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New history or distorted history syllabus?

Judging from UMNO racial record in writing Malaysia history, I believe the new history syllabus will be another controversy.

I quote a few new historical facts as believed by UMNO.

– Bersih is not Bersih.

– UMNO alone was fighting independence from the British.

– MPAJA is anti-Malay military organization.

– Pre-independence Malay left-wing politicians are pro-communist.

– Hang Tuah is a Malay hero.

– Hang Li Po is a Ming princess.

– Melaka sultanate existed for 700 year. [Current version is 600 year]

– Parameswara is a Muslim.

– 1 million old skeleton found in Lenggong is Malay ancestor.

– Baba Nyoyna is old pendatang.

– Chinese and Indian are new pendatang.

New history syllabus soon

NATIONAL PRIDE: Views of experts incorporated to build up patriotic spirit, says DPM

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Malaysian Historical Society executive committee chairman Tan Sri Omar Mohd Hashim at the MHS History Gallery yesterday. Bernama pic

KUALA LUMPURA: NEW history syllabus for secondary schools is taking shape with recommendations from a special committee headed by Malaysian Historical Society (PSM) executive committee chairman Tan Sri Omar Mohd Hashim.Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said special attention would be given to the contents of the history syllabus in a bid to mould citizens with a high patriotic spirit.

Speaking at PSM’s annual meeting here yesterday, Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, said: “We have received the report of the special committee to review the history syllabus and secondary school history books.

“We will implement the views and recommendations contained in the report.”

The special committee comprised 10 history experts and was set up in May 2011 and chaired by Omar, a former deputy director-general of Education.

The committee’s task was to review the history syllabus and textbooks for secondary students with an aim to instil national pride among students.

Muhyiddin commended the role of non-governmental organisations like PSM for their support in preserving the nation’s historical heritage and cultural aspirations.

“Their role will help increase people’s understanding and awareness of the origins of nation-building and the creation of a national identity.

“It is for this reason that the government recently announced that history would be made a compulsory subject for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) next year.”

He said because the effectiveness of the subject depended on the quality of the teachers, the government had embarked on efforts to enhance their expertise.

“The era of thinking that anyone can teach history and of regarding it as a sideline subject has passed.

“We want history to be given a breath of fresh air and serious attention to ensure it is taught by teachers with expertise and deep knowledge.”

Muhyiddin said he hoped with the implementation of the policy to make history compulsory in the SPM and a move to teach the subject in primary schools starting next year, the spirit of unity and patriotism could be fostered among the younger generation.

Omar said the special committee had handed over its report, which included recommendations on improving the teaching methods and content, to the Education Ministry two months ago.

Muhyiddin also officially opened the MHS History Gallery, launched books published by MHS and handed over prizes to winners of an essay-writing competition.

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damien says:

now prof kkk has to cari makan to comment on pakatan manifesto?

Maniam says:

Malayan/Malaysian history “as we know it” is a joke. Made so by our joker historians! We are one of the very few countries left in the world which still lives a shameless distorted history, we are not supposed to rock the boat and “offend” the traitors. You visit countries and hear little children recount stories of their independence fighters, right here you can get our poor kids recounting bullsh*t! Very few adults dare rise up and refute the approved version, we even have those who role is to continue to legitimatise the lies that is our “history” The rogues elevated themselves into history and became the “fighters for independence”. They hunted down the real fighters and tarnish their name. Bear in mind you can get sent down if you are a “communist sympathiser”! Many of the real rogues are still lurking around today. So are the “young turks” who continue to perpetuate the old lies about our real patriots.

The true history of Malaya saw nationalists like the communists and socialists at the forefront of struggle, many laid down their lives but suffered ignominy, Chin Peng cannot even return to the land he defended with his life. Those who did that became called “traitors” and “terrorists” by the very traitors who were in the service of their colonial masters!

Rajesh says:

I cannot understand why non-Muslim must study the compulsory Islamic Civilisation course at local universities.

nkkhoo says:

Too keep away more non-bumi from public funded universities.

How many bumi students in local public universities now? At least 80%.

The high EQ answer you wanted is Chinese and Indian go build their own private universities.

bhaskar says:

I think the course has taught us that religion can be a downfall to a civilisation.
Can you see a progressive Islamic state today?

nkkhoo says:

Some Islamic states are very lucky with plentiful of oil resources. Those without oil resources Islamic states are all in the poorest nations.

They are like LGE, blame others for their poverty.

Sweenie says:

小弟考特许会计师一门科都是3小时吧了!!! 年轻人是时候醒醒吧!!!

Sweenie says:

The new syllabus should explain the following to the students:

1) why in the 60’s we were ahead of Taiwan and South Korea but we are now way behind.
2) why in the 70’s we paid RM1.00 for 1 Singapore dollar but now we have to pay RM2.50 for the same 1 Singapore dollar.
3) why despite our better infrastructure and resources, Thailand can be ahead of us to become the auto, for that matter the manufacturing hub of south east asia after 1990’s.
4) Malaysia universities are declining in world ranking
5) why for the past 2 years there were no malaysian students admitted to Harvard.

kanasai says:

Prof Khoo Kay Khim (related to nkkhoo?) lately seldom appears on RTM/TV3 could he be gummed now as he is now more cautious talking about Sejarah ?

Radhi Mat Jais says:

Very sad to see Umno tried to force their interpretation of history to school children.