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Only Johor Sultan has the courage to speak up against corruption in Mindef

Hummer H1 – RIV RM690,000

UMNO cronies jack up prices for supplies to Mindef is not a news.

Malaysia armed forces will be humiliated in any conflict with foreign forces simply because the weapon and equipment purchased are low quality at extraordinary prices.

This RIV scandal highlighted by Johor Sultan is a tip of an iceberg.

The price is jacked up for more than four times like DEFTECH AV-8 8X8 armored vehicles!

My blog has highlighted several corruption cases in the Mindef,

– BN White Elephant # 8 :: Mindef purchased ‘gold plated’ armored vehicles with RM 7.55 billion

– Scorpion submarine purchase.

Zahid: Mindef not involved in alleged mark-up of vehicles

Michelle Chun

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 20, 2012): Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said the ministry does not have a hand in the vastly differing costs of Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV) supplied to the Special Forces Regiment.

He said the ministry is investigating the price differences brought to its attention by Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor on Sept 8 and will take action accordingly.

“I have gathered some information from the preliminary investigation conducted. If it was found that the Sultan’s claim is true, legal action will be taken against the supplier concerned.

“The ministry did not compromise and was not involved in any of this. We did not compromise with anyone,” Ahmad Zahid said repeatedly when asked about it during a press conference at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), here today.

Sultan Ibrahim, who is also the Special Forces regiment colonel commandant, had questioned the government’s purchase of four RIVs for RM2.76 million, or RM690,000 each, while he had purchased one for RM150,000.

“Don’t provide supplies which are of low quality but quote prices many times over (the actual prices),” he reportedly said.

The royalty had also lamented over the quality of military equipment supplied to the Special Forces Regiment, and said the ministry should ensure the equipment purchased was up to par in terms of quality and specifications.

On Sept 10, Ahmad Zahid had said the ministry took the comment positively and would look into the issue.

“I will scrutinise the purchase for differences in specifications,” he had said.

Opposition leaders have also jumped on the issue and questioned the vast differences in prices of military equipment purchased before, alleging that there could be some hanky panky going on within the ministry.

Earlier, at the function, Ahmad Zahid presented the 1Malaysia Undergraduate Discount Card to 2,259 UPNM students, entitling them to between 5% and 60% discounts at 215 companies with 2,636 branches nationwide.

Meanwhile, a pilot project by UPNM saw 34 cadet students who had been experiencing difficulties in their studies last semester switch their courses after guidance from the university.

UPNM deputy vice-chancellor (academic and international) Prof Dr Rugayah Mohamed said UPNM students face different challenges compared with students in other universities, including higher expectations both academically and physically.

“They have to be not just physically strong, but also strong mentally.

“Here, switching courses isn’t as straightforward and easy as in normal universities, but we interviewed all these students and guided them to other courses, where they have begun to excel,” she said yesterday.

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nkkhoo says:

Where is the link for news that Malaysia is spending RM6 billion to buy 6 unit Hamilton-calss patrol ship?

How do you believe Petra’s a single statement story?

I need the news from more reliable sources like Janes Defence or MalaysiaKini?

Fazli says:

Pembelian yang terlebih kos oleh Kementerian Pertahanan:

1) Pembelian Scorpene pada 2002 kos RM4.5 bilion, komisyen kepada froni mencecah RM500 juta (nyawa gadis Mongolia juga digadai dengan letupan C4).

2) Pembelian Eurocopter Cougar EC725 untuk kegunaan TUDM berharga RM193 juta setiap satu sedangkan Brazil cuma bayar RM82 juta sahaja!

3) Pembelian 48 buah kereta kebal PT91 dari Poland pada 2003 dengan kos RM1.4 bilion telah dikritkan oleh segelintir jeneral ATM kerana ketahanan dan teknologi yang ketinggalan zaman – ini telah membahayakan nyawa angkatan tentera kita!

Sanggupkah Zahid beri keterangan untuk rakyat?

Fazli says:

Yang mempersoalkan mutu alatan serta kemudahan tentera adalah bekas timbalan panglima angkatan tentera darat Leftenan Jeneral Datuk Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid.

Gadai nyawa tentera dengan rasuah demi kepentingan sendiri!

Ghaz says:

Empat bekas pegawai tertinggi tentera akan menjelajah seluruh negara untuk membongkar kemungkaran pentadbiran Umno BN. Mereka ialah Lt. Jeneral (B) Datuk Abdul Ghafir Abdul Hamid (Darat), Brig. Jeneral (B) Datuk Abdul Hadi Al-Khatab (Udara), Laksamana Pertama (B) Haji Imran Abd Hamid (Laut) dan Brig. Jeneral (B) Datuk Najmi Ahmad (Kagat).

Tunggulah pembongkaran nanti!!!

