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BN is solving crime problem with brainless solution

Soalan moral SPM: Adakah polis membelasah pemberita itu perkara yang betul? Jawapan: Betul

Let’s take Singapore, one of the safest nations on the planet, its full-time police personnel is 8000 to police 5 million population or 1 police for 625 people.

Now I present Bodohland case, 110,000 policemen for 31 million population or 1 police for 281 people.

A half of PDRM personnel is assigned for political intelligence gathering and administration, yet Hisham is saying one policeman for every 257 people [refer to Malaysians only] in the country is a constraint to combating crime.

Ironically, Hisham could deploy 10,000 policemen to create chaos in Bersih 3.0 peaceful gathering. While policemen in my village are too busy to collect protection money from Indonesian illegal immigrants and Chinese mafias.

Hisham, your brain only know how to add more police although the current police strength is already too high compared to other countries.

BN hidden agenda is adding more pro-BN policemen and establish a gestapo-like organization to terrorize rakyat.

Police plan massive intake next year

The Star/Asia News Network
Monday, Oct 01, 2012

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia – A massive police recruitment exercise not seen in the nation for the past 43 years is set to take off next year, thanks to Budget 2013.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the last mass recruitment for the police force was conducted in 1969.

“The budget announcement includes an increase in police force strength. Previous expansion exercises has not been in pace with the country’s demographics,” he said, adding that there are now 110,000 police personnel serving 28.3 million people.

“This means that there is one policeman for every 257 people in the country,” he said after attending a gathering with Rela members in Beaufort yesterday.

On Friday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced allocations totalling RM591mil (S$241 million) for crime-fighting efforts for 2013.

On Rela, Hishamuddin said Rela officers would receive RM7.80 per hour, while other ranks would receive RM6 in allowances.

He said the newly established Motorcycle Patrol Unit, which was allocated RM20mil, was vital in solving the increasing number of house break-ins.

In BERA, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said residents in more than 100 areas in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan could buy essential items at uniform prices following the Budget 2013 announcement.

“For example, those in Ba’kelalan, Sarawak, will only pay RM26.60 for a cooking gas cylinder compared to RM70 previously. The 50% discount on ferry charges for passengers will mean lower transportation costs,” he added.

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goh sl says:

one way for nkkhoo to gain wide publicity is when he is picture by THE STAR kena whacked by polis until his hat is torn and sunglasses is broken. Sympathy alone could increse traffic to his blog. until then, Muar boy ranking namewee still ahead of nkkhoo although i think nkkhoo can be a force if he has the tools to make it – all the best nkkhoo !

nkkhoo says:

Hitler won in the democratic election through fear factor and terrorism, all conscious German people kept silent like you.

Don’t ever insult others by comparing with Namewee.

ken ho says:

being pro BN, i think polis will treat nkkhoo with ‘respect’.

Saleha says:

Jelas sekali statistik jenayah yang diumumkan oleh PDRM telah dimanipulasi. Dengan cara mengklasifikasikan semula kejadian jenayah kepada “jenayah bukan indeks” yang tidak disiarkan bertujuan menampakkan penurunan “jenayah indeks”.

Hanyalah melalui respons polis kepada tuduhan seorang ‘whistleblower’ kita mengetahui yang di saat “jenayah indeks” telah menurun sebanyak 24.7% daripada 2007 sehingga 2011, satu pencapaian yang “harus dipuji”, “jenayah bukan indeks” pula meningkat sebanyak 68.7% dalam tempoh yang sama.

Angka-angka itu memberikan bukti jelas terhadap manipulasi statistik oleh pihak berkuasa untuk mencerminkan pencapaian yang lebih baik berbanding realiti dihadapi rakyat di luar sana.