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Green meal makes you healthy and younger like me

This is my dinner set I prepare for today, the pineapple is not in the photo. I assume these vegetables, egg and apple are safe for consumption, hopefully.

The dinner set will be steamed to ripe first before I blend it into a porridge or soup form for ease of digestion.

If you want to look 10 years younger and healthy like me, always eat the green food and be happy like Ah-Q everyday.

My bad habits are late sleeping and lack of exercise, otherwise may be looked 15 years younger than my biological age. 🙂

Avoid these health damage activities at all costs,

– Smoking. I have seen a 38-year old heavy smoker friend was hospitalized for stroke.

– Alcohol. Beer is out, but controlled wine consumption is fine for health.

– Minimum meats consumption especially red meat.

– Don’t eating out.

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ken ho says:

did you copy the recipe of Dongfang Billy?

nkkhoo says:

Never watch his program.

boyle says:

The carrot in the pic not wrapped hence “wrinkled” being exposed in the fridge ?

don’t throw away the packaging for MILO. You can use it to put your vegetables and they can stay fresh longer. A tip to share.

boyle says:

once you have watched how the chickens/pigs/cows/goats are slaughtered, you will soon put them away from your meal menu.

humans are not born to consume meat (dr looi can testify that by looking at the tooth structure of human beings).

i have not ate above mentioned meat for 6 years, and I still can climb Kinabalu and soon Adam’s Peak, believe me.

Read or recall your vegetarian moment at Kandy – end the sufferings of these animals – Good merit & KARMA.

nkkhoo says:

I ate poultry meat once a week, sometimes once a month.

Fish and seafood are my main protein nowadays.