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First World Hotel is the most haunted hotel in the world?

Our tourism minister, Ng Yen Yen has another attraction under her belt to promote Malaysia as world class destination. LOL

I was told by many folks that commit suicide cases in Genting Highlands never reported in local newspapers.

A hotel in Penang I will avoid is former Garland Hotel (forget its new name), the moment I stepped into its hotel room, I feel a strange hidden eyesight is watching me. Also heard strange sound in the corridor, but nothing there when I opened up the door to check out.

The Garland hotel was used to be a brothel before renovated to a new hotel. Strange thing is its room is no renovated.

First World Hotel (Genting Highlands, Malaysia)

No stranger to the locals, Genting Highlands is said to be one of the most haunted places in Malaysia. Also home to the famous casino resort, there has been numerous gambling-related suicides over the years. First World Hotel is infamous for its paranormal activities – guests who have stayed there would hear wailing spirits in the middle of the night, some have even seen ghostly apparitions jumping over the cliff only to vanish into thin air – the most famous account is a headless woman roaming around the corridor, apparently looking for her missing head.

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