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Congratulation to Ali Rustam for creating another Bodohland record

It was reported by Bernama 130,000 people attended the wedding dinner of his son will make Najib and Muhyddin jealous about his reputation. In my opinion, Ali Rustam should be the next Prime Minister if BN wins in GE13.

Malay food caterer will charge at least RM20 per head, thus the minimum expenses for food alone is RM2.6 million.

Ali Rustam said the cost of the wedding dinner is paid by sponsors and businessmen, this revelation makes me wonder why they are willing to pay million ringgit.

PKR claimed several government agencies were tasked to provide free logistics services to Ali Rustam. Malaysian army personnel were assigned to wash toilets and utensils!

This incident is a concrete evidence that business cronyism is deeply rooted in Bodohland.

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Bernard says:

Selangor MB korban a few lembu and MACC springs into immediate action.
Wonder why MACC can accept such lavish wedding without checking on Rustam’s account.

nkkhoo says:

MACC is UMNO Sdn Bhd, I have long forgotten it can tackle corruption.

goh sl says:

when najib is out, the tussle btwn Muhyddin & Ali Rustam in umno very soon.

I personally think Ali is smarter in $ politics clear cut, what say you ?

ken ho says:

interesting fight in the coming umno assembly.
Rustam is gathering grassroot support with money politics to get into top post.

hao2 says:

Ali Rustam was found guilty of money politic (bribing) in one of the previous UMNO election and as a result of that he was disqualified from contesting. But no further action taken against him in spite of that.

Now like several other BN leaders, Ali Rustam has moved into a new level of corruption. Did it openly as if it is not a crime. Maybe to them, it is as MACC dare not and will not do anything. They should have taken action against him long ago but did absolutely nothing. Perhaps for that reason, he became braver and dare to do it openly. Isn’t wedding dinner paid by sponsors is a form of corruption? Now that it has came up in the open, what action can we expect from MACC?

mazuin says:

Despite a leaked document from the Malacca State Development Corporation (PKNM) has allegedly shows that state agencies had sponsored the wedding ceremony , most Malays in Malacca will still vote for UMNO as they have been ingrained with the thought that public money is for the benefit of the Umnoputras first whatever that is left will then trickle down to the serfs who hang on to the coat tails. Nothing will change until the Malays themselves are made to realize that there will be no more ” free meal tickets” for life being a birth right of every Malay.

This is clear cut bribery if you refer the the recent Bribery Act. But what disgusts most is how these UMNO warlords stand proud of their “achievement” and even has the guts to invite a Malaysia Record.

Saleha says:

Ali Rustam pernah mengamalkan politik wang waktu Perhimpunan Umno dulu. Tak hairanlah macam mana dia dapat dana untuk majlis perkahwinan yang memecah rekod Malaysia ini.

Fuad says:

Ali Rustam want to show Ah Jib Gor & Moohidin how powerful he is. Support from people no problem. Money to spend no problem. So both of you move aside. Come next Umno election Rustam will be the Ketua UMNO & and later Ketua Pembangkang of Malaysia.

Tim says:

Sponsors and businessmen are willing to pay million ringgit because of the principle of “Lu tolong gua, gua tolng lu”!