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China GDP per capita will overtake Malaysia by 2020

World bank data for GDP per capita by current USD

China in 2002: USD 1135 2011: USD 5430

Increased by 478%

[2020 projection: 25955 USD]

Malaysia in 2002: USD 4114 2011: USD 9656

Increased by 235%

[2020 peojection: 22663 USD]

With the projection, China GDP per capita will hit USD 25955 while Bodohland will hit 22663 by 2020.

I know many Malaysian Chinese still living in the closet by thinking China is still a poor country.

The destined fate is more Malaysians have to work in China by 2020 as maids, factory workers, prostitutes, roadside hawkers, etc.

If you also look at Bodohland’s national debt growth rate, our future is hitting a dead end under BN.

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Jolie says:

More important thing is Malaysia debt to GDP is now 53%!

Malaysia’s national debt will hit 100% of the GDP by 2019 should BN government continue to borrow more than it earns.

Well on the way to bankruptcy (Wawasan 2020 Baru) if BN is voted into power again! Exercise your vote to save our nation! Focus on your vote and do not waste time comparing with China.

Jordan Holliday says:

your statement is wrong. the china GDP per capita projection in 2050 is only $17000. while Malaysia is $29000. This is projection in 2050 where china overtake USA GDP. so, it is impossible for china to reach you stupid prediction because they have to overtake USA GDP. China current GDP is $7 trillion while US is 14 Trillion. Half of USA GDP. In additional, Japan has largest debt in the world.
$12 trillion. But their don’t bankrupt.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO economists tell you so? UMNO economists got ball to debate with me in any local TV stations?

Show me your mathematic projection, and make sure you pass Form 5 modern math first.

Plug in 7% in any spreadsheet to compute Chinese GDP from 2013 to 2050, I can teach you how to compute compound growth if you are humble.

Do the same for Malaysia with 5% growth rate.

There are many donkeys only know how to quote numbers from any source, but no brain to verify the numbers are correct or not.

rein says:

bodohland? the way u calculate ur prediction is what stupid and moronic from what I can see. If u really hate msia, just go somewhere else laaa.. Go to china and eat a lot of pigs thereeee, no one wants u here.

nkkhoo says:

I hate pighead perkasa like u, not this country. U pighead still in nirvana land to dream for mamak developed nation by 2020.

Najib’s 5% growth with borrowed money for your pighead to spend like no tomorrow is not Bodohland?

杰夫 says:

新加坡標准普尔分析员小川隆平(Takahira Ogawa)接受《彭博社》访问时指出,如果大马政府能够控制其赤字,大马的债信评级很有可能获得提升。事实上,大马自1998年起,已持续性地陷入財政赤字。





Ron says:




Don Anamalai says:

Last nite Najib & Co syiok sendiri in Stadium telling us how good BN was. However, he did not hightlight the sad reality that the national debt incurred by BN has been outpacing our GDP growth every year since 1997, and is now 52% of our GDP. BN has been ploughing borrowed money into less-than-necessary projects (to suit cronies) in the absence of fiscal reforms to improve our revenue base with over-reliance on petroleum extraction. The future gneration will have to pay for such wastage. 4% GST will be imposed on all of us (“Now everyone will pay tax!” by 2014 when Najib was voted in (remember he has been elected as a PM from winning a GE). If you are a retiree living on passive income, GST will definitely hurt your pocket i.e. you will be in austerity drive while BN can continue to spend like no tomorrow.
Vote wisely!

德祖 says:

一连串的华教困境, 马华推卸责任, 在即將来临的大选中, 必受华社唾弃怒火, 面对比(308政治大海啸)更大的衝击 ! Msia Cina cari kerja di China nanti ???

SIK says:

Please forward this where RAKYAT could access to this comment. I really appreciate your help. Thank you for your kind help.

Rakyat’s Expectation to Govt ?

POLITICIANS, Govt or oppostions the obj is personal gain? Cronysim [TUN DAIM ZAINUDDIN] & Nepotism? RAKYAT pays the price!
Today most of RAKYAT hardly fullfill their monthly needs! WHAT need another 55 yrs to soundle RAKYAT’S money !.
The income gap is from hunders to hunderds of thousands of ringgit a month !


