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Where are our universities in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings?

Two Singapore universities are in the top 400 rankings in the world, and as usual none of Malaysian universities in the list.

Tutors in NUS must have at least master’s degree and PhD for lecturers since 80s, and many of them are from top universities. Go check out what the teaching staff’s qualifications in our universities.

A Chinese Muslim lecturer in my university was given professorship at the age of 30++, his name is listed as the youngest professor in the Malaysia Books of records.

My friend in a Hong Kong University [ranked 182] did a search for his papers published in international journals, and found only two papers under his name.

My point is no top universities in the world will confer professor title to any idiot with only two papers under his belt.

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kkk says:

Bernama / RTM / TV3 / Astro Awani do not report on no ranking of Malaysian U; and only report those news favourable to the nation.

No wonder many jobless local graduates while Chinese Independent school graduates can find jobs in Spore and Taiwan.

SAD for Malaysian under BN !

Jcool says:

BN is more interested in becoming jaguh kampung in its book of records.

Bernard says:

BN will give its usual excuse that the ranking is not important so long as more bumis become graduates.

ken ho says:

local universities is a factory to produce civil servants that hutang budi to umno.