Pengerang Petrochemical >>>

Green idea has been abused by pseudo-environmentalists

There are bunch of so-called green environmentalists who against Pengerang Petrochemical project, but cannot convince others with solid reasons.

What is big deal for Chinese graveyard acquisition?

One of ridiculous reasons given is Chinese graveyard is taken over by government for this project whereas Malay graveyard is intact. They say graveyard acquisition is affecting Chinese traditional values.

Dead people must alway give way to living people is the natural law for human survival when the land resource is becoming scarce. Singaporeans enjoy highest GDP in the world after almost graveyards are bulldozed for development.

Discrimination against Chinese is not the new stuff, basically Malaysia Chinese should not send their children to schools if they want to boycott unfair and unjust education policy practiced since 1971.

The second reason is pollution to the environment.

I agree with this because no industrial project is 100% pollution free.

These green environmentalists should show me that they are no consuming any product from the petrochemical projects in Malaysia and overseas.

Basically these people have to end up in nude, the clothing they wear daily are also made from the product from petrochemical plants. They have to go back to stone age to live in the zero plastics and petrol world.

Cotton cultivation used a lot of fertilizers churned out from the petrochemical plant in case they think cotton is a green product.

PR governments should shut down all petrochemical plants in their states to show me walking the talk first before complaining Pengerang Petrochemical Project is bad.

There is way to minimize environmental damage with new technology and political will. 

Petrochemical plants in Hainan China should be benchmarked for a trade-off between economy development and environment. Plants in Hainan discharge no polluted waste water is a good example on good industrial practice.

海南炼化主打“绿色”牌 每吨油仅耗水0.38吨

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Fanny says:


keith says:

Taiwan anti-Kuokuang activist Chen Ping Heng warned that that this project may be more harmful to Malaysia as the size of the Rapid project in Pengerang is much bigger than the shelved Taiwan Kuokuang project.

Kuokuang is only one of the investors in the Rapid project, which is estimated to acquire some 22,500 acres of land, affecting up to 15 villages in Pengerang.

Taiwanese were estimated to have their life shortened by 23 days because of the air pollution, but the project here is much bigger than in Taiwan which means the damage will be more serious!

nkkhoo says:

Don’t be fool to believe 23-day story.

Singapore, USA, Netherlands, German, etc. all have similar petrochemical plants, don’t tell me their governments are stupid to allow such tragedy on their land?

delia says:

already foul smell, polluted water, dead fish, dead cats and dogs around Pengerang.
no need further proof of damage done.

Nam Ho says:

Damage already done at Pengerang!
Dead fish and foul smell!

Tim says:









nkkhoo says:

You should stop using any product from petrochemical plants first, hypocrisy will not work in any well-informed society. Unfortunately most Malaysians are still illiterate and brainless to be influenced by BN and PR politicians easily.

Karena says:

你知道全國有多少座義山是位於黃金地段, 有多少国阵人正在打著義山的主意?

nkkhoo says:

My stand is any land acquisition must be in the interest of public, not for private or crony projects and no vacant land is available for such purpose.

The message from anti-RAPID group is seemed they oppose any development project under BN while it’s ok for pollution-induced project under PR.

ken ho says:

Rapid acquired land more than it needs. surely something fishy out there, right?

Bernard says:

Make sure the BN does not get its way, else Bukit Cina is next to go for so-called development.

TS Pang says:

10 questions BN must answer about this Rapid project:

1) The Rapid Project requires 6,424 acres of land but why is the Johor government using the Land Acquisition Act 1960 to acquire 22,500 acres of land? We hope a plausible and detailed explanation for its justification is forthcoming so that the government would not be accused of using Rapid as an excuse to grab land from the ordinary people of Pengerang.

2) What is going to happen to the fishermen and smallholders who would have lost their means of livelihood? There are about 3,100 residents within the seven villages affected, who earned a living as fishermen and smallholders. Though some argued that 40,000 jobs would be created during the construction phase and 4,000 by the time the projects are completed in 2016, the reality are for many of these affected fishermen and farmers, it would be difficult for them to work in these new jobs because their skills are different.

3) It has been reported that licensed fishermen are being offered RM30,000 compensation whilst unlicensed ones are offered half that amount. Smallholders with 1-2 acres land are offered between RM65,000 to RM105,000 for their land. As a “sweetener”, the Johor government is offering “subsidised” alternative housing on 6,000 sq.ft. of land with built-up area between 750 to 1,600 sq.ft. The discounted prices the villagers would have to pay for these houses range from RM35,000 to RM105,000. In short, they would have given up their 1-2 acres of land and houses in exchange for 6,000 sq.ft. of land with a house on it, some 15-20km away, with little or no money in their pocket and no land to earn a living. I am told many of these lands are shared between several siblings in the first place, thus, after dividing the compensation they won’t even be able to afford the “subsidised” housing. Is this a fair deal?

