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I don't care you believe it or not, I just believe it!

There is a famous saying from a Chinese official after the high speed trains collusion incident to rebut no victim was buried alive.

Najib: Leaders must set example in fighting corruption

“I don’t care you believe it or not, I just believe it!”

Najib: Leaders must set example in fighting corruption
The Malaysian InsiderThe Malaysian Insider – 22 hours ago

By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 – Leaders at all levels of society must exhibit the right values for their constituents to follow in order to prevent corruption, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

Najib said that social norms and values play a critical role in dealing with the corruption problem and have to be cultivated.

“It is critical, therefore, for people in positions of power and authority to exemplify the values they wish their constituents to follow,” said Najib at the opening of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities Conference here.

“This makes the behaviour of those in positions of leadership, be it in politics, government, business, civil society, education and the home especially important in instiling the right values and basics of ethical conduct,” he said.

Najib said that countries needed to instill a “natural abhorrence” to corruption into the conscience of society.

The prime minister also said that corruption did not only involve the government but also the private sector and called the “unbridled” and “ruthless” pursuit of “extraordinary” profits a form of corruption.

“We rightly demand greater scrupulousness from those in public office yet we live in a world where the public culture endorses the pursuit of greed and unmitigated material success, at least until someone is caught breaking the law.”

Najib later gave RM1 million to the International Anti-Corruption Academy based in Vienna on behalf of the Malaysian government.

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Stephen says:

Internationally, Najib has earned as a false democrat sharing the same club with Milosevic and Mubarak. At home, he is a celebrity who does not stick to his words. His songs, Malaysia the world’s best democracy state, Rakyat didahulukan have all died in rhythm. He sacrileges the sanctity of mosque by taking oath that he knows nothing about the murdering of a Mongolian beauty by his bodyguards. His UMNO warlord has ridiculed him as a general without soldiers. Born with a silver spoon, he is known to get everything on silver platter. He is shy, timid and deficient when challenged to a debate. The remotest of all he is never a fighter. He only wants the premiership to be given on a silver platter.

keith says:


Do you believe that Mindef can spend RM3.2 billion for poor quality living quarters with 15% cost overrun as per 2011 AG report?

Ras says:

That is Najib’s 1M4U message to his cronies!

Sahril says:

UMNO tidak akan berhenti melaungkan kepada orang Melayu yang miskin bahawa mereka adalah satu-satunya “perisai” yang boleh mempertahankan Islam di negara ini apabila realitinya mereka terbabit dalam rasuah – hawa nafsu yang ternyata dilarang di dalam al-Quran.

nkkhoo says:

UMNO is like a satan believer calls himself the God follower.

greg says:

Chinese Communist now superpower. Their nationalism at heart means they boycott travelling to Japan (who counts Chinese as 25% of tourism market) causing hardship to Japan tourism income !

No wonder you see Yen Yen polishing the Chinese.

I was at melaka last weekend and saw many Chinese tourists there.

One day majority of readers are from Mainland China and better don’t follow your native comrade namewee to condemn the mainland chinese !

nkkhoo says:

Chinese tourists already number one source for Melaka tourism. My hobby travel site, already provide Chinese version.

By 2020, China GDP per capita will overtake Malaysia, imagine the purchasing power for a nation with 1.3 billion population who is earning more than Malaysia.

hao2 says:

Sorry Mr nkkhoo, I do not understand your message.
Care to elaborate to be more specific?
Thank you!

nkkhoo says:

You have to learn from Chinese communist officials who have no shame to deny their wrongdoings.

kean hean says:

i support innocence until proven guilty.

however, malaysian court will not take suaram’s scorpene investigative paper evidence to prove najib innocence; as no trial means perpetual inncocent !!!