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George Soros needs RM 10 billion to buy Malaysian votes

Every idiot knows alternative media needs funds to survive because BN government refuses to give them publication permit for printed newspapers.

Malaysiakini newspapers circulation will hit 100,000 copies in first three months if the permit is granted to Malaysiakini.

George Soros needs to inject RM 10 billion to buy votes if he wants to control domestic politics.

The old man forgot China government has more says on who is Malaysia government after GE13 by blatantly proclaim that BN is China choice.

The old man is still naive to believe such petty issues will shift the focus of BN corruption, cronyism and racism from the rakyat minds.

Foreign funders want to push for regime change: Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 23, 2012): Some foreign powers want to push for a regime change in Malaysia by funding local-based, pro-opposition organisations, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said, the ultimate goal of the funders was to see the appointment of a leader whom they could put under their thumb.

Speaking to reporters here today, Dr Mahathir said that funding by the National Endowment for Democracy and the American currency speculator George Soros-linked Open Society Institute (OSI) — in the name of democracy and freedom — were not only bad but also reflected a hidden intention in wanting to control the domestic politics.

The vocal veteran politician was asked to comment on news portal’s admission that it had received foreign funds, including from OSI.

It was exposed recently that apart from Mkini Dot Com Sdn Bhd which operates, non-governmental organisation Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) had also received foreign funds. – Bernama

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Azuan says:

Stupid for malays to believe in Umno tales about Soros!

sim says:

similarly mca bought red tomato to brainwash young chinese readers with its propaganda hidden under lifestyle reports.

herman says:

Bank Negara Malaysia was operating like a rogue central bank during Regime mahathir as it was dabbling in high-risk currency speculation. It lost a whopping RM5.7 billion to the likes of Soros in the early 1990s!!!

ken ho says:

why umno is so scared of malaysiakini?

Karena says:


Saleha says:

Marina Mahathir got funding from Soros for majlis Aids Malaysia.

Why Umno never complain?

boyle says:

nkkhoo don’t watch RTM & TV3 news so he misses many propaganda to unite Malays just by mentioning JEWS. Malays are programmed to hate JEWS and more afraid of JEWS than JAWS the sharks.

nkkhoo says:

Really, Dell computer and Facebook are owned by Jews, why Malays are still using them?

Haris says:

Malays scared of Jews that are defined by Umno.
Yahudi is scarier than Pontianak!

I thought Mahathir secretly a friend of Soros?

Ray says:

Tun M conveniently used a Jew in Soros to link it to Anwar to gain The support of the malay community.
Forty years ago he said Malay has dilemma, today he is exploiting their weakness again to stay in power.

nkkhoo says:

More educated Malays will defeat same propaganda from UMNO.

Haris says:

Malays educated in UiTM are subjected to propaganda by Umno to be hutang budi.
However educated they may be, they secretly want Perkasa to fight for their ‘rights’.

nkkhoo says:

They are not educated, they are brainwashed they are big bosses in Malaysia.

kurafat says:

apanama clans blame Jews to shift attention away from to the wealth they’ve accumulated while most Malay household still live below RM1.5K/month !

yixin says:

Quote of the day:

“Why is currency speculator George Soros vilified as a rogue speculator, when the person responsible for the loss of RM5.7 billion (by Bank Negara Malaysia through foreign exchange trading) was given a promotion?” – DSAI

雨欣 says:

这个国家被老马蚕食20多年后变得面目全非,马币兑其他强国如新加坡中国澳洲等的贬值超逾50%, 国民的财富一夜缩水逾半! 甚麼事情都賴索罗斯…

好好安排污桶败选后,你要往哪里逃好过啦 (天堂也是索罗斯赞助的!)。