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After reading rebutals from Lim Guan Eng which is weak. I support BN for Taman Manggis land sale scandal case

Since Lim Guan Eng has challenged BN to buy the land and BN Penang also accepts the challenge.

BN Penang is willing to buy the land at higher price [RM450 per Sq feet], thus Penang state government will earn extra RM11 million from the deal.

News source:

See Lim Guan Eng’s rebuttal,

Let’s wait the offer letter from PR government.

Latest update: PR government made the land sale offer to BN Penang.

The Taman Manggis land sale scandal is fulled with fraudulent and nontransparent.

1. PR government hijacked the land from the poor rakyat. LGE even lied to rakyat that the land was never allocated for low-cost flat.

2. Bidding by two companies owned by a same person is not open tender. It’s called BN rent-seeking which is copied happily by PR.

Both Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre Sdn Bhd and Victoria International Medical Centre submitted bids for the land are owned by a same person.

This is so-called LGE open tender!!!!

3. The bidder has conflict of interest as the landlord for LGE’s residence. A shareholder in one above-mentioned company is alleged the landlord for LGE’s rented bungalow.

4. The bidding price is below market price. No responsible government will accept the bid, new bidding must be called up again.

5. 0.4 ha is not SMALL to accommodate two high-rise low cost flats. [A layout plan will be released soon to rebut this stupid argument]

DAP goons say 0.4 ha is too small for low-cost flat is another international joke. Actually what they mean is the land is too expensive to be allocated for Penang poor people because it’s a prime land beside Tune Hotel.

May be PR supporters should argue BN has more scandals, what is the big deal for LGE to do the same. PR four years in power already show tell-tale sign of corrupt and nontransparent governance. What if PR runs the government continually for 54 year like BN in Penang?

Well done BN Penang to make Taman Manggis land sale a hot issue. Rakyat didahulukan!

Penang BN: Letter shows area was earmarked for low-cost housing project

PETALING JAYA: The Penang Barisan Nasional has produced documents to prove its claims that the controversial sale of prime state land in George Town is indeed about “taking land from the poor to sell to the rich”.

State Barisan youth information chief H’ng Khoon Leng said Taman Manggis in the heart of George Town had clearly been earmarked for housing for the poor as stated in a letter sent by the state housing and local government director to the then State Secretary.

“We are prepared to show this official letter to the Chief Minister since he does not seem to be aware of it,” said Hng.

The letter, dated July 2003, indicated that the state exco had given the go-ahead for the second phase of the low cost housing on the land that has reportedly been sold to a company to build a health tourism project involving a hotel and private medical centre.

H’ng said the Pakatan Rakyat government was behaving like a “renegade Robin Hood”.

“Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor but they are taking land meant for the poor to sell to the rich,” said H’ng.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2006 and comprised 180 units of low cost housing as well as amenities such as a surau, community hall, garden and a guardhouse.

Plans were being drawn up for the second phase on the remaining area of 0.4ha when the Barisan government fell in 2008. The second phase would have comprised one block of about 160 units. A copy of the layout plan has also been made available to the media.

Barisan also alleged that the land was sold for RM11mil which was well below its market value of RM22mil, but Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng claimed that the land was too small for an affordable housing project and defended the sale as an open tender scheme.

Meanwhile, Penang Barisan chairman Teng Chang Yeow said it was waiting for an offer letter from the state government to buy the land for a public housing project.

Its chairman Teng Chang Yeow said several developers were willing to fund the purchase to ensure the poor had proper housing.

Since the Kuala Lumpur-based dental company that bought the land had yet to obtain the permit to build a private medical specialist centre, the state government had not transferred the land title to the buyer making it possible to accept Barisan’s offer.

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Sahril says:

These stupid BN youth thought they are very clever. They thought by paying 1% RM224000.00 and the rest in 5 -10 years time.By the time the price may have balloned 100-200%. Just pay RM224000.00 and afew years latter can make a few millons.What a great idea.The state goverment with so many brainy & capable person see thru the BN game and demand they pay within a month.Suddenly The BN youth becomes as stupid as the pigs and now they are pigging the next step.

nkkhoo says:

There are conditions attached for land sale like only for rakyat flat.

Your so-called profit making opportunity is never exist.