Tak habis2 isu agama,propaganda2,ceremah2politik,perhimpuanan2, guna nama parti, nama pemimpin utk mempolitikan agenda masing2, mempermainkan & memperbodohkan rakyat BAHAN POLITIK SEJAK 55 THN, menghasut pemikiran stp rakyat, guna taktik NORTH KOREA, pemimpin, menteri2, & ahli2 politik, nampaknya berjaya mempengaruhi RAKYAT! Rakyat spt budak2 beri gula spt kali bersuara! stp kali meningati RAKYAT BAHAWA KERAJAAN TELAH BANYAK MEMBANTU RAKYAT, MAJUKAN NEGARA, ini dah jadi TUGAS KERAJAAN , it’s Govt responsiblity to do so, every govt around the world does that! The MEDIA (Crony) is the govt BRAINWASHING MACHINE for the past 22 yrs.

PENTING SELESAIKAN MASALAH RAKYAT DULU, Poverty,Economic Decline, Employment, Corruption, Healthcare, Crime, Inflation, Labour issues, Enviroment, & many more. JANGAN jadikan isu2 lain utk tarik perhatian RAKYAT, KHAZANAH NASIONAL,sumber utama kewangan Kerajaan & GLC’S pd 80 an, MANA PERGI KEUNTUNGAN? est Hundreds of Billions of ringgit.Direct,Indirect Taxes,Income Hunderds of Billions p.a,5%Service Charge Income Billions p.a,GLC’s nett Income Hunderds of Billions p.a?Mega Project Income Billions p.a? Govt Annual Revenue Hundreds Billions or more? Calcalute 22 years – spent on RAKYAT,Nation Devoplment, balance? Any proper accurate Statments,Records to RAKYAT? KESEDARAAN RAKYAT? It shows perception of RAKYAT towards Govt, BUKA MINDA, ! TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA !

PERSONAL POLITICAL AGENDA? (Cronyism & Nepotism) High Political Politics Propaganda!

WhyNEP? PREVILIGES? WhyPRIVATIZATION? WhyPNB? WhyASB? Why GLC? Why Monopoly,Duopoly&Oligopoly? Why Mega Projects? Why few is multimillionaires & rest still remain poor? Why few selected ones? Why benefits few Malays,Chinese,Indians,Others? Why the rest remain same for past 22yrs? High Inflation? EPF it’s enough? High Insurance Premiums? Please no hard feelings, straight to the point! The few enjoys high quality & luxuries life, the rest enjoy What? What it is stated in Mysia Constitution regarding who will enjoy & who don’t? Cronies & Nepotism? ALL BN & OPPOSITIONS PARTY MEMBERS is high income group?,Cronies,enjoy special previliges,luxuries life? RAKYAT RENUNGKAN, Always Ask Why?,Why? Why?, Always Question the Govt, Why? & RAKYAT get the ANSWER, Logic or not. RAKYAT suspious in every plan, step, movement, policy, approved by Govt (RAKYAT INTEREST) ” TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA” !

WHERE professional RAKYAT, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, ACCOUNTANTS,OTHERS, not aware, busy, ignore, or in “safe zone” of the Low & Middle RAKYAT problems & issues faced? Low & Middle Income RAKYAT faces Welfare, Rights, Employment, Poverty, & other issues, what next? I belive Professional RAKYAT will defend, raise, assist this group of RAKYAT in any issues towards Govt, Lawyers busy with their Court Cases, Doctors busy with their patients, stay away from this?

HOW about the Sultan’s & King? if not mistaken, King,Sultan’s & Kerabat Raja tidak boleh menyertai POLITIK, hanya Lihat (Watch) menjaga, memantau, beri nasihat bila perlu, perkembangan Kerajaan & Negara? RAKYAT? , just give instruction, order, to Govt for personal demands & take home salary?. STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, NO HARD FEELINGS, PLEASE ADVISE IF ANY OF MY STATMENT IS WRONG, THANK YOU. RAKYAT . I appreciate your Advise on this RAKYAT.

Together We Contriubute to build a better MALAYSIA !

Mysia economy growth5%,6%,7%,8%…., to impress RAKYAT that mysia is better than any other nation? worth trust BNM,MOF,Economist,Financial Advisors whom link to Govt?

The Political Agenda is The most intellectual politics to convince RAKYAT. Knowldege most powefull weapon for RAKYAT. Again I stress out,the NEEDS, PROBLEM & ISU faced by RAKYAT. RAKYAT is Asset! ” More Public AWARNESS” ! RAKYAT AWARNESS! Don’t be slave to the System ! Terima Buta2 tanpa fikir, the hidden Agenda !

As ordinary rakyat I do my part same goes to ALL RAKYAT MALAYSIA ! BUILD A PROUD NATION !