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Malaysia Education Blueprint is just another mirage as others

Malaysia Education Blueprint is just another look great on paper project if you still remember the great movie studio project in Cyberjaya.

Any education system will fail if its implementation is still racial-based like having dual examination system [STPM for non-bumi, Matrikulasi for Bumi] and multi-tier school. [Normal school for non-bumi, boarding school and science college for bumi].

  • What advantage in international competition if 95% of our students cannot master English after university?
  • What advantage with the majority Malaysian students are racists as the end product of UMNO-racist education policy?
  • What advantage with Malaysia Form 5 student’s arithmetic skill is worst than primary student in China?

[L-R] Mohd Shaari Rosli 10, Simmraj Jit 10, Nur Ain Mohamad Amin 16, Muhd Anuar Zulkarnain 11, Mas Liyana Nasrah 16, Tan Chee Guan 11 and Mohd Ashraf Mohd Anuar 10 take a closer look of the preliminary report Malaysia education blueprint 2013-2025 after the launching at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday. AZMAN GHANI / The Star

11 areas of reform outlined

KUALA LUMPUR: The views of about 50,000 stakeholders contributed to the making of the Malaysia Education Blueprint, the closest the Government has ever had to a referendum on educational issues.

Over the course of a year, cites the blueprint, ministry officials, teachers, principals, parents, students, and members of the public across Malaysia were engaged via interviews, focus groups, surveys, National Dialogue townhalls and roundtable discussions.

“This is the first time in the country’s history that an education development plan was prepared through public discussion, over 90% of feedback received was taken into account,” Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said in his speech at the launch of the preliminary report of the blueprint here on Tuesday.

The blueprint takes stock of the strengths and weaknesses of the education system and maps out strategies to achieve specific student outcomes.

Better future ahead: Students taking a closer look of the preliminary report of the blueprint after the launching at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Education Minister, said that despite the gains made in education, international assessments show that Malaysian students’ achievements in reading, Mathematics and Science are still low compared to students in developed countries.

“For example, of 74 countries that participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment or Pisa 2009, Malaysian students were in the bottom third for reading, Mathematics and Science.

“We are not proud of this,” he said.

The target set is for Malaysia’s performance to be at par with the international average by 2020 and to be in the top third segment in 15 years.

He added that the ministry would hold Open Days for the public to scrutinise details of the plan and offer further feedback.

The blueprint is also available online via the ministry’s website at

“I believe that when this plan is brought to the Cabinet and finalised in December, it will be an education blueprint that is full of the rakyat’s hopes and dreams,” he said.

In his speech, Muhyiddin outlined the blueprint’s 11 areas of reform or “shifts” which will be implemented over the next 13 years in three phases or “waves”. They are:

> Increase access to education while improving quality to match international standards;

> Ensure that every child is proficient in both Bahasa Malaysia and English;

> Develop values-driven Malaysians and promote unity among the races;

> Transform teaching and ensure that only 30% of the top graduates are admitted into the profession;

> Ensure high-performing school leaders in every school;

> Empower district education offices, state education departments, and schools;

> Improve ICT in schools such as WiFi access;

> Transform the Education Ministry in order to deliver results;

> Involve parents, communities, and the private sector;

> Ensure student outcomes are proportional to the amount of government spending on education; and

> Increase transparency in the ministry’s progress of the targets set in the blueprint.

The blueprint aims to produce students with six key attributes knowledge, thinking skills, leadership skills, bilingual proficiency, ethics and spirituality, and national identity.

Muhyiddin said the changes would be carried out in three stages: from 2013 to 2015; 2016 to 2020; and 2021 to 2025.

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逆流 says:


Farid says:

Bahasa Melayu is a simple language.
But BN over the years has made it more complicated under the guise of ‘Memartabatkan’ the language into Bahasa Malaysia.
Honestly, I do not see non-Malays need to master the language beyong PMR level to be able to communicate with malays and civil servants who cannot understand other languages.

Don says:


Please explain what the 1125 event by Dong zong is all about?

nkkhoo says:

Protest against mono Malay language education policy charted by Malay first Muhyiddin.

Sharon says:

For parents who cares about education in sjkc – 1125 gathering

DPM said : If you don’t want we would not change the policy!

The trigger point to this gathering is that Bahasa Malaysia lessons in SJKC would be changed from 180(6 lessons) minutes to 570(19 lessons) minutes from standard 4. The gathering is to reject this policy and among the reasons quoted was that the government had before implemented SJKC and SJKT mother tongue syllabus into SK and was concluded as a failure in the ministry report in Nov 2008.