Mansor says:

I hope Umno Johor can do likewise to build low-cost housing in Danga Bay or Nusajaya especially since Kpg Majidee will be cleared for commercial development.

Manja says:

Malangnya perumahan kos rendah memang tak jadi matlamat pengusaha di Johor Bahru. Danga Bay adalah tempat mainan orang kaya dengan bangunan pencakar langit dan kondominium yang mahal dan tak mampu dibeli oleh orang melayu yang miskin.

Jangan salah pentadbiran Pulau Pinang bila di Johor masyarakat berpendapatan rendah (kurang RM3 ribu sebulan) pun susah nak beli rumah/kondo baru yang paling kurang pun mencecah RM450 ribu di Johor Bahru. Kampung Majidee adalah satu-satu tempat yang tanahnya memang bernilai tinggi, tapi aspirasi melayu di bandar telah digadai untuk pembikinan pembangunan komersial yang semestinya tak mampu dibeli orang melayu, melainkan kuncu-kuncu Umno!

拿督民生 says:


Thrisha says:

This will never be reported by mainstream press, so nkkhoo will never know.
But Penangites all know the real truth.

Ronny says:

Too bad he trust the one-sided reporting from The Star.

nkkhoo says:

Only peanut brain cannot judge himself instead of being told what is truth.

kkk says:

can you help to publish bn’s official letter to rebut LGE for the benefits of those who don’t live in Penang, as Penang folks already made up their mind wh are the real devils.

nkkhoo says:

People outside Penang will not pray tokong Lim….As you say Penang matter is not my business, why I should get a letter for others.

Others believe BN papers because they have low IQ and EQ to read Malaysiakini.

Ethan says:

That piece of land is too small for public housing. In time to come it will become an urban slum thanks to BN.

Haji Idris says:

nkkhoo, you must have heard about LGE’s Landlady Bidding for Taman Manggis land from UMNO/MCA publicity folks !

Penang BN leaders have been slamming the Lim administration for hill slope developments and also selling a piece of land for a private hospital project in Taman Manggis instead of providing low-cost housing in the state. But the Penang government has hit back, saying most of the hill slope projects were approved during BN’s rule and that scrapping them would cost millions.

Lim brought up the issue today and zeroed in on the private hospital project, saying Penang BN were unable to prove claims that he, his four state exco colleagues and his political secretary had a personal interest in the hospital project.

“Why did BN never announce to the press until now that the 1.1-acre piece was reserved for public housing in 2003 nor built from 2003-8, especially when the so-called public housing project was also not marked in the layout plans?” he asked, saying the ruling federal coalition had run out of political capital with its attacks.

“As the Taman Manggis land is by open tender, anyone can bid. Even my landlady or BN cronies can also bid and will be awarded if they pay the highest price. Why drag my landlady (into this) when she or her company did not even bid for the 1.1 acre piece of land?” he added.

nkkhoo says:

BN has produced a officla letter to rebut LGE on his lie about no plan for low-cost project.

Keep on repeating such lie 10,000 times to convince you supporters, but not me.

Reamus says:

I got this facebook msg from an Indian friend from USM:

“Taman Manggis is BN’s main thrust against PR in Penang but no one is interested in what BN is saying. Gerakan Teng is blowing hot air. BN campaign truck was at the neighborhood recently, blasting music, creating a carnival mood, for a long while to attract residents before making press statements. It failed to attract any audience. Only the invited journalists and a gang wearing 1Malaysia uniform hang around. After the press conference, the loudspeaker blasted tamil songs for another half hour to an empty gallery before wrapping up. Nobody was interested. It seems people have decided.”

nkkhoo says:

No one listen to BN, meaning that PR should get 100% votes in GE13.

kanasai says:

chua soi lek & LGE, who is more evil ? clear cut answer right ?

Reamus says:

Perak MB Zambry sold off the Casuarina Hotel belonging to the state government within two months of assuming (or rather, seizing) office. He sold it to the Perak Sultan’s son in law Tengku Farouk for only RM48 million. Previous MB Nizar has steadfastly refused to sell even when commanded by the Sultan. That hotel belongs to the state and the value of the strategically located land in terms of market price was then around RM94 million.

