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The work of Ugly Chinese....Taiping Lake was fulled with rubbish after Lantern Festival Party





This phenomenon speaks out Malaysian Chinese still living in the third world mindset, they treat public places as their garbage bins. It was reported same ugly thing was repeating year after year.

As usual they would blame no enough rubbish bins around Taiping Lake and local authorities for them NOT to act like civilized people.

Shame on those Chinese party goers who were littering in Taiping Lake Gardens!

Do you Chinese wanted to be called another Mainland Chinese, notorious for uncivilized behavior in tourist spots?



I will bring the rubbish back to my car first for proper disposal if I cannot find rubbish bin during my traveling journey.

I have never intentionally thrown any rubbish in public places albeit I’m not embracing any religion which is teaching its followers that throwing rubbish in public places is a bad habit and bring bad karma for Buddhists.

How you teach your children to become civilized human beings if yourself do not practice good value?

A smoker friend tried to educate his children that smoking is bad, I told him this is like a crab is trying to teach its children to walk straight. Anyway, my late father was a smoker, I did not respect his “teaching” on smoking because of no walking the talk. Luckily only one of five siblings is a smoker.

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