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‘Innocence of Muslims’ is testing the response of religious followers

I have watched the trailer, it’s inflammatory against Prophet Muhammed. I do not understand why American government is blamed by Muslims for a film produced by an individual who hate Islam.

The film producer should be condemned and punished, not other parties.

Buddha statue was used in the Buddha Bars in America, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Buddhists only lodged protests against the abuse of Buddha image without go killing innocents and burning down foreign embassies.

Can you imagine if Prophet Muhumed’s statue is used in any bar and disco entertainment outlets?

You already know the answer. The bar owners will be killed and bar building burned down by the mob.

Umno Youth plans protest against ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin said the movement was disappointed with the irresponsible producer of the anti-Islamic movie “Innocence Of Muslims” and planned to hold a major protest against it on Friday.

He said the massive protest was aimed at expressing displeasure towards the movie.

“This protest is being held regardless of political differences and, hopefully, will become a platform for Muslims to voice out to the world that this irresponsible and insulting act against Islam and Prophet Muhammad will not be taken lightly.

“Umno Youth also welcomes the PAS Youth Assembly’s participation in this protest. This is a universal problem which needs to be addressed immediately,” he told reporters after opening the Permatang Pauh Umno delegates meeting at the Permatang Pauh Polytechnic, here on Sunday.

Khairy added that they were awaiting PAS Youth’s response to the invitation.

In Los Angeles on Thursday, a 55-year old man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who is thought to have uploaded the Youtube clip using the pseudonym “Sam Bacile”, was placed under police protection following the protests.

The video clip of the movie “Innocence of Muslims” sparked protests on Thursday against the American Embassies in Egypt and Yemen, and led to demonstrations in Iraq, Iran, Tunisia and Bangladesh.

Malaysia is seeking to bar online access to the trailer and the movie. – Bernama

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QPR says:

Last Friday Umno and PAS can have street protest on this issue but no trader complain of loss of buisness?

Najib said protests are not Malaysian culture. Why then he did not condemn Khairy and his Umno Youth for displaying anti-Malaysian behaviour.

Ronny says:

Most Muslims will say that Islam is a religion of peace but when they perceive that the religion had been insulted, they will join in the screaming and protesting in violent ways. Hence they are programmed or indoctrinated to defend or show of defense when the call comes.