Rakyat didahulukan?


nkkhoo says:

My answer is simple, punish those making more evils with your vote.

reamus says:

Nizar is elected by people via democracy election.
Zambry is installed by Umno after 3 Kataks lompat to BN and hee hee hee to the bank with $$$.

nkkhoo says:

Anwar started katak show, he was to be blamed.

reamus says:

The current regime is corrupted. It is just like a computer which had been attacked by virus. We have to reformat it. We have to change the present government. Give chance to anyone for 1 term if they prove to be capable than keep them. If not choose the next. That is democracy. If they say Datuk Anwar is making a mountain out of mole than please have debate like United States and other countries in the world doing. If they do not dare to call for a debate between Datuk Anwar and Datuk Najib than vote for pakatan.

nkkhoo says:

Why the majority rakyat are not willing to change?

Because no viable alternative, PR is fighting with BN on who is less evil, not reformat itself as a total new government.

Sweenie says:

If you use computer analogy, you will need to remove virus regularly with updated version of anti-virus software. Virus is always there. Do not have false hope of no virus in this world.

As voters we shall do likewise every 5 years.
For now we need to rid our country currently infected by the most toxic administration. This is the immediate concern of ubah to replace the corrupted hard disk with a new operating system!!!

Update From A Penangite says:

Dear margaret justice,
thks for your sharings.
can you please EXPOSE & show justice to rakyat money about the 60% of the land under the Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (Komtar) Urban Redevelopment project that had been sold to private developers between 1983 and 1995 ==> WHO benefited from such mega $ deals ???

nkkhoo says:

You miss the point. Land sale from state government is ok as long as the deal is fair, open and transparent.

Update From A Penangite says:

RE: the bidder is his landlord.

Kindly furnish such report otherwise it’s just a grapevines if untrue will surely hurt the credibility of; which even my barisan & pakatan coffee-mates say you are telling many dongeng tales to attract readerships.

Thank you.

nkkhoo says:

Go check the Sin Chew and Star news archives.

Update From A Penangite says:
GEORGE TOWN (Sept 6, 2012): Penang has officially offered to sell a piece of land in Taman Manggis to the state Barisan Nasional for RM450 per square foot for a people’s housing project.
Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik handed over the offer to state BN working committee assistant secretary Noorshah Osman and information secretariat secretary Hassan Din at its headquarters at Jalan Datuk Keramat today.
GEORGE TOWN (Sept 6, 2012): Sixty percent of the land under the Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (Komtar) Urban Redevelopment project had been sold to private developers between 1983 and 1995.

State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the landlots were sold to developers.
The developers comprise Komtar Hotel Sdn Bhd, Idris Hydraulic Properties Sdn Bhd and Metrojaya Sdn Bhd.
The landlots sold to the developers were developed into Traders Hotel, Prangin Mall, 1st Avenue and Metrojaya shopping centre.
“The land was supposed to be (used for) a people’s project, but the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) did not have the money, and had to sell parts of the land in Phase 1, Phase 2(e), Phase 3 and Phase 4 to private developers,” he told a press conference today.

margaret justice says:

LGE send his troopers to divert by attacking anyone with personal attack against whoever is against him and you will be seeing them diverting the topic if it touch on their BOSS LGE….

nkkhoo says:

I agree with you on this point. LGE political secretary acted like a gangster by asking “evidence” against LGE’s role in the land deal.

This is like a wife in Cowgate scandal telling she did not know her husband in cow business.

As a veteran in politics, LGE should fully aware there is conflict of interest when the bidder is his landlord.

Radhi Mat Jais says:

We must understand that the local press is under ‘instruction’ not to provide fair reporting for the opposition. It is important for bloggers to provide full insight of any issue as we are tired of the reporting on local TV (especailly TV3) and Utusan that is clearly one-sided, if not full of lies to deceive the rakyat. I wish I could read chinese papers to get a more balanced reporting as I have no confidence in NST and The Star either.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese papers are forced to be more neutral to avoid mass boycott. Sin Chew Daily circulation dropped in recent years.

margaret justice says:

I believe in the facts namely it was sold at about RM225 per sq.ft by LGE and now the present buyer is paying RM450 so it says LGE is selling the land under suspicious condition ..a lots of explanation for him to clean his image and integrity as well…

peter lai says:

taman manggis is not the same as Taman Johor Jaya or Taman Desa Cemerlang. the plot of land mca penang better buy it and play charity mca-gerakan-perkasa-perkida football matches there. najib can sponsor the goalposts.

nkkhoo says:

Why LGE still got no ball to sale the land to BN Penang?