I believe SJKC pupils are already over burden by its high standard and high expectation from parents and teachers and schools. I think only the really outstanding children would be able to cope; others would be depressed/stressed by such change.

SJKC is meant for all, not only for the gifted and really outstanding ones. Therefore such policy is not suitable for SJKC and a similar policy had failed in SK

Education is not rojak, you don’t just put in anything and everything you want into the syllabus.

Parents, SJKC may not be perfect choice of school, but if you think it is still the best choice you have now, please show your support by turning up for the event.

I have not seen Dong Jiao Zong done anything detrimental to our education; they are thinkers, they deserve the support to keep the torch of decent education lighting. DJZ is the one and only one unified voice for education you can find here.

Dio says:

It is pathetic to see the MCA going round the country and throwing out crumbs to the Chinese schools. During the past 50 years, not only has the MCA failed Chinese education dismally but it has also been a leading partner in the decline of our national school system. Today our national schools are characterised by regressive language and religious dogmas, dismal performance, low standards and unemployable products. No middle- or upper-middle-class parent — whether Chinese, Malay, Indian or from any community — would want to have their young children schooled in the sekolah rendah kebangsaan and sekolah menengah if they can help it.

This national disgrace has the MCA as one of its leading players. The party has held the deputy minister of education portfolio for umpteen years. Can the MCA point to any educational innovation that it has introduced? Can the MCA point to any educational policy of merit, fairness, and tolerance that it has been responsible for since independence?

The Chinese deputy minister of education or Dr Chua may be good at giving speeches to Chinese schools and giving out chicken feed funds but when it comes to helping determine the course of national educational policy in key areas, their position is more like that of the office boy.

Let’s take the National Education Blueprint report. Now what is the MCA to say about the establishment of the matriculation college system which has discriminated against the deserving non-Bumiputeras. Malaysian public universities offer a one-year matriculation programme. These courses have largely catered to the Bumiputera population and are deemed as having a much lower standard, qualifying criteria and final examination requirement for entry into university. This situation is in contrast to that which non-Bumiputera students face as they are required to sit for the much tougher two-year STPM in Form 6. Now how did this system come about if the MCA has not been a willing accessory to the educational discrimination and injustice.


QPR says:

As a Chinese I will first support the Dong Zong 926 Save Chinese Education campaign, Sept 26 rally document:

Its primary demand:

“In the Education Ministry, Dr Wee [Ka Siong] is entrusted with the duty of handling matters relating to Chinese education. Not only has he failed to resolve the Chinese education issues, he has even exacerbated the problems and seriously jeopardized the interest of Chinese education. His serious breach of duty warrants his resignation from his post as Deputy Education Minister.”

KH Kong says:

Najib paying consultants big money to recycle the blue-print.
A lot of grandiose plan in GTP but we know the plan is poorly or never executed. But very good on paper to impress the public.

nkkhoo says:

Mckinsey consultants are good in academic talk. ETP for Malaysia is a standard templete used by consulting companies.

A local listed company showed me improvement proposal from another US top consulting firm, the proposal is fulled of fallacies. Yet the boss was so proud because he paid USD 20,000 for 2-day consulting work to them.

Mansor says:

The new blueprint is another way to say that the previous education poliy has been a big failure. Do not forget Najib was once an Education Minister.

Lord Jim says:

very fancy presentation like ETP BUT real EXECUTION is the key to the success. with half past 6 administrator whose mind still undergoing transformation (reformation a better process) we still have to wait until after 2020 to see results ?

Mansor says:

We need to have a change of government to undo the damage done to our education system. This regime has tinkered with and messed up our education system, just like it has mucked up and eroded all of our other state institutions. The regime has harmed the future of our children by erratically flip-flopping the teaching of science and math in English and BM and by surreptitiously phasing in the pilot teaching of Jawi alongside BM in some national-type primary schools, using our children like some guinea pigs.

It professes – pays lip service – to national unity while practicing institutionalised racial discrimination and playing up religion. It deliberately erects barriers to keep the ethnic communities apart and rule by fear. This regime have betrayed their aspirations of the people and emptied them of their trust. These low-down characters of Umno-BN cannot be depended to walk their talk. The regime also altered the history syllabus to suit its agenda. The cure to our national malaise is to evict these crooks out of Putrajaya.