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Oil palm price crisis...Who should be blamed?

A ton of cruel oil palm has dropped from RM550 to RM335 in just three weeks. The breakeven point for palm oil plantation is RM300 per ton.

Felda settlers and smallholders will feel the thorny pain first.

BN shall re-think whether Felda settlements in Johor and Pahang are still its fixed deposit after their livelihood is badly affected by the oil palm price crumble?

UMNO will blame Soros for manipulating oil plam international trade to find scapegoat for the palm oil price crumble crisis.

Go click on the right column about “How UMNO robbed Robert Kuok?” and the karma falling on Malaysian palm oil producers due to unlimited greedy of UMNO politicians.

It’s time to reduce over dependent on palm oil crop and diverse to other agriculture products.

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Ghaz says:

Peneroka Felda harus ingat dengan sejarah ini….Peneroka Felda Sendayan:

黑面 says:

FGV 股价跌至 Rm4.50,首相也绝口不提 …

nkkhoo says:

Any rakyat other then Felda settlers have received more free money from BN government?

Felda settlers are staunch BN supporters until their grandsons grow up to new voters.

Roy says:

Shares of Felda Global Venture Holdings (FGVH), today traded at a new record low of RM4.52, three sen below its listing price. Investors may have just found out that more than half of the oil palm trees in FGVH’s plantations are ageing trees that produce a lesser yield.

FGVH may have improved in revenue by 61% in 3rd qtr but its net profit fell 40% this year! This is not surprising as FGVH’s productivity in terms of tonnes per hectare is ranked as the third lowest among major Malaysian plantation companies.

Azuan says:

The malay newspapers focus on the increase of reveneu by Felda, but choose to downplay the fact that the net profit has gone down much more. So BN can keep the malays happy with twisted info.

sim says:

indians get nambikei from najib that has no purchasing power, but no durian runtuh.
the chinese only get 30 rinngit dinner plus crap talk from csl.
so why vote for bn?

nkkhoo says:

My mother was promised RM5,000 for my late father’s home guard service during the emergency. 95% applicants already received it, but not my old mum. I believe local MCA reported to Home Ministry as a punishment for my anti-BN fact findings.

Zahid says:

We know that Chinese join MCA to get business from BN.
So chinese community in general got no durian runtuh, except the elite few within the MCA circle who are slave to Umno.

shahrir abdul samad says:

PR must attack the FGVH listing because it is a good deal for the settlers. At the very least, there will be people who are misled to think that the settlers had a raw deal. It is the unfortunate nature of today’s politics that perception, rather than the truth, is more important. The opening price on FGVH’s listing was higher than the issue price. So it is not quite correct that the listing price was over inflated.

I have been following your website for some time now and I admire your impartiality and emphasis on facts rather than hearsay.

nkkhoo says:

I need people like you to shed light on FGVH issue. When its net worth value is below the listing price, that is over inflated, but market price is another story which is depending on supply and demand equation.

I hate BN does not mean I support PR blindly. Let the fact do the talking, not opinion and hearsay.

Spicy & Fiery says:

I got this from a stock analyst:

BN through its control of EPF and Khazanah has been propping up FGVH which is struggling to hold on to its IPO price of RM4.55. Without this pre-election support aimed at placating the Felda settlers and gaining their vote, FGVH will definitely be trading below the IPO price.

Aidil Yunus says:

I think our BN strategists are very good. IMF should employ them to solve the Euro woes! But I hairan why MAS share price plunged. I thought MAS has turnaround to afford new A380s?

nkkhoo says:

U do not hire smart strategists to tell u why?

99% GLCs losing money because of corruption, then poor management.

shahrir abdul samad says:

The settler’s crops are sold to oil mills which are partly owned by FGVH and the Felda co-op (in which settlers have shares). So the settler will benefit from the sale of his crops to Felda oil mills much the same way as other independent smallholders who sell their crops to private oil mills. The benefits to a settler are from the sale of his oil palm fruits, dividends from his shares in the co-op and dividends paid out from the FGVH.

nkkhoo says:

That is a fair business deal, I wonder why PR attacked FGVH like no tomorrow.

An analysis from a blogger said the FGVH share listing price is over inflated. This is only matter I agreed.

shahrir abdul samad says:

The settler still has his housing lot and his smallholding. Felda Holdings also has oil palm plantations and these plantations do not have settlers but employees. These plantations are now part of FGVH assets and the settlers still own their house plots and smallholdings.

shahrir abdul samad says:

It is not true that the Felda settler no longer has his oil palm or rubber smallholding (or land) due to FGVH listing. Only plantations, and not settlers’ land, under Felda Holdings became part of FGVH’s assets. Just a comment to correct a misperception.

nkkhoo says:

Do you mean only 0.5 acre housing lot is still owned by the settlers, and the rest of productive plantation land is owned by FGVH?

Or do you mean only the crops owned by FGVH and the land title is still with the settlers?

Baki says:

Najib gave Durian Runtuh to each Felda family. So the Felda father got a new kapcai bike. His son got some to spend on his iPad5 while Mak is eagerly waiting for her turn to buy a Birkin-imitation bag. However, very soon the father is back to square one as his FELDA shares are now under water. Land no longer theirs, only their leaking house. This is being played out not just in Johor but also Pahang, Perak, NS etc. as the price of oil plam is going down due to the supply from Indonesia!