4) Why is our government so keen to welcome KuoKuang Petrochemical of Taiwan when they have been rejected by their own country? Again, like the Lynas case, is our government telling us that Malaysian lives are worth not only less than the Australian but also now, less than the Taiwanese? We have to understand why the Taiwanese people were so against KuoKuang before we welcome them into our land.

5) Is it true that a petrochemical plant the scale of Rapid would need massive amount of processed water a day to operate, almost 75% of Johor’s current daily consumption? If this is true, wouldn’t it cause acute water shortages in Johor? Have the government foresaw this and made plans to increase the supply of processed water for the state?

6)Apart from consuming large quantity of water, it would also need large quantity of electrical energy? If not, has the government made plans to increase the energy output in Johor? Has this got anything to do with the rumoured nuclear power plants to be setup in Pengerang? What would our neighbour across the straits have to say about this, especially in the light of the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster?

7) In May 2009, during a visit to Singapore, PM Najib proposed to his counterpart PM Lee that a third link be built linking Pengerang to Singapore. When would this proposal be followed-up with another announcement? Would it be after all the land near this third link has been acquired and parcelled to third party companies so that they can make a killing?

8) Currently the Department of Environment (DOE) requires developers to submit the EIA report. This report is paid for by the developers, in this case Petronas. Can we trust the glowing DEIA (Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment) report by Integrated Envirotect Sdn Bhd? Isn’t it a case of “he who pays the piper calls the tune”? Shouldn’t an independent panel of local and international experts be appointed to do the DEIA so that the integrity of the report would not be compromised and the truth of potential environmental impact can be known?

9) It is oppression to the local communities when you unilaterally announce a major development without consultation. That was what happened in Pengerang. When PM Najib made the announcement in May 2011, it was said that even the local state assemblyman was clueless, let alone the villagers. Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is an approach outlined in international human rights law and declarations. It recognises the right of local affected people to be consulted, and to negotiate with, project developers on the impact of a project on their community. Have the voices of the Pengerang people being heard?

10) For all the claims of huge economic benefits these petrochemical projects would bring to this country, we hear that the Taiwanese company, KuoKuang Petrochemical will be given a tax holiday of 10-years! Their government rejected them and ours give them this incentive to move here. While we, the taxpayer pay our government to look after us, hazardous foreign companies are invited into our country to pollute us tax-free, denying us probably billions in taxes which could have bee used to clean up the environment and improve health care here. What is going on here?

ken ho says:

nkkhoo should try to give his feedback on these questions.

Nam Ho says:

What say you, nkkhoo?

Jcool says:

Good list of questions but so far I have heard any response by BN on these issues.

JK Ling says:


Azalina – Queen of Mat Rempit?

月月 says:


綠秋 says:

虽然“绿色盛会:永续边加兰”(Himpunan Hijau: Lestari Pengerang)万人集会即将在2012年9月30日举行,有感资讯传播上的不足,佳兰自救联盟通过柔佛社青团的协助,向全国各地发出五万张传单,以便那些无法通过互联网知悉此活动的民众可获知此集会的举行。




boyle says:

thanks for your sharing.

my friends who went there passed me the brochure of Botanical Gardens. I think with the civil war over they should more fund to manage the Garden well.

don’t think you miss much about northern place like Jaffna – we still plan to avoid it.

world heritage tickets ~US80 if not mistaken but it covers those major sights i mentioned earlier.

the southern island was ravaged by tsunami. the train tracks are very near to the coast.

nkkhoo says:

Annual cultural procession in Kandy is great if you plan your trip in right timing.

Kandy Botanical Gardens are still well maintained even during the civil war. Penang Botanical Gardens no match at all, they hired 300 gardeners to keep the gardens in good shape.

My secretary is the most beautify lady in Sri Lanka I have seen in my stay. 🙂

boyle says:

of course we travel to Sri Lanka for holidaying — poilitcs suck.

Plan to stay a day at Negombo upon arrival where the airport is. The seafood there reported to be good.

We believe in Karma so we shall go to Kandy to pay homage to the tooth relics.

Will just spend 2 day the most to cover Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya (to walk up “the foot” there to see how the harems live there once)

Plan to stay longer near beach area like at Galle and tea plantation wonderlands of Nuwara Eliya (hav u tried the train ride there ?) and to camp at Adam’s Peak.

if time permits, to try to look for gemstones at Ratnapura.

nkkhoo says:

World heritages are places not to be missed by anyone, but the ticket is damn expensive for foreign tourists. There are more cultural heritages and relics not listed in world heritage worth to be visited if you have ample time to spare.

When you are in Kandy (the place I stayed for a year), visit its Botanical Garden besides the golden tooth temple. On the way to Kandy, stop at elephant rehabilitation center.

Don’t miss the Buddha tree, believe more than 2000 year old. The seedling was said from the tree where Buddha achieved nirvana.

Sri Lanka East coast is very charm like East coast here with beautiful beaches, the largest man-made ancient lake I ever seen in my life is located there. Savana in South East is ideal for wild animal safari trip. Try its buffalo yogurt found on the roadside stalls.

Pole fishing and coconut plucking method are unique, not found in any place.

I visited tea plantation highlands for holiday in regular basis with my ex-company’s van, but never tried its train ride.

Galle old fort is a must visit place.

Two main places I missed during my stay are Adam’s peak and northern war zone.

boyle says:

i understand you ever work in Sri Lanka.
We plan to go to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks in Jan 2013 (no monsoon then), and we hope you can share with us your experience living there.

If you want to join us for the trip, we have a girl we can intro to you. Both of you share same interest and i bet she suits you.
Game for that ?

nkkhoo says:

What do you want to know? Traveling or political culture?

Sri Lanka political climate is like Malaysia, fulled with racial discrimination against the minorities.

Just replace Sinhalese with Malay and Buddhist with Muslim, you will then understand why there was a long civil war in Sri Lanka.

boyle says:

nkkhoo can go to “绿色起义”中秋月光会 and you can meet your potential lifetime companion there !
Just don’t wear angry bird mask otherwise the girls there won’t recognise you.
A girl will melt your hardened bachelor heart … a girl will make you lose sense of reasoning even dr looi cannot explain…
imagine you fell in love with a Pengerang supporter … then you will one day erase all your comments in your blog because of love….love can conquer nkkhoo !

nkkhoo says:

I will change the girl, not other way.

I am feed up with Malaysian green environmentalists who are NO better than my old mum when it comes to logic and reasoning.

月月 says:


綠秋 says:



boyle says:

RE: All Singapore Chinese must in bad feng sui for relocating their ancestors’ bones to temples.

Spore asset rich but quality of life you tell me if they are happier than people in Bhutan ???

nkkhoo says:

You have to read a Chinese novel named Ah Q to understand Bhutanist’s mindset.

Ah Q will find excuse for all his own shortcomings like poverty by pretending he is a happy man.

In my three years living experience in Singapore, I can testify Singapore is a better place than Bhutan, Malaysia, etc. for children education and safety. Pipe water there is 100% safe for direct consumption.

Haris says:

Only those BN cronies like this project.
That is why MCA is quiet on this matter but their bloggers actively support the project in cyberspace.
They are the people to gain.

nkkhoo says:

Same thing applies to projects approved by PR government, the contracts never come to neutral voters like me.

Haris says:

Ha ha!

boyle says:

RE: All graveyards on the earth may have to go 100 year later when human population hits 20 billion.

apparently nkkhoo is a non believer in feng sui. Unnatural disturbing of graveyards bring doom to anak cucu.

nkkhoo can prosper well today is because his ancestors are well taken care of and vice versa.

nkkhoo says:

Feng sui is another pseudo science, as good as fortune telling.

No sense. All Singapore Chinese must be in bad feng sui for relocating their ancestors’ bones to temples.

Who is better feng sui now? You or Singaporeans?

Gigi says:

BN built this project with secret secrecy and little transparency.
Little dialogue with affected residents of Pengerang.
I will be at the September 30 Himpunan Hijau at Pengerang to see for myself.
Perhaps nkkhoo could be there too to get a more balanced view of the situation?

nkkhoo says:

All BN projects are done in secrecy.

Haris says:

Yes. We should listen to the residents there.

boyle says:

Go to “绿色起义”中秋月光会,声援“930永续边加兰大集会” and will come back having a broader perpective of what the Pengerang issues are all about.

nkkhoo says:

I have followed Lynas issue, these people are mostly no brain environmentalists.

Karena says:



Ray says:

Not sure if the author of this blog will complain if his ancestors’s grave are dug out in the name of development.

nkkhoo says:

I have no complaint at all. All graveyards on the earth may have to go 100 year later when human population hits 20 billion.

kurafat says:

nkkhoo if you live in Pengerang then you know the sentiments which do not need scientific reasons.
i believe you’ll not publish this.

nkkhoo says:

I have no problem the project moves to Muar with the condition all furniture factories in Muar move to Pengerang.