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Not sure he is a police or gangster....a licensed gangster is perfect fit !

The hero in the photo was leaving for Taiwan for further study. UMNO is happily to see another anti-BN Chinese migrated to overseas.

Basically no training module about Malaysia constitution and human rights in PDRM cadet training.

Police is just a job to getting rich quick through corruption, bribe, etc. as many people see it.

Also polish your boss hard enough like DAP goons polish LGE is a sure way to get promoted in the police.

Cop unaware of constitutional right to assembly
Malaysiakini – 20 hours ago

A police officer in charge of a duty sector during the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 24 told the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) inquiry today he is not aware that freedom of assembly is guaranteed by the federal constitution.

“I don’t know,” said Inspector Farid Sairi when asked about the matter by lawyer Roger Chan, who was holding a watching brief for the Bar Council, on the 15th day of the inquiry into alleged human rights abuses during and after the April 28 pro-electoral reform rally.

Farid was the 31st witness called before Suhakam’s inquiry panel after a public outcry over allegedly disproportionate police response to the gathering, which was not only the largest in recent times but one that saw the sternest crowd dispersal actions yet taken by the police.

Farid and another colleague took the stand today, before proceedings were postponed for lunch. The inquiry is to reconvene at 2.30pm.

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Manja says:

PDRM harus memberi kawalan kerjasama kepada rombongan jelajah merdeka rakyat oleh PKR ini tanpa mengira apa juga latar belakang fahaman politik memandangkan program ini akan menjelajah ke seluruh negara sehingga pembubaran parlimen dilakukan.

Kalau tidak, konsep 1 Malaysia yang senantiasa dilaungkan oleh PM Najib memang dah gagal dicapai!

Lord Jim says:

nkkhoo, hav you heard of Gang 36 ?
Gang 36 is a force to be reckoned with now that this gang alledgely on top of selok-belok PDRM !

nkkhoo says:

Ah Long gang in my new village is from Gang 36. A local MCA top leader joined the gang in order to buy votes from its members.

The former gang leader is my neighbor friend, who stopped his gang to be penetrated by MCA politikus and banned his gang members to conduct Ah Long business.

Unfortunately he passed away 8 year ago due to overdose in drug. Doctors in government hospital refused to give him proper treatment due to his background, his death was mainly caused by negligence in the hospital.

Gang 36 was formed by Botak Chin and now the gang is also spreading to Indians. Several thousand Indian gang 36 members demo in Seremban after two gang 36 leaders were gunned down.

Thrisha says:

PDRM are gangster licensed by Umno to bully rakyat who opt for change.