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Proud with Shila, a Malay singer sang Chinese song and won the Asian Wave's champion

Although 1/3 of judges are from Mainland Chinese, Shila superb performance in Shanghai has won the heart of judge panel. Her best is still singing the Malay song.

Shila is truly a champion, not the jaguh kampung as we see in local song competitions in RTM and TV3.

Proud with you, Shila to make Malaysia name flying high in China without any crutch from UMNO.

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looi says:

Shila shall encourage more non-chinese t enroll in chinese medium schools for brighter future ahead.

Another Malay who speaks fluent Mandarin is 8TV’s Baki, who is nominated in NTV7 Awards under best host for variety programs. nkkhoo can catch it on =NTV7 tonight on Tonton.

nkkhoo says:

I dislike Zaki second class Mandarin and his acting style. Local documentary films are mostly poorly researched and scripted.

QPR says:

At NTV7’s Golden Award live show last nite, the invited guest Mark Lee from Singapore poked fun at the KL-Cantonese-accented Mandarin used in local drama. Although NTV7 produced drama is shown on Singapore Channel 8, the drama are redubbed because of such accent not accepted in Singapore.

Strange enough many presenters and award recipients on Golden Awards spoke in Cantonese and not Mandarin. I was so put off that I switched to watch Astro Hua Hee Dai instead.

nkkhoo says:

Seriously Malaysian Chinese have to improve their Mandarin pronunciation.

Many are still very proud with their Cantonese and Hokkian accents. Guangdong people are notorious for atrocious Mandarin and always a laughing stock for their suck Mandarin.

雨欣 says:

在柔佛州, “十块钱” 被发音为 “石块钱”!!!

looi says:

不靠巫统才能在国际舞台站起来。靠巫统只能做Jaguh kampong 甘榜冠军,跑不出马来西亚!

Eric Moo a Malaysian who went to Singapore to jumpstart his career (when in Singland seldom mentioned he is a Malaysian); then went to Beijing when his singing career started to fade. He is now coming back to Malaysia with concert and movie (Ice Kacang with Ah Niu) to earn ringgits to spend in China.

nkkhoo says:

All Malaysian Chinese singers have to be re-branded in Taiwan first before en route to China.

Eric Moo stayed in Taiwan for some time before he moved to Beijing. He is too confused on his nationality, he is a PR in Singapore and pretended that he is a Singaporean when he based in Singapore in 80s.

QPR says:

Eric Moo is smart to ‘switch’ his national identity to suit the occasion or the audience. He is also a Christian preacher and recently sang lots of gospel songs in his concert in Singapore, resulting in many audience asking for refund!

However, if he had tried to start his career in Malaysia under the then Dr M era, he would ot have stand a chance at all, unless he chose to sing malay songs on RTM channels.

looi says:

刘婉滢 singing Bukan Cinta Biasa at 声动亚洲 Asian Wave on 5 Sep 2012.

nkkhoo says:

Eric Moo say Lau could enter the final three if she chose the right song.

looi says:

More songs by Sheila (gemilang, set fire to rain, forever love). She also sang Na Ying’s song.

We wonder if she does not wear tudung may be she may not have the chance. The ethnic factor may score points for her.

nkkhoo should start watching more local singing contest like Bakat TV, Bintang RTM, Mentor, Akademi Fantasi to uncover more talents for globl audiences ?

nkkhoo should update the profile of Suki from Johor ?

nkkhoo says:

The video clips posted in youtube are illegal copies.

Two Chinese judges chose Chinese singer in third round, they were embarrassed by the singer who admitted that he has no chance to beat Shila.

I have boycotted local TVs for over a decade, only access tonton to follow domestic news.

looi says:

Shila Hamzah was a contestant in jaguh kampung in 8TV’s One In A Million losing out to eventual champion Suki (from Johor). Sometimes you must get out of local mentality to hit global stardom; just like nkkhoo do not want to cover local Johor events but focus mor on world issues – as a result nkkhoo may lose local appeals but get attention from global audience. Such approach is a brave one and nkkhoo trully thinks out of box !

nkkhoo says:

I am not a music fan and no skill to assess a singer’s quality professionally. I only use my feeling to judge a song is good or bad. In my opinion, Suki singing quality is not at the same level with Shila.

looi says:

you have resentment against communist china yet you searched via sohu ? why not tonton ?

nkkhoo says:

Sohu is a public listed company in USA, not a communist state company. All materials in Sohu are legal ones unlike youku and youtube posted by anyone.