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Another donkey work from UMNO politikus

The so-called evidence is a written document from an unknown and unreliable author according to Bodohland’s Malay historians. Actually there are no concrete proofs or artifacts uncovered and linked to existence of Parameswara. Also no Melaka palace daily journals available to say Melaka Sultanate was a real history.

If the founding date for Melaka is 1262, then the history of China Ming Dynasty and Portuguese are all wrong.

China Ming dynasty history is the most proper documented archive in the world unlike Melaka history written by unknown authors a hundred years later.

Chinese archives hold key to Malacca’s founding
October 11, 2012

FMT LETTER: From NK Khoo, via e-mail

The Malacca sultanate’s existence is proven only through cross reference with other historical archives from China, Siam, Portuguese, etc. because all archives from the Malacca palace were believed to have been destroyed during the wartime.

Historians are fully aware that China’s Ming dynasty history is the most well documented archives in the world, unlike Malacca’s history which was written a hundred years later.

Ming palace records are still existence and can be accessed by researchers to verify when Parameswara visited Nanjing.

Parameswara’s visit to China in 1405 was well documented in the Ming palace official journals with the details such as of what food served to him and his delegation on a particular day.

If the founding date for Malacca is 1262, then the history of the Ming Dynasty and Siam are all proven wrong or at least the Ming Dynasty history has to be brought forward 150 years to synchronise with the new Malacca history as claimed by Malacca government. This is a very unlikely event!

Most world renowned historians will not accept a history announced by local government without proper research works done on the subject. History still has to substantiated with evidences like palace official documents, artifacts, cross reference archives, etc.

Which year was Malacca founded — 1400 or 1262?

I READ with dismay that Pos Malaysia is launching a series of stamps to “mark the 750th anniversary of the founding of Melaka”.

This “recognises” or “accepts” that the historical date of the founding of Melaka is changed from 1400 to 1262.

The Malacca Chief Minister made such an announcement this year.

Historical dates are important markers and have always been determined by historians and academia of international and local standing, aptly so as this falls within their field of research.

In the absence of such an announcement of the change in the year of the founding of Malacca by the appropriate body, can this be treated as being “official” by politicians and now Pos Malaysia?

I would appreciate if there can be some clarification on this.



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kaulat says:



nkkhoo says:

I think the museum has changed it to sitting posture.

kim soon says:

when the readers write in Mandarin, i think it will be more appropriate if you could reply in Mandarin. No offence here just suggestion.

nkkhoo says:

I allow Mandarin and Malay is already a prerogative to my readers who reply in my English postings.

I expect every Malaysian after SPM shall understand English, otherwise they shall go back to school to relearn the language.

Maniam says:

Malaysia may not be the only country that rewrite its history, I think the Japanese also did that in presenting to their children that they were not the aggressors in WW2.

There should be no restriction for other races to study in the Chinese school or the Tamil school. The school is a place for us to study and learn, it doesn’t matter in which medium, it’s the effectiveness that matter. If we learn the rights and the goods, the language is not the reason of our failure. Even if you have only the national school, if you have BTN masters all over, we will still be doomed.

Phin says:

Jack Lim’s new CNY movie ‘Once Upon A Time’ show that Chinese established foothold in Tanah Melayu 6000 years ago and they spoke Cantonese.

nkkhoo says:

The China mainland written history is only traceable to 3500 years ago, do not be another illusive Mohd Ali to create another history.

The present day Cantonese language was still no exist at 6000 years ago if Jack Lim is ignorant about Chinese civilization.

Yahua says:

Could this be the reason why Finas tried to make life difficult for Jack Lim?

nkkhoo says:

A fake history will be rejected in any country, don’t ask for cheap sympathy and blame others like LGE.

Fhineas says:

Jack Lim is now the ambasoddor for 1Malaysia.

Hambali says:

Umno has successfully erased Yap Ah Loy from Selangor history and they will complete the job by demolishing old buildings of Jln Sultan.

sim says:

spot on!

Zahid says:

If only Umno people can show support to chinese citizens heritage like their strong passion for the Palestine people…

Stone Cold says:

Umno and Prof KKK has refused to acknowledge the existence of Hindu empire in Lembah Bujang long before Parameswra set foot on Melaka. Those relics of Lembah Bujang therefore are all kept away from public eyes.

greg says:

Prof Khoo Khay Kim who just has a heart attack will be shocked with “dongeng” becomes sejarah.

1262 was when Hindu empire stretches from Indo China toward prsesent indonesia archipelago; traces of which