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Swiss and Singapore banks are heaven for Malaysia black money

The change of Federal government is only way to ask Swiss and Kiasu banks to declare secret bank accounts hold by BN politicians.

Malaysia black money per capita is the highest in the world. Thank to BN for making such as world record.

Swiss government: We’ll freeze Musa, Taib assets if Malaysia cooperates

By Aliran, on 7 September 2012

The Swiss Federal Council has fueled speculation about the foreign assets of prominent Malaysian politicians, reports the Bruno Manser Fund.

(BERNE, Switzerland) Days after the announcement by Switzerland’s Attorney General that it had opened a criminal case against UBS on grounds of the bank’s suspected laundering of US$90m on behalf of Musa Aman, the brother of Malaysia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, an official Swiss government statement fuels the debate on the capital flight by Malaysia’s political leaders.

In a written reply to questions submitted last May by the social democrat MP, Carlo Sommaruga, the Swiss Federal Council (government) declares its readiness to freeze illicit assets of politically exposed persons from Malaysia, namely the Chief Ministers of Sarawak and Sabah, Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman. However, this could only happen if Malaysia were to submit legal assistance requests to Switzerland.

The Swiss government states that the Federal Constitution empowers the Federal Council in extraordinary cases to freeze assets of politically exposed persons in Switzerland. “Such a freeze usually happens with a view to entering into legal-assistance relations with the countries of origin. At the moment, such a situation does not exist in the case of Malaysia.”

The Swiss also confirm that, back in 2011, Switzerland “has provided legal assistance in the case of MUSA Bin Aman et al.” to Hong Kong in a case of “criminal collusion in bribery and taking bribes”. The Federal Council also states that, in the Musa case, “Switzerland has hitherto not been requested to provide legal assistance by Malaysia”.

However, the Swiss are clearly indicating their willingness to answer such a request positively: “A possible legal-assistance request by Malaysia would have to be examined by the Federal Office of Justice,” the official statement reads. “Switzerland would provide the requested legal assistance if the legal prerequisites are met and if there are no grounds for exclusion.”

Despite the Swiss government’s refusal to disclose details on specific cases, the carefully worded answer appears to confirm the existence of Taib assets in Switzerland when it refers to “the possibility of freezing the Taib assets by the Federal Council”. Last year, in a formal announcement in the Sarawak state assembly, the Sarawak Chief Minister categorically denied that he held assets in Switzerland or with Swiss banks.

During the past 15 years, Switzerland has returned CHF1.7bn Swiss of illicit funds to the countries of origin, “more than any other finance centre of comparable size”. Currently, the Egyptian government is putting pressure on Switzerland for the quick release of CHF700m embezzled by the former Egyptian ruler, Hozni Mubarak.

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ariel says:

About RM200 billion of dirty money were siphoned out of Malaysia in 2010, putting the country second only to China in global capital flight.


herman says:

MACC said the RM40 million that a Sabah businessman was caught trying to smuggle into Malaysia from Hong Kong were political contributions to the state Umno and not for Chief Minister Musa Aman.

Is UMNO receiving foreign money that has been laundered by the Hong Kong Triads?

Does it contravene the Money Laundering Act? Does it mean that in future it is OK with funds sent to Pakatan?

This can happen and yet BN is hounding Suaram for receiving RM250,000 aid from foreigh donors?

Wai Kin says:

Why do Sabah Umno need to smuggle money into the country?
The source of the money cannot be revealed?
Sabah Umno is involved in money smuggling?
Because the money is for Sabah Umno, does not mean money smuggling is legal!
Why can’t Umno uses bank for telegraphic transfer the fund if it is legal?
How can the Attorney-General’s Chambers shelve such a blatant crime?

Manja says:

Keluarga Shahrizat banyak buat pelaburan kondo di Singapura dengan duit lembu.

Ronny says:

Thanks for the remninder, as many voters seem to have forgottent hat the RM250 million has been swallowed wholly by the Shahrizat family instead of producing more cattles.

nkkhoo says:

There is still DAP goon does not believe Singapore is a heaven for black money.

Mansor says:

Don’t forget that ex-MB who brought hard cash to Australia to park his ill-gotten money! He must be glad that the Aussie dollar has appreciated so much since then.

Lord Jim says:

nkkhoo don’t share your full name otherwise some can track your bank account in Singapore !

nkkhoo says:

Singapore bank account is more secret than Bodohland for foreigners to park black money.

I have no earning a single cent black money in my life, why should I worry about my bank account?

kkk says:

chinese towns dominated by Tai Kor Ah Long is nothing new !!!!
Ah Long controls the communities $ transaction now that banks generally only give loans to house & car purchase. Small time businessmen need Ah Long to keep business running (cash flow).
you always think every chinese polish LGE and it’s about time you stop thinking too much about LGE otherwise insomnia hits you. LOL

anyway, hope you continue to highlight Johor issues as we don’t care much about what’s happening in the North. Are you aware that many East Malaysians being out of work in Spore going to cross over to Johor (Pengerang for jobs ?) ….

kkk says:

got high IQ but low EQ folks will listen to rumours and kopi tiam talks without hard facts.

nkkhoo says:

Polish LGE ball is high EQ.

Any accusation against PR and Tokong Lim is rumor, whereas against BN politicians is truth. ..LOL

Chinese folk like me still believe in YI, will not disclose these ah Long kings myself whom I know since my childhood day.

Raja Petra can advise you who they are if you read his low EQ blog.

reamus says:

I thought nkkhoo believe in ‘proof’ or scientific evidence.
In this case no proof of black money being deposited in Singapore is presented in the blogger’s argument. But I respect his opinion, hopefully he could do likewise to his readers.

nkkhoo says:

Go check where the Ah Long king in Johor parked his money. You can search from public listed company data in Singapore that the ah long is a minor shareholder in Genting Sentosa Casino.

Wait for evidence is falling from the sky? Go learn from UMNO Malays for me to feed you evidence.

My challenge to you, I can park your black money in Singapore in US currency account. I only take 10% commission for your parked black money.

This is best evidence you are looking for.