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Send these people to Indonesia

BN has closed one eye on Namewee’s insult against national flag for political consideration. Therefore, many youth thought playing with the national flag is a fun and cool stuff.

China communist regime is slowly decoupling communist government is the nation by removing loyalty to communist party slogan in the police and military.

BN has inculcated a wrong concept to new generation that BN government is the nation. A tiny Bersih protesters fall into the trap by suggesting alternative flag for their hate against BN government.

You dislike Najib is perfectly ok, but insulting his and his wife by stamping on their poster is a wrong act because Najib is Prime Minister appointed by the King, the only legal representative for the nation.

Police and BN government allow Perkasa idiots stamping and burning Lim Guan Eng’s poster is not the license for you to follow Perkasa.

That is why I alway delete any comment poking fun on Najib and his wife.

If these people think by modifying Indon flag as alternative flag for Malaysia is a right thing to do, they should be charged for treason against the nation and the king.

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Manja says:

Perkara kecil ini melibatkan segelintir kecil budak, tetapi pihak Umno telah mengambil kesempatan untuk mengaitkan pihak pembankang dalam kejadian ini.

Memang dah banyak bukti samseng Umno yang membaling batu dan membuang cat merah atas bas Anwar. Tapi pihak polis cuma buat bodoh.

Ramai yang telah syaki yang peristiwa bendera ini adalah satu muslihat Umno untuk membangkitkan perasaan dengki orang melayu terhadap konsep Ubah.

Ubah kerajaan adalah keutamaan pihak Pakatan, bukan ubah bendera!

KH Kong says:

The police should also arrest these hoodlums and hooligans who disrupt the meetings and gatherings of the opposition.

How about those idiots and morons who engaged in a butt exercise outside the house of Ambiga?

Why were they not arrested?

nkkhoo says:

Don’t expect a licensed gangster to arrest another gangster.

Ronny says:

That makes UBAH a real need to make teh change!

新道 says:



该归咎于执法当局的双重标准, 到底是政府的错还是人民不对?


nkkhoo says:

Actually DAP also in the portrait stomping game after Perak coup.

reamus says:

Double standard practices of PDRM is explained with picture evidence here:

Ms Ong Sing Yee may not know it yet, but this pint sized teenager could probably be the one to finally topple the BN government come GE13.

Mansor says:

Hisham could engage R. Nadeswaran of The Sun to brief the policemen on how to interpret SOP.

Section 15 of the Criminal Procedure Code on making arrests states:

(1) In making an arrest the police officer or other person making the same shall actually touch or confine the body of the person to be arrested unless there is a submission to the custody by word or action.

(2) If such person forcibly resists the endeavour to arrest him or attempts to evade the arrest, such officer or other person may use all means necessary to effect the arrest.

So, there’s no compulsion and neither is it mandatory to use handcuffs when arresting someone. The exception being that the arresting officer is of the view that he or she is likely to escape. Here, the girl voluntarily went to the police station and was treated like a convicted criminal. No one will complain if dangerous criminals or convicted felons are shackled, but when double standards are applied, the furore will be uncontrollable. You don’t have to go to a police station or court house to see such wanton discriminatory actions. Just look at the photographs in the newspapers and if there is a prefix to the name of the accused person, he may also be driven to the court house in his private chauffeur-driven SUV while the ordinary guy arrives in a Black Maria or a police van.

TKF Stulang says:

“The police are reported to be investigating the mooning incident under Section 509 of the Penal Code, which related to a word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person.”

Then what about those so-called army veterans who bared their butts and did a crude dance infront of Ambiga’s house in May. Ambiga’s modesty has been insulted through and through and yet nothing was done.

Why before there was no action of exactly similar case when Koh tsu Koon, chief minister of Penang, had his photos torn by UMNO members?

Double standard is clear!

峇株贞子 says:


峇株贞子 says:


你有没有听说过 Wag the dog?

nkkhoo says:

You blame every bad thing done by anti-BN people to BN.