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China lost more land to friends than enemies

Above map was official version issued by Kuamintang government, but PRC under China communist have given away many land under friendship spirit advocated by Mao Zedong.

Under Kuamintang regime or Republic of China before 1949, China surrendered Mongolia to its people through a referendum. Chiang Kai Sik agreed on the referendum in Mongalia with the condition that Soviet Union must not support China communist party.

Under Communist regime or PRC after 1949, China has acceded many international treaties with its neighbors by giving away 330,000 sq kilometers to them.

The trick is you must be China’s friend when you ask China government for free land. Chinese themselves are very proud with such land separation if they believe you are their friend. This is a peculiar Chinese culture not found on others.

This was how small countries like Vietnam, North Korea, Burma, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan received so many free land from China without a single drop of blood.

Only Japanese is stupid to invade China with forces before world war 2, they should learn from Vietnam and other China small neighbors.

Anyway, Japanese is also smart to ask China to waive war compensation in 1972 through a peaceful diplomatic agreement. Yes, China communist regime has no shame to sell off Chinese atrocities and pains in WW2 to Japanese under its one-way friendship renders to Japanese.

The tragic is many so-called Chinese friends turn into Chinese foes after getting what they want.

Ask for land or island first by purportedly befriend with China first. Malaysia and Philippines should learn this lesson by calling China, a big brother for island dispute settlement in South China Sea.

This is like Brunei got free oil reserves from Malaysia by calling Malaysia, a big brother and bribed Malaysian Prime Minister.

See you can get all sorts of benefits if you are “friend” to China communist regime. You will get panda if you polish China communist leaders like our PM Najib did.

1956年中缅边界条约,割让了18万平方公里的江心坡、南坎。江心坡,相当于安徽省的 面积。做到了英国没能做到的事情:沿着麦克马洪线和1941年英军声称“抗日”而越界的占据线,把在清代属于云南省的18万平方公里的土地让给了缅甸,占缅甸现有国土面积六十七万平方公里的四分之一强。

1957年 割让白龙尾岛给越南,中国丢掉的不仅是一个面积10平方公里的小岛,丢掉的是传统渔业区,北部湾全湾12.8万平方公里的海域,广东省主要是湛江市将减少传统作业渔场3.2万平方公里,占传统作业渔场的50%。 越南目前在北部湾以白龙尾岛为依托,对北部湾大面积海域和陆架提出主权要求,抓扣中国渔民




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My posting clearly mention that Mongolia independence agreement.

Han Chinese leaders are good in infighting, Chiang and Mao are culprits for handing over land to foreign countries.