LGE is a talk cock person?

Reamus says:

Penang has officially offered to sell a piece of land in Taman Manggis to the state Barisan Nasional for RM450 per square foot for a people’s housing project.

Komtar assemblyman Ng Wei Aik handed over the offer to state BN working committee assistant secretary Noorshah Osman and information secretariat secretary Hassan Din at its headquarters at Jalan Datuk Keramat on 6 Sept.

Ng told reporters that the money must be paid for the 0.4ha land before the general elections and the proceeds will be used for an affordable housing project in Jalan S. P. Chelliah. The offer lapses on nomination day.

This is reported on The Sun on 6 September

Of course you and margaret will not get such news on The Star.

nkkhoo says:

It was reported in Sin Chew Daily yesterday. Because LGE never deny such accusation openly, the rakyat is assumed the news is true. Most rakyat like me only need to listen yes or no from a public figure if there is accusation against them.

Actually you can search the company’s registration data by paying RM10 to SKMM.

LGE still has to explain many dubious procedures in the land deal to KL company.

Julius says:

Umno Penang deputy chairman Dato Musa Sheikh Fadzir and BN Penang general election strategy director Dato Omar Faudza made profit of RM 5 million from sale of land owned by 31 Malay landonwers in Kampung Terang, Balik Pulau, as a private business transaction.

Is this how UMNO leaders defend the rights of Malay landowners by buying their land cheap and then selling it high, pocketing 100% the profits from the sale?

nkkhoo says:

The land sale to UMNO politician is a private land, nothing to do public property. You and me have no business on willing seller willing buyer business deal.

peter lai says:

RE : There are many low cost flats in the downtown Singapore. Use your brain to come out a world-class low cost flat design, not keep copying 60s box design as you seen in Penang.

How to build HDB design flat in that small plot of land at Burmah Road ????
HDB designed flats are now being built across the 2nd bridge lah.

We Penangites hope you can visit us and write what you see directly.

Selamat Datang

nkkhoo says:

Let sell the land to BN and see what will happen if a low-cost flat is too big to occupy 0.5 hectare land.

BN Penang already take the challenge from LGE to buy the land and build low cost flat for poor people.

Why he is chickened out now? DAP supporters are all silent because the person involved in the scandal is LGE.

peter lai says:

downtown heritage penang folks are not as rich as many outsiders think so. we need more tourists coming over to spend on street food, souvenirs, merchandises. nowadays small time business folks like my family sundry shop businesses are seriously affected by conglomerate (eg Syed Mokhtar empire or Mydin superstores). For heaven sake do be considerate don’t help to blow trumpets singing praises against good local gomen initiatives just because some folks (quoted in your postings) are envious don’t get to share the spillovers from those “putras”.

nkkhoo says:

An evil is an evil regardless it being committed by whom.

If you tolerate your godfather to do so, you will see another monster as evil as BN politicians.

peter lai says:

PLS hear this from me who lives around the corner of former Rex cinema of Burmah Road Penang a stone throw away from Taman Manggis.

A block of low cost flat already being built during gerakan era next to this Taman Manngis site. why gerakan (or mca) not build another block at one go at this Taman Manggis site still baffles me. Actually for those outside Penang, this area is not your typical Taman or residential garden typically found in malaysia township. Gerakan Penang called a single block of flat a taman is still a joke to the locals, where amenities are very limited.
The ? why Gerakan (or MCA Penang) then did not develop this adjaceent site together is because they knew it could be a prime land as it is facing Burmah Road, now very comercilised with Tune Hotel now being developed over an abandoned former karaoke building.
It’s just a small plot of land unless previous Gerakan develop it as recreational site together for low cost flat (phase 1 ?) of Taman Manggis to actually give the poorer folks some green space (yet they left it vacant with long grasses until present state gomen took over).
I believe it’s not suitable for residential unit as the land is small. Furthermore, the scenario in downtown Penang is now very different after 308 & UNESCO listing. Imagine you build a low cost unit there facing Tune Hotel; and the residents hang their clothings like underwears/bras for open air drying afterwash which would be very visible to foreign tourists living at Tune Hotel across the street ? For Johorians, the scene will be like the Stulang flats facing old customm checkpoints which were not so rosy talking points among traveling tourists (especially Sporeans) coming to JB via causeway.
A private hospital there would pull in medical tourists especially those rich Medan folks (who speak like locals love local dishes) who can stay at Tune Hotel and seek medical treatment at this Taman Manggis site. The economic spillovers surely benefits the lower income Penangites as they can see their small-scale business mushrooming around the area (including trading Malays & Mamaks).
A low cost residential unit of bigger space (not shoe box house but a true decent home) should be allocated elsewhere. And present state government has provided the alternative.
DON”T BELIEVE me take a AirAsia/Tune Hotel combo trip to witness the present Taman Manggis phase 1 condition yourself.
Have a good day.

nkkhoo says:

There are many low cost flats in the downtown Singapore. Use your brain to come out a world-class low cost flat design, not keep copying 60s box design as you seen in Penang.

It’s shame for LGE and you to believe poor rakyat only reserved to live in secluded area.

Julius says:

Those so-called low cost housing in downtown Singapore are mostly refurbished at high cost and rented out with high rental yield. This happens when the old generation passed away and their children are profiting from the sale to cash in on the prime location and proximity to city. Just go to Tiong Bahru and you will see for yourself.

nkkhoo says:

The key point is Lee Kuan Yew not stupid to chase out poor people from the downtown to create a soulless ghost time without local residents.

hamzah says:

lebih baik pilih syaitan yang kita kenal daripada malaitkat yang kita tidak.
mau masuk kah ?

hamzah says:

saya ingin ucapkan cukup “gemilang” usaha bersama-sama dengan tujuan umno/perkida memperkasakan had had melayu jati yang terjejas selepad LGE mengambil alih. nkkhoo tidak kira bangsanya sendiri dan saya alu-alukan nkkhoo mengikut jejak Ridhuan Tee Abdullah untuk masa depan yang lebih terjamin di tanah melayu !

nkkhoo says:

90% my bashing on UMNO and BN, another 10% on DAP and PR.

The reason is 90% evils are committed by UMNO and BN.

Julius says:

Any ‘open tender’ to the jobs and priratisation of projects to cronies like George Kent (water meter manufacturer to build MRT?), MMC, Gamuda, MRCB 1MDB, and that Al Bukhary guy (also known as ‘satu orang sapu Malaysia’)? These Billion Ringgit projects and tolls which in the end the rakyat have to foot the bill for the next 20-30 years?

nkkhoo says:

That is the main reason BN must be kicked out at all costs. Unfortunately PR is also copy the same rent-seeking open tender.

Actually PR open tender is a trick and bullshit, as bad as BN.

I only buy in Singapore open tender as open tender standard.

kkk says:

i don’t know much about Taman Manggis matter.
If nkkhoo is so fed up, there must be some reasons behind it.
I checked NTV7 news and here’s the clip and the readers can see if LGE is lying (read his facial expression).
NTV7 is media prima (umno) channel so see it with open mind. is self-financed ?

nkkhoo says:

If you believe any word from politician meaning you are brain dead. I have listened many politician’s speeches, and noticed they have no shame to deny what they have said if they found out their words are politically incorrect in the next morning.

I expect facts, documents, videos, letters, etc. hard evidence to prove their case like Taman Manggis land scandal.

kkk says:

i admire nkkhoo’s courage but sometimes your opinions are clouded by the hearsays in KL or Johor.
i hope nkkhoo continues to report more on Johor (Muar) or KL issues which he is more rooted. Unfortunately nkkhoo’s report elsewhere (especially in Penang). I am not supporter of LGE or Chua Soi Lek; and somehow i feel that nkkhoo has personal grudges against LGE hence skewed reporting on Penang.
So much HAPPENINGS in JB past few days; yet i am sad as a Johorian i do not get the coverage from nkkhoo who used to share his know-hows (with his more reliable Johor Hantus). PLS update us whether the rumoured TSUNAMI FROM SOUTH is indeed a reality. THKS !!!

TKF Stulang says:

For Penang matters, I will refer to Anil Netto’s blog:

Better to hear from people residing in Penang for 1st hand news.

For Johor news, I depend on nkkhoo’s blog for update.