Animal Wonderland at Mines Wonderland in Selangor.

Perhilitan said the six were closed following checks at 45 zoos and animal parks nationwide.

Stopped at the gates: Saudi tourists Faryan Al-Faryan, 31, and his children Abd Aziz Al-Faryan (left), seven, and his sister Al- Jauharah Al-Faryan, four, looking at the ‘closed for business’ notice at the entrance to Animal Wonderland at Mines Wonderland in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

“All the affected animals will either be released to their natural habitats after a rehabilitation process (for local species) or handed over to other zoos in the country,” the department said in a statement yesterday.

Under the regulations, zoos and animal parks are required to ensure that the welfare, health and safety of the animals are taken care of.

They are required, among other things, to:

> Adhere to minimum cage sizes, which are specified according to various animal groups;

> Have a quarantine area and provide veterinary services;

> Provide nutritious and sufficient food for the animals, as prescribed by a veterinarian; and

> Vaccinate the animals.

Calling for zoo operators to comply with the regulations, Perhilitan said the vetting process at other premises was ongoing.

“Although this involves substantial cost, the welfare of animals in captivity has to be a priority,” it said.

As a follow-up measure, Perhilitan together with the Malaysian Associa-tion of Zoological Parks and Aquaria will conduct zoo management training to help members increase knowledge in welfare management and husbandry of wild animals in captivity.

The department stressed that it was committed to continuing monitoring and enforcing zoo management regulations.

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TKF Stulang says:

Should focus on protecting wildlife in their natural habitat.
The recent death of a dugung at Pengerang is the neglect in this aspect.

Lord Jim says:

How can you expect Zoo Johor to close ?

It’s the private zoo of Sultan Johor, who is kind enough to let you come in for cheap (RM1.50 ?) to see exotic animals like Smoking Shirley, the one and one nicotine addicted primate in the world at least in 1Malaysia Book Of Record !

nkkhoo says:

I thought the law is applied to Sultan Johor except the Malay customary and religion matters.

Baha says:

Jangan kau nak cabar Sultan!

nkkhoo says:

Sultan is not beyond the law under the constitution. Go amok…