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UMNO last weapon is racial card after it fails to win middle-class Malaysians

BN winning formula in GE 13 is racial hatred, lie and violence.

Racial hatred campaign: Be prepared to see more racial hatred propagandas in our mass media especially against Chinese.

Nazi version: Created hatred against Jewish.

The picture of LKS being grabbed and manhandled by officers was taken at the Kota Kinabalu old airport terminal. This photo was doctored by UMNO to make it like Lim urinated in a flag post in former Selangor MB Harun’s official residence.

Lie: Another weapon is learning Nazi to repeat a lie at least 10,000 time to make it a truth in the mind of rakyat. A good example is Bersih 2.0 is kotor video clip is aired repeatedly in TV stations.

Nazi version: The German hyperinflation was due to economic exploitation and manipulation by Jewish Businessmen.

Violence: The last weapon is using violence and fear to threat opposition and rakyat. BN bought over Pekida samseng, Chinese and Indian gangsters with money to create chaos in PR political gatherings.

Nazi version: Hitler was using Gestapo to silent his opponents.

UMNO copies every Nazi’s tactics!

Malaysia’s PM Najib struggles with election dilemma
By Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun September 16, 2012 8:59 PM

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is struggling with the thorny problem of when to call an election because polls indicate voters, unlike in the past, are refusing to respond to government handouts and patronage with their support.

Lavish government spending to boost Malaysia’s economic growth figures and direct handouts to students and low-income households have failed to reverse the prospect that the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, in power since independence form Britain in 1957, could face defeat in the coming election.

Najib must by law call an election by the end of April next year, but he appears to have been trying to prepare the ground to call the vote earlier.

Speculation in Malaysia has zeroed in on a November election, and the deciding factor will probably be public response to the budget scheduled for Sept. 28.

This is expected to contain more largesse, including more cash handouts to low income families.

This year alone Najib’s government has given the equivalent of $820 million to families on bottom-rung incomes. There have also been cash payments to students and juicy pay raises for civil servants.

And the efforts to boost Malaysia’s feel-good factor included an apparently healthy rise in the gross domestic product, which was an annualized increase of 5.4 per cent in the second quarter of 2012.

However, the GDP figures got significant help from public sector investment in major government-linked oil and gas projects.

There was also major investment and disbursements to the private sector from the $444 billion Economic Transformation Program put aside some years ago to assist Malaysia to become a fully developed industrialized national by 2020.

Najib became Prime Minister and took over the leadership of the leading partner in the BN coalition, the United Malays National Organization in 2009. His predecessor Abdullah Badawi was forced out after the BN failed in 2008 elections to win a two-third majority for the first time since 1957.

Polls show that Najib’s popularity is running at 64 per cent, but only 42 per cent like his government, despite some democratic reforms as well as the cash handouts, such as removal of the hated Sedition Act.

Other polls show that 84 per cent of the 222 seats in parliament are up for grabs in the election. The remainder are safe seats equally divided between the BN and the opposition coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib has put off calling the election and trying to obtain his own electoral mandate several times since taking over the government and party leadership.

His plans have been frustrated either by a new government or party scandal, of which there have been many, or else some mass demonstrations by the anti-corruption movement called Bersih, meaning “clean” in Malay, which is allied to the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) coalition.

But Najib’s freedom of movement is shrinking as the days pass.

He is now faced with an unenviable choice. He can go to the polls very soon, even though the public does not appear to have responded to the government’s economic stimulus and blandishments.

Alternatively, he can wait until next year when prospects might be better, but when it is just as likely that the burnishing of the domestic economy will have worn off and the ripple effects from the global economy could be worse.

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KY Ong says:

by 沈志勤







Ajiboy says:

Interesting prediction:


尽管首相拿督斯里纳吉曾指出,不愿意看到来届大选出现悬峙国会(Hung Parliament),不过这名易经学者蔡崇正博士以《易经未来学》预测,无论大选拖延到年杪或明年举行,都可能因为朝野阵营势均力敌,而形成悬峙国会。


他通解2012年《遁》卦为“六二:执之用黄牛之革,莫之胜说”;“黄”意指干净及公平选举联盟(净选盟),“牛”及“革”是指巫统妇女组主席拿督斯里莎丽扎在涉及国家养牛中心(NFC)风波后辞去妇女、家庭及社会发展部长职;“革 ”也可能指马华总会长蔡细历、公正党实权领袖安华依布拉欣、公正党副主席阿兹敏阿里等人涉及丑闻后,仍发挥革皮厚又韧的“厚黑学”。

nkkhoo says:

Believe pseudo science is worst than believe fortune telling.

keith says:

nkkhoo should obtain a copy (I suppose he has friends in civil service) of the BN propaganda booklet for civil servants entitled “Panduan Penjelasan Isu Semasa” that is produced by JASA (Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas).

nkkhoo says:

You shall have teacher friends…go ask them got a copy.

小心聲 says:




Manja says:

Sejarah 13 Mei tafsiran Umno penuh dengan karut-marut, meletakkan kesalahan itu ke atas parti pembangkang yang sebenarnya tidak benar, mereka bukan menjadi puncanya. Pihak yang bertanggungjawab adalah golongan kapitalis dalam Umno, elemen-elemen dalaman yang merancang dan melaksanakan pelan ini. Ada rancangannya berdasarkan kepada mereka yang berkumpul di kediaman menteri besar Selangor Harun Idris. Terdapat dokumen dan laporan risikan yang menunjukkan perkara itu. Sejarah rasmi perlu mendedahkan kebenaran dan bukannya meletakkan kesalahan kepada setiap orang yang sepatutnya tidak harus dipersalahkan!

kkk says:

MCA going to explain to voters especially those in Johor not to be frighten by the claimed tsunami from south via Dinners (RM30 per head with lucky draws ?) to counter negative perceptions as listed by
i think Kluang & Kulai now very “black” adun for MCA and a lot of effort to re-convince voters about MCA roles in UMNO.
For someone who has been away from Johor far too long, better get back to guge the sentiments of Johorians. The racial and education issues as described by will expediate the demise of MCA if no proper attention to this matter.

Manja says:

Dah tahu kita sekarang Umno macam batu api nak hasut orang melayu lawan Cina dengan terbitan filem ‘Tanda Putera’ untuk menyuntik kemarahan melayu. Kejadian Mei 13 telah diputar-belit padahal pihak Umno yang buat huru-hara.

Jangan kita lagi ditipu media Umno, khususnya TV3 dan Utusan.
Kenapa kemakmuran, kesejahteraan dan kestabilan cuma boleh dikecapi dibawah regim BN?

Kalau saya nak pilih Malaysia, saya memang nak memilih pentadbiran yang tak kire bangsa dan tak ada korapsi. Orang melayu muda dah sedar sekarang. Politik rasis amalan Umno dah ketinggalan masa. Retorik 1Malaysia adalah satu penipuan besar selagi pihak Perkasa masih berleluasa dibawah naungan Umno.