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Japanese products last is my personal agenda

I made the decision was not due to the friction of China and Japan over islets in Yellow Sea, but due to Japanese brutality against Chinese in Malaya during World War II.

The next territory to consider is Malaya (lines 301-311). The Chinese living in Malaya particularly suffered from the Japanese occupation, at least 37,000 of them being executed (lines 301, 302, 304). In order to get some overall figures, estimates based on the China and Philippine democide rates are given (line 318 and 319). Also included with these bases is a high of 100,000 killed given by Malayan officials. Noting this high and that the few available figures already total 38,000 killed (line 312), I consolidated these figures into a range of 55,000 to 100,000 killed, with a mid-estimate of 83,000.

Over 13 million Mainland Chinese died and 300 USD billion (in present currency value) losses in GDP during the Japanese occupation in China.

The most stupid thing done by China communist regime is forgave Jap war crime and canceled all war compensation demands from Japan. China communist regime is the biggest betrayer to Chinese people.


Japanese history textbook never admit that Japan is an invader in WW 2, in fact Japanese label themselves the war victim. A group of Japanese secondary students cried when they found out the truth, local people were tortured and killed by Jap Imperial Army when they visited Sabah under the student exchange program.

I do an inventory count on my household appliances and gadgets, only camera and rice cooker are Japanese brand. Admittedly, there is still no alternative for quality digital camera, I have no choice to purchase Canon camera.

Buy Japanese product last, and be remembered Japanese inner heart is uncivilized animal, don’t be fooled by their politeness.

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Bokuwa says:

“While Malays here are so delighted & celebrated Queen’s 60th jubilee…” – Because of the currency.1Pound$ = RM 5.50+- mah…But later will claim British Last??

Manja says:

Saya cukup hormat semangat orang Cina yang masih menegakkan keadilan.
Orang Jepun menjajah Cina dan membunuh rakyat Cina dalam Nanjing Massacre.

Tetapi di Tanah Melayu, pemimpin melayu seperti Tun M ank ampu orang Jepun hingga nak pandang timur! Maklumlah waktu jajahan Jepun masyarakat melayu tunduk sama orang Jepun tak macam orang Cina!

Samapi sekarang orang melayu masih sanjung sama orang British.
Waktu Prince William datang sini pun nak buat setem William/Kate.
Tak malu langsung bila maruah orang melayu hilang waktu ditakluk British sebelum Merdeka. Hairan sekali ahli Perkasa tak buat bising!

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia army even sent a battalion to guard Queen’s palace as a honor to our soldiers.

I still do not understand why some Malays like their homeland conquered with forces by colonists, and pray these ex-colonists like God as we have seen during the visit of Prince William.

It’s so proud when your country was conquered by foreigners?

Some Malays in Patani are still fighting for Southern Thailand independence from Siamese control while Malays here are so delighted and celebrated Queen’s 60th jubilee.

hai fong says:

nkkhoo better watch Bruce Lee’s Fist Of Fury to understand how the chinese (whether mainland communists or kuomintang or South east asia nanyang migrants) feel about japanese in the 70s.
now we are in 2012 and young people younger than nkkhoo hardly know who Bruce Lee represents. They only care about Jay Chow.

nkkhoo says:

Movie is always like syoik sendiri Ah-Q.

ongwht says:

Before Communist, 蔣介石 also already mentioned to waive first. 以德報怨! Right?

nkkhoo says:

What waive you are talking? Although 蔣介石 is a bad dictator, he did not waive war compensation from Japan.

Chiang chased out 300,000 Jap residents from Taiwan after WW2 unlike the China communist adopted Jap soldiers and their strayed children.

ongwht says:

蔣介石 is the one forgave Japan war crime & cancel compensation claim!! Not China Communist.

nkkhoo says:

It was communist regime represented China signed a diplomatic deal with Japan in 1972 to cancel off all claims with Jap.

Kuamintang regime never signed such selling off deal. Chiang only refused to accept Okinawa and surrounding islets back from Allied after WW2.

The September 1972 visit to Beijing of Japan’s newly elected prime minister, Tanaka Kakuei, culminated in the signing of a historic joint statement that ended nearly eighty years of enmity and friction between the two countries. In this statement, Tokyo recognized the Beijing regime as the sole legal government of China, stating at the same time that it understood and respected China’s position that Taiwan was “an inalienable part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China.” For its part, China waived its demand for war indemnities from Japan. (This demand was first made in the mid-1950s; the war reparations claims totaled as much as the equivalent of US$50 billion.) Diplomatic relations were to be established as of September 29, 1972. Japan and China also agreed to hold negotiations aimed at the conclusion not only of a treaty of peace and friendship but also at agreements on trade, shipping, air transportation, and fisheries. Sino-Japanese trade grew rapidly after 1972. In January 1974, a three-year trade agreement–the first of several working agreements covering civil air transportation, shipping, fisheries, and trademarks–was signed. Arrangements for technical cooperation, cultural exchange, and consular matters were also undertaken.

Many Jap war criminals were sentenced to death by Kuamintang regime after Jap surrendered to Allied.

Gangnam Styler says:

nkkhoo makes his life difficult boycotting this and that; and don’t like this person like LGE or LKY.
cheer up, who knows one day you fell for a japanese girl !

nkkhoo says:

I like Jap porn movie. LOL

Ronny says:

I am not sure if the Canon camera of nkkhoo is now floating soemwhere on Muar River.

nkkhoo says:

Only idiot burns his own property…You can be the first anti-Jap hero in Malaysia if you burn your Jap product.

Gangnam Styler says:

Brutality towards peaceful freedom walk means in priciple you should put those cronies products last in your domestic agenda; like Masimo bread as your top preference over others. Also boycott pAstro, Tonton and watch free documentaries from youku or youtube instead.

nkkhoo says:

The pipe water you drink in KL and Selangor is also processed by UMNO cronies, you should dig a well to boycott pipe water first.

Youku is fulled of pirated materials, seem you are proud with Chinese youku.

Ronny says:

Brutality of japanese agaisnt chinese is a thing of the past.
I am more woried about the brutality of police on our civilians who are not in line with the janji movement.

nkkhoo says:

By 2020, the brutality of Hisham police is also a thing of the past. You can tell your children, bygone be bygone.

513 is also a past history in your opinion, the black hand is still not yet be dragged to world court.

Obviously, you have never learned from the history.

KH Kong says:

What makes you think that Ronny is forgeting May 13?
You are putting words on his mouth?

I think what Ronny is saying is not to worry so much of the foreign affairs. But focus on our internal problems as the election is near.

Do not assume that people in Malaysia can forget the dark chapters in our history although people in Johor are happy with the so-called janji for ‘kestabilan, kemakmuran & keamanan’ to be a BN fortress. The wind of change has swept Malaysia but the Johoreans are pretty happy with their livelihood that is derived from the administration of Lee Dynasty of Singapore.

nkkhoo says:

Jap brutality in Malaya is not a foreign affair if any of your relative was killed by them.

Another silly talk from a DAP goon, Johor Felda settlers are selected loyal UMNO supporters, even all [30% in total] Johor Chinese vote for PR, UMNO is still the ultimate winner with 2/3 seats in Johor with 70% Malay support.

KH Kong says:

The very same reason why many people could not empatise with the plight of Pengerang folks because their ancestor’s graves are not there?

nkkhoo says:

You put killing of innocent to same pain with graveyard relocation. Shame on you.

99% graveyard in Singapore are demolished for development, LKY is as evil as Jap army in your eyes?