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Bodohland police not just juggling crime statistics, they do not know how to count number too

Malaysiakini estimated more than 10,000 protestors while pro-BN Sin Chew said about 15,000 protesters in the Himpunan Hijau.

If Bersih and Hijau do not supported by the rakyat, Najib shall call the general election now.

Ng Yen Yen shall count her day as Tourism Minister.

‘Himpunan Hijau’ Fails To Gather 20,000 Participants

RAUB, Sept 2 (Bernama) — The ‘Himpunan Hijau’ (green gathering) has failed to attract 20,000 participants as only about 3,000 people assembled at the town centre here to protest against the Raub Australian Gold Mine Sdn Bhd in Bukit Koman.

Raub district police chief Supt Wan Mohd Samsuddin Wan Osman said the protesters were allowed to assemble for two hours from 2pm.

He said the rally had violated two of the 16 conditions imposed on the organisers as the protesters tried to march to Bukit Koman and brought along children aged 15 years and below with them.

“However, there was no untoward incident or mishap during the protest due to strict control and monitoring by over 300 policemen, who were aided by the Federal Reserve Unit,” he told reporters here Sunday.


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Saleha says:

5000-8000 orang menghadiri Himpunan Hijau Lestari pengerang pada 30 September. Tapi polis kata cuma 3000 orang.

Polis memang tak tahu kira.

kkk says:

I am more concerned about factory closures in Senai and Tampoi more than what happened in penang, which my neighbour’s son working for hard disk company told me doing very well since 308 (water discharge from factories there now trapped and are cleaner than before – but i don’t care because I care more on what gonna happen in Johor now the land is trembling not sure water rise would hit us favourably)

nkkhoo says:

You told me Penang is not my business. Same thing for you, Johor is not your business.

TKF Stulang says:

Personally I hope to read more about the happenings in Johor now that BN is seriously under threat from Pakatan and its internal politics (i.e. pamphlets going round JB urging Muhideen to be PM before the GE). I learnt that many Chinese is Johor are deserting MCA because of the independent school issue. The recent DAP dinner at JB attracted 5000 paying audience for the 500 dinner tables to listen to the ceramah. I believe another DAP dinner cum ceramah is to be held in Muar this month, perhaps an opportunity for nkkhoo to get first hand feel of the Chinese sentiments there?

Anyway my relatives in Penang are very happy with the current administration. No thanks to the stupid antics of Perkasa and Umno that create troubles all the time, any shortcomings of Pakatan is considered area for improvement to them.

kkk says:

nkkhoo is sometimes very obstinate especially with his views, good or bad subject to outcomes in near future.
for example, the major objection to Lynas is primarily due to potential negligence (with lepak tak apa attitudes of majority malaysians) in maintenance that very likely resulted in harmful consequences. Forget about ISO type procedures, maintenance or following simple step by step safety insruction by Lynas experts can be easily violated especially when more unskilled foreign workers are employed eg non-harmful material according to Prof (forgot his name but he reads regularly) may turn toxic due to human negligence !!!!

nkkhoo says:

You should ask LGE to shut down all factories in Penang first to avoid potential negligence.

raubian says:

Many Chinese papers today put his important protest on front page. This shows chinese community solidarity towards safer and healthier Malaysia. For those who support Lynas, then g\went neutral and now should also against Lynas unsafe practice.
Raub is now a grey seat for Yen, who if wise should refrain from speaking negative about the protest. The MCA fortress is crumbling now in Pahang.
Thanks to nkkhoo for highlighting this to the public.

nkkhoo says:

Green environmentalists should protest based on facts, not on hearsay like in the Lynas issue.

Your concrete home is no safe (in term of radioactivity) compared with living in Lynas plant.

Sadako says:

Rais can count the millions of politweets by the Umno cyber-bots in #Merdeka55 tweet-up to create a new entry in Malaysia Book of Jaguh Kampung Records.

德祖 says:

Yennie may switch to safer adun now raub is hostile towrad her if she does not solve the cyanide issue.