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My ambivalence against Tunku Abdul Aziz

In one hand, he speaks out some facts about Pakatan Rakyat and Lim Guan Eng like

– No common goal, they will quarrel after gaining power in Putrajaya.

– Unable to form a shadow cabinet after more than four years, how do you expect they can agree on new government allocation?

– Penang is not better off under Lim Guan Eng. The fact is LGE government cannot even produce a single master plan for industrial and transport after four years.

– LGE remains total silent for drastic drop in FDI in 2012, but he was so proud with FDI figures in previous years. Any one with brain will tell you his so-called early achievement is mainly due to rippling effect of many years hardworking from the previous government.

– Lim Guan Eng is parachuted to Penang because his fear of losing in Melaka and Johor (his hometown).

PR want to capture Johor from BN in GE13, yet all top PR leaders are hiding in safe seats. This is another lip service from PR, and they blame Johor Chinese are very stupid for voting BN.

Do you want such parties with above mentality to be your government?

In another hand, Tunku Abdul Aziz is a typical Malay politician model. Malay politicians have no shame to bite back his friends and allies like snakes, no such “君子” concept or gentleman philosophy in Malay culture unlike Chinese culture.

Tunku Abdul Aziz: No political clout in Pakatan Rakyat to form the next federal government

GEORGE TOWN: Pakatan Rakyat does not have the political clout to form the next federal government because they cannot agree on many fundamental issues, said former DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

“Among themselves (DAP, PAS and PKR), they have not agreed with each other. This is what people are describing as a marriage of convenience. They will surely divorce,” he said here on Friday night during a ceramah at the Leong See Kah Miew community hall.

“But (for now), they are scared to do so because they share a common goal, which is to capture Putrajaya.”

He was speaking in Penang for the first time, since he quit DAP in May.

The former Transparency International board of directors’ vice-chairman also touched on the political situation in Penang.

He added that even if Pakatan won, it would be a useless outcome because they would only decide on the ministerial posts when they reached Putrajaya and it would be too late.

“Now, they cannot decide among themselves about forming a shadow cabinet,” he said.

On Penang, he said while the state had progressed in the last four years, it was developed because it had a history of more than 200 years and not because of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“Rather it is your (local) ancestors, who are the ones who built it up,” he said.

According to Tunku Abdul Aziz, Lim was a politician who parachuted into Penang because he was not capable in Malacca.

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Ray says:

‘ambivalent’ is an adjective, right?

kurafat says:

this queen english speaking Malay now tries to win the hearts of the community after all these years of acting superiorly smart OR may be he is sadly sharing the same misfortune as has happened to Chandra Mustafa ?

nkkhoo says:

Mahathir, Aziz and other old timers’ propaganda will not change the mass HATE against corruption, cronyism and racism from UMNO-led BN government.

Ray says:

But BN will continue its rule forever, thanks to people who find fault in opposition!

nkkhoo says:

Don’t expect sympathy to win in GE, PR will remain strong opposition forever, but no government.

Malaysia will remain the same whether under BN or PR if both are following same policies on who is less evil.

boyle says:

Tunku Abdul Aziz claimed to have good buddy in Kit Siang BUT blackmail conspiracy theory still circulating hot just like what has happened to RPK.

nkkhoo says:

Most Malay politicians are like that….

QPR says:

Tunku Abdul Aziz could have been ‘blackmailed’ because of his ‘past misdeeds’ to turn his back to support 1Malaysia?