Sugu says:

Malaysia scores D- in the index which establishes the risks of corruption in the government’s defence expenditure and operations.

A leading international transparency watchdog has ranked Malaysia as having high corruption risk in its defence spending and operations, placing it the same league with countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Jordan.

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia army will be defeated by foreign forces like Singapore with a simple reason. The army is supplied with low grade and insufficient weapon.

Malaysia bought armored vehicles from Turkey are four times more expensive than the same vehicle bought by US army.

In another word, instead of getting 1028 unit armored vehicles, Malaysia army only get 257 units due to corruption.

The corrupter must be hang to death for jeopardizing the security of the nation.

Zamree says:

Speak up only, but no action?

Raymond Sng says:

Don’t forget Deepak also brave enough to speak up now!

nkkhoo says:

Another political motivated disclosure.

Gan says:

Who is Deepak and what is the disclosure?
Can nkkhoo elaborate in new column?

nkkhoo says:

Waiting for durian jatuh? Go wait until someone tells you the story.

Bernard says:

Johor Sultan should get Tony Pua as his advisor.

QPR says:

TUDM has these fighters:
18 SU-30 MKM, 17 MIG 29, 27 Hawk 108/208, 8 Hornet F-18D and some aging F-5E Tiger (assuming no more missing engines).

Singapore Air Force has the advanced F16 and F15.

So who has air superority?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia made a mistake by choosing too many types of aircraft for political reason. Logistics and training problem will kill you first before talking about air combat.

I cannot disclose RMAF jet fighter readiness %, but Singapore spy definitely will get it.

Singapore parked a half of jet fighters in USA and Australia to avoid total destruction due to any commando strike.

dc says:

Instead of jumping to conclusion, it is better to investigate first. My suggestion, read Dzirhan Mahadzir takes on the military procurement. He is a military analyst for Janes Defence magazine, if you r in the industry you know how big that magazine is. BN suckz, but to blame everthing they touch as rotten? i dun think so.

nkkhoo says:

I was used to be a Mindef insider, should I believe my first hand experience or your “Jane military expert” who cannot tell what is aileron and flap in the aircraft.

Let me give u a real case in 80s, a minor repair work for a landing gear for A4 Skyhawk was quoted RM 3000 by a Mindef crony company.

Do you know the actual cost? A military grade bolt and nut plus two hours labor cost. RM500 is reasonable price in 80s.

My airbase maintenance crew finally asked for a few spare parts from a US Navy technician when they came to airbase for Starfish exercise. My sergeant took 2 hour to replace the broken bolt and saved RM 3000 for Malaysian taxpayers.

nkkhoo says:

I could still access to Purchasing core team in Mindef through an old connection.

Don’t worry, I have refused to be listed as a supplier for Mindef because I rejected UMNO cronysim.

Every services and supplies for Mindef have to be channeled and controlled by UMNO cronies if you are ignorance.

Thus, 400% mark-up is not a surprise if you are an insider in the Mindef.

QPR says:

With this clear cut corruption, how to trust BN administration?
No wonder the debt is rising.

Anyway, does nkkhoo has more updated expose of TUDM (after the missing jet engine) since Skyhawk is already a museum relic?

TUDM vs Singapore Air Force, who will win?
Tebuan jet vs F16?

nkkhoo says:

Hardware is only one factor out of many to win in a warfare.

Singapore has a very small pool of good eye-sight people for its pilot training. If UMNO does not practice racial policy in pilot recruitment, Malaysia definitely has a much bigger pool of talent in pilot recruitment.

Pilot + hardware + training + etc. are deciding factors in air combat.

Israel pilots are all top IQ and smartest people in Israel, they had defeated Arab airforces equipped with better hardware in 60s and 70s.

For RMAF pilot program, only 1/3000 applicants was accepted to be cadet pilot in 80s. I could not even apply for due to eye-sight problem.

Don’t ask me whether these trainees with IQ above 130. I doubt so because I knew many pilot trainees are so so.

I think at least IQ 130 and above only to be considered for jet fighter pilot, there are 2% people meeting this stringent requirement.

minglee says:

DRB Hicom Bhd last year received a RM7.55 billion contract for 257 units of 8×8 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC), but it was “exposed” that the company was buying them from a Turkish defence contractor for RM1.7 billion.

Mindef purchased 12 helicopters for RM2.3 billion or RM193 million each in 2008 “despite the same model helicopter being acquired for only RM82.8million each by the Brazilian government.

A RM6 billion contract given to Boustead Naval Shipyard last year for 6 offshore patrol vessels was “subsequently inflated” to RM9billion.

Everyday more worms keep coming up. This will spelled a dead end to BN and when it finally ended…. its the beginning of the long awaited probe!