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MIC should not take pariah as Indian's copyright...Malaysia is a pariah state under BN

Victor Lim speaks out my mind with a long article, unlike my short and precise writing in my blog.

Malaysia is a pariah state under BN because BN government learns bad things only from China, India, Indonesia, etc. and neglects good things from these nations.

Good things from China: Well-planned transport system in the cities, world-class railway system, strong in R&D commercialization, etc.

Good things from India: English-based education system, anti-hopping law, etc.

Good things from Indonesia: Independent and non-nonsense anti-corruption agency, public assembly rights, etc.

Bernama even published an interview with a Pakistani before Independence Day to tell the world how good is good Malaysia.

When I visited Pakistan several years ago, the tour guide proudly showed me a “palace zone” during the city tour. The palace zone actually is a mid-range housing estate as we see in Malaysia, but he called those bungalows as palace.

The story is UMNO goons are “syiok sendiri” to tell you Malaysia is a very developed nation compared to Pakistan, Mynmar, Afghanistan and Somali.

Malaysia a PARIAH state to the world thanks to BN

Written by Victor Lim

AS MALAYSIANS’ fear of deteriorating crime rate grows day by day, the government of the day, that is Barisan Nasional (BN), continues with its nonchalant ways.

Instead of showing deep concern and care for public safety, the BN continues to deploy the police force personnel to clamp down on political rivals and dissent.

On the eve of Merdeka Day (Independence Day) on Thursday (Aug 30, 2012), when all Malaysians proudly declared their pride and loyalty to the country, the BN government misuses and abuses the power of the police to clamp down on public dissent, so much for independence and freedom of speech.

The BN government does not realise that its mindless use of the police to clampdown on national laureate A. Samad Said for reciting a poem on Merdeka eve tantamount to ridiculing Malaysia as a pariah state globally.

This is a quote from an internet news portal: “PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), it’s not a crime to disagree with BN. I think PDRM has to get their brains checked.”

I like the quote but I do not think it is accurate. The police don’t need to get its brains checked. It is the BN government, led by the fake 1Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his deputy, Muhyiddin ‘Malay First Malaysian Second’ Yassin, who need the brain scans.

Shameless abuse of power

The police, like all other government enforcement agencies, and including the judiciary, are under the influence and control of BN-Umno (United Malays National Organisation) which has ruled Malaysia for 55 years.

Instead of investigating a national laureate for reciting a poem on the eve of Independence Day, the time and manpower can be put to better use to help reduce crime.

But, to Najib and Muhyiddin, that is not so. Anyone or party that do not agree with BN, it is a crime.

However, there is still hope for Malaysians to pull themselves out of the rot.

Despite an eleventh hour police declaration that the Janji Demokrasi (Democracy Promise) gathering on the eve of Merdeka is illegal, some 10,000 Malaysians turned up in yellow tee-shirts to defy and display their displeasure, swamping Merdeka Square (Independence Square).

This time around, the police did not use force – chemical-laced water cannons and tear-gas canisters – on the Merdeka Day celebrants.

At least there is still that pea bit of brains left in the police and the government not to blatantly expose its shameless abuse of power on the rakyat (people).

People matured but not the government of the day

To me, what the world witnessed, and without doubt, is the maturity of Malaysians of all races today – that they can gather peacefully in public for a cause if there is no violence or agitation from the BN-led police.

As long as Malaysians – especially the Malays, Chinese and Indians – continue to be united and not swayed by the seditious racial and religious slurs spewed by the evil Umno-BN and its cohorts, we have hope to pull the nation out of the doldrums for a new dawn.

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