Rapeland >>>

Welcome to Rape Land ! This is sin world under BN....Criminals have no fear to grab and rape young girls in broad daylight

Kuala Lumpur is like Jakarta in early 80s where criminals have no shy to rape girls in the broad daylight.

Suharto had to order his army to kill suspected criminals on the spot as an extraordinary measure to stop such crime from spreading like wild fire.

It’s time to follow Indonesia in 80s to order army to shot dead those criminals without mercy.

You may say this is a rule by laws, unlawful, inhumane and barbaric in nature for extrajudicial killings.

What else you can do when the police you trusted fail miserably to protect your daughters and Malaysian female from sex violence?

Extrajudicial killing is still a modus operandi to fight crime in Indonesia now. Drug dealers in Indonesia are made disappear permanently if they defy the warning given to them to stop the business immediately.

Malaysian drug dealers in Indonesia have to run away to save their lives after ex-President Megawati’s daughter drug abuse was exposed.

Gang-raped by 10 men

A 28-YEAR-OLD woman went through a horrifying four-hour ordeal when she was gang-raped by 10 foreigners. She had earlier been abducted at a bus stop in Puchong Perdana.

Police sources told Harian Metro that the rapists recorded their actions which took place in a nearby flat unit at around 3pm on Saturday.

The suspects, believed to be Myanmar nationals, also threatened to kill the victim if she lodged a report.

They released her at around 7pm and she made a report at the Puchong police station.

The woman said she was waiting at the bus stop when a car stopped near her and two men, one armed with a parang, forced her into the backseat.

“The helpless victim was taken to a nearby flat, where the other suspects were waiting.

“Two men tied her hands and feet and despite her screams for help, the suspects took turns raping her,” the source told the paper.

Subang Jaya deputy OCPD Supt Tan Ah Chua said police picked three men, in their 20s and 30s, on Sunday and were hunting down the other seven.

Plucky teen escapes rape
Compiled by P. ARUNA, NG SI HOOI and A. RAMAN

A SEVENTEEN-year-old girl faked unconsciousness to save herself from being raped, murdered and burnt.

She was walking along the Bandar Sri Permaisuri roadside in Kuala Lumpur, taking her eight-year-old cousin from school, when the Thursday afternoon incident took place, according to Harian Metro.

A van stopped next to her and a man got out and grabbed her hand, said the victim, who only wanted to be known as Iqa.

“I tried to fight him off and a woman who saw what was happening rushed to my aid,” said the teenager. “However, the man claimed he was my boyfriend and she decided not to interfere,” Iqa told the newspaper.

She was dragged into the van in which were two other men, she said.

“He held a knife to my throat. I struggled to free myself and that is when my phone started ringing.

“They grabbed my phone before I could answer it and hit me in the back, and I fell forward,” she said, adding that that was when she decided to pretend she lost consciousness.

Iqa said she could see stashed knives and guns under the seat.

“I overheard them saying that they were going to rape and kill me before burning my body,” she recalled.

Iqa grabbed the opportunity to escape when the men suddenly stopped the van and got down to grab another girl.

“I instantly grabbed the car keys, threw it out and ran for my life,” she said.

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herman says:

Ever ask yourself how these foreign male workers could ‘relieve’ their sexual urge when they are in Bolehland away from their wife or girlfriends back home?

Now you know why Singapore close one eye on Geylang brotherls in order to serve these foreign workers instead of letting they preying on the local girls.

nkkhoo says:

More brothels in Bodohland, don’t pretend you do not know where the places.

These foreigners know everything can settle with money in Malaysia even they rape our girls…