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Another May 13 after GE13 IF PR wins the election?

Learn from their big brothers in Indonesia???

A Malay history teacher explained to my class in late 70s why NEP is needed to eradicate Malay poverty.

He said “Do you think Malay people will burn down Chinese houses if they also have same big and beautiful houses in the same area?”

I was fully agreed with his logic because poor people have nothing to lose in any unrest except to loot and burn down the houses of rich people.

My elder brother told me he saw more than 10 good cars parked in a Malay kampung house on his way back to Muar when we met up in kampung this Hari Raya.

My question is do you think these super rich UMNO people want to take risk by instigating another anti-Chinese riot?

UMNO rich politicians are main loser in any social unrest and riot in 2012. I am happily to loot their luxurious cars if they start to create a lawless society.

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ariel says:

It has 44 years since the May 13th incident.
Most of us true Malaysians be it Malays, Chinese & Indians just want to forgot this and move on. However, people like Ibrahim Ali and Shahrizat are taking this as an opportunity to put fear & refresh their memories.

The rich UMNO (OKU = orang kaya umno) are now feeling threatened that they create fear with 13th May. Most of us Malaysians only want a united Malaysia.

There is a better place called jail for Ibrahim Ali to live peacefully without the ‘Chinese threat’. For goodness sake, Malaysia would be heaven on earth without him. All we should want is peace and have a better living by promoting equality, better education and eradicating the poor standard of living. Push forward for eliminating corruption. That should be our goal. The Chinese will not run the country, Msians will run the country. That’s the message we need to be accustom with and not rely on racial sentiments that divides the country.

nkkhoo says:

Forget 513 is a wrong move.

The culprits in 513 should be dragged to international court to face open trial like Yugoslavia ex-leader who massacred white Muslims. The old man is still alive to answer the genocide charge.

Malaysia and Indonesia politicians have no worry to launch more genocides against Chinese because they know China is not going to act like Western nations to protect Caucasians from being slaughtered by any government in the world.

Indonesian military spare parts were cut off by America for two decades after an American was murdered by Indonesia army. The ban was lifted only after the responsible Indonesia military head was not longer in service and the solider involved was punished.

ariel says:

UMNO’S CATALYST FOR VIOLENCE: ‘Malays are victims, their birthrights are being stolen’

The poisoning of Malay minds through the negative portrayals of non-Malay communities and depiction of the Malays as victims whose birthrights have been stolen by “immigrants” is continuing unabated.

For now, it has left the 1Malaysia concept in ashes.

The danger is that these sentiments contributing to a siege mentality can be so deeply embedded that they become impossible to deal with rationally. When inflamed by irresponsible parties, they can easily get out of control and can be the catalyst for violence.

Lagu Warisan – the signature song of Malay ‘patriots’ yearning for a return to a Malay motherland free of pendatang -originated from the Biro Tatanegara, a propaganda arm of Umno in the civil service.

nkkhoo says:

Malay peninsula was protected from Siam invasion by Ming Dynasty and British during the past 600 years.

Reamus says:

The regime in 1969 used the communist bogey at the time to justify imposing a state of emergency and to carry out the agenda of the new Umnoputras.

The BN regime of 2012 will use BERSIH as bogey that challenge the ‘pilih Malaysia’ concept to justify another round of ‘May 13’ with the relese of Tanda Putera?

Read this to understand why Tanda Putera is twisting historical facts of May 13.

Radhi Mat Jais says:

I think Umno should stop using such scare tactics.
Any repeat of May 13 will make malays to the loser in the eyes of the world.

greg says:

【12.09.06 中国 柔佛 C3】
麻坡5日讯 – 看似平静的行动党峇吉里国会选区联委会,因“魏宗贤被推倒跌伤”事件,再度掀起涟漪,使该党文打烟州选区候选人角力之争更为激烈。


nkkhoo, if possible can you pls give us an update on this hot brewing matter near Muar ? THKS

nkkhoo says:

Only pro-LGE faction in DAP will be chosen in GE13.

dong dong says:

nkkhoo不要搞得人心惶惶 ?

新道 says:


Julius says:

Do you notice that the screeening of that controversial ‘Tanda Putera’ May13 movie was ‘postponed’ from September to November to fulfil the ’11’ good feng shui number of Najib? It is another attempt to scare the chinese away from polling station?

Reamus says:

Najib has told us that “BN will block PR from entering Putra Jaya… “, “we will fight at all costs… ” but he has yet to make a public statement that it will respect the voting decision with peace and harmony through democracy.

If BN lose in the GE13, they will not only reluctant to vacate Putrajaya, but even to be forced out by the Police, because Najib said recently, PuteraJaya belongs to Umno-BN because they built it, without knowing that it is the rakyat money which was used to build it. BN only planned it. It is wise for the UN Police to guard every exit door after GE13, to ensure no corrupt-related documents, including computers, USBs, CDs of that nature are taken out by by unscrupulous politicians or their agents from any corner of PuteraJaya.