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This allegation is serious, sue Bruno Manser Fund if untrue, otherwise it may true

BMF report link,

PM Najib said let brush away this allegation, don’t bother it.

Taib shall sue Bruno Manser Fund, Malaysiakini,, etc. for distributing false information online.

The Strait Times has removed article about BMF report in its website, maybe Taib has complained to Lee Kuan Yew that he will park his money in other offshore heavens if kiasu newspapers expose his sin.

Please pay me one million ringgit for not carrying this allegation. I am happily to take one million to run more online campaigns to expose corruption in Malaysia. LOL

‘Corrupt’ state boss is richest Malaysian: group

The powerful boss of one of Malaysia’s poorest states has used graft and abuse of power to amass a staggering $15 billion fortune — making him the country’s richest man — an activist group said.

The Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) released a report this week alleging that Abdul Taib Mahmud, the chief minister of resource-rich Sarawak state since 1981, and 20 family members are collectively worth $21 billion.

The vast wealth has been accrued through Taib’s grip on huge swathes of the economy and rampant nepotism in handing lucrative contracts and concessions to family members and associates, it said.

In the key timber sector alone, Taib, 76, has “ultimate control over the granting of timber concessions” worth several billion dollars.

The family’s wealth is allegedly spread over 400 companies around the globe, said the group, which called for an international investigation into the alleged ill-gotten gains.

“Taib has abused his position… to award his family members vast timber concessions, palm oil concessions, state contracts and directorships in Sarawak’s largest companies,” said the group, which campaigns for rainforest protection and is a fierce critic of Taib.

According to Forbes magazine, 88-year-old tycoon Robert Kuok is Malaysia’s richest man, with assets worth $12.4 billion as of March.

Taib opponents have long alleged systematic corruption, abuse of power, nepotism, and plundering of the rich natural resources of Sarawak, located on the northern portion of Borneo island.

For years, Malaysia’s anti-corruption agency failed to move against Taib. But, under pressure over the mounting allegations, said this year it had opened an investigation but has provided no details.

Critics of Taib and Malaysia’s long ruling party accuse the federal government of failing to act because his tight control of Sarawak has kept it a vital ruling party stronghold.

An official in Taib’s office could not be reached for comment. Taib has previously denied such charges.

The BMF said Taib conceals his wealth by rarely being listed as a director or shareholder, instead appointing nominees, usually family members, to act for him.

The group said it arrived at the wealth estimate by reviewing financial and corporate records in Malaysia and several other countries, and a range of other sources.

In December, the group spearheaded a campaign with 16 other environmental groups and activists including Greenpeace calling for the arrest of Taib, Malaysia’s longest-serving state chief minister.

His opponents allege massive graft in awarding Sarawak timber concessions and other contracts, and rapacious development that has seen rainforests felled, questionable dams built, and tribal groups uprooted.

Taib’s government has defended its policies, saying the state needs to be developed.

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Haris says:

Najib told MACC not to disturb Taib!

Ray says:

Many people dislike Taib but they do not support the Ubah movement, instead hoping for the ‘third’ force to happen. Likewise many people criticise LGE although he has done much better than KTK. That is why BN will continue to rule.

nkkhoo says:

PR performance is suck, this is main reason PR is criticized.

boyle says:

do you know penisular malaysia need a passport to enter Sarawak ? So if you are blavcklisted you may not be able to hold your weddding in Sarawak with your future in-laws !

boyle says:

no business interest BUT may have love interest as sarawak is famed for rare beauties like rafflesasia so don’t burn the bridge who knows you may find true love navigating facebook/tonton/souku.

nkkhoo says:

Dig o a hole if you are so scare of Taib’s terrorism.

QPR says:

nkkhoo please be careful or your will be barred from entering Sarawak!

nkkhoo says:

I have no business interest in Sarawak.