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These homeless people are Malaysians

I did mention this below phenomenon before as seen by this student. DBKL and police will take action to chase out these homeless people after this letter published in the Star, you should wait for one or two weeks if you want to take photos for evidence.

Thank BN government who brought in 5 million foreign workers to force our people jobless and homeless.

Malaysia is a heaven to foreign labors and upper income Malaysians, but it’s a hell to many Malaysians with low or no academic qualifications.

Malaysians are not just falling into the middle-income trap, indeed many unfortunate ones are trapped in the low-income bracket under BN’s foreign labor friendly policy.

Another world record achieved by Bodohland is the most foreign workers per capita [Over 20% population], besides the most public servants per capita in the world.

Homeless nuisance near Kota Raya

I AM a student who occasionally passes through the Kota Raya area to get a bus.

Lately however, I notice that there are quite a number of homeless people loitering or sleeping around the open area.

When taking the pedestrian bridge, one can see blankets and other effects belonging to these people littering the bridge, as well as the rubbish left behind by them.

Sometimes these people sleep on the bridge without their shirts.

On Friday, I saw a man sleeping outside the McDonald’s outlet.

What was shocking was that the man had his pants pulled down so low, his buttocks were almost completely exposed for all to see.

As this place is a heavy-traffic area, many people, including foreign tourists and parents with young children, saw this.

Some even pointed at him while looking on in disgust. The man just slept on blissfully ignorant of what was going on around him.

Exactly what kind of message are we sending to the people and the tourists visiting our country?

I hope that the relevant authorities can act on this.

Subang Jaya

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Bernard says:

PR1MA for homeless? Chor Chee Heung care to elaborate?

dennis says:

some Old Komtar shoplots in Penang now occupied by Myanmar and Indonesia bosses – don’t blame them when most locals still awaiting tongkat aid like 1BRM & 1BRM2… to survive. Perkasa closes one eye ?

dennis says:

so no wonder people say by 2020 Bolehland shall export maids to overseas (become kakak in more affluent Indonesia by then); especially when petronas oil (that gives 55% of Bolehland revenue) runs dry.