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To test you are a human and an animal

A high percentage of human being will be falling into animal category under such extraordinary condition, to steal or not.

Only people with strong moral and religious value will not do any evil under any circumstances.

Confucius had spoken out this idea since 2500 year ago. He and his students kept the same set of moral standard under a hunger crisis.

Passers-by go on looting spree as lorry driver lies injured

SHAH ALAM: As the driver of a courier lorry lay injured after his vehicle rammed into another lorry, passers-by coolly carted away goods worth about RM800,000 after an early morning accident in Kuala Kubu Baru.

They made off with laptops, cosmetic items, hair dye, bread, car spare parts and medication in the 2.15am incident on Saturday on the North-South Expressway.

Fortunately for the 46-year-old driver, who suffered injuries to his shoulder and right hand, a Good Samaritan later sent him to Hospital Kuala Kubu Baru where he received outpatient treatment.

The vehicle he was driving had rammed into another lorry that was parked along the emergency lane in Kerling.

Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said police managed to nab two men, aged 31 and 26, and retrieved items worth about RM20,000.

“We recovered items like laptops and spare parts when we raided their houses the next day,” he told reporters at the Selangor police contingent here yesterday.

One is apparently a workshop owner and the other, his employee.

“Both tested positive for syabu although they do not have any criminal record,” said DCP Tun Hisan.

“The men have been placed under remand until Wednesday,” he said, adding that police had yet to determine how many others carted away the goods.

“Please be good and responsible citizens by returning the items to the police,” DCP Tun Hisan said, adding that the people’s actions “reflected a negative attitude among Malaysian society”.

Asked if they would be charged should they return the items, he said although that decision was left to the deputy public prosecutor, they could face charges under Section 411 of the Penal Code for possessing stolen goods.

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boyle says:

according to my girl friends, you look quite charming in that cowboy hat. They want you to remove your sunglasses to see if you have adoring eyes.

nkkhoo says:

Korean eyes, or mata sepit. LOL

boyle says:

Hindus believe in Karma, too. Go ask Samy Vellu.

Corrupted people believes in karma too; they minimise their sins giving away some of black money to charity. remember a tychoon to give away half his fortune to the public ?

Haris says:

What happen to moral education in our school?

Too much emphasis on sejarah is the cause?

boyle says:

nkkhoo not sure what is your religion but i bet you believe in karma.

karma can turn a lion into a prince while a angry man can be turned into an angry bird (like the game) during the cycle of life.

nkkhoo says:

Only Buddhism has karma concept, no on other religions. I believe 90% dead people in Penngerang graveyard are followers for Toaism and Confucianism.