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How many people with IQ of 180 and above in Malaysia?

Chiang Ti Ming who passed away at the age of 31 is the known highest IQ (181) person in Malaysia. Another living person in Malaysia with IQ 180 is Dr. HT Looi, the creator for V-Buster antivirus software.

The tragedy is a few high profiled child prodigies in Malaysia ended up in depression and trouble in their adulthood. The teenage girl studied in Cambridge, Sufiah chose to work as a prostitute in UK.

It’s estimated only 350-400 people in the world having IQ 180 and above. About 1 person in 19 million population with IQ 180 and above. Stephen Hawking, the Briton genius in Physics IQ level is 160.

High IQ people are good material for top scientist if they have passion in science and mathematics.

Don’t be upset if your IQ level is below 100 because IQ level is only a facet of brain power. Many high IQ geniuses do not know how to sing, how to dance, how to paint, etc.

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Radhi Mat Jais says:

Remember the case of high IQ malay girl (Sufiah) studying in UK and ended up as a prostitute? High IQ must be accompanied by good moral upbringing. But too much religious doctrine will also backfire as GenY are now more informed and liberal in their thinking.

Reamus says:

No need to have high IQ if you can graduate from LimKokWing University to master the art of brown-nosing BN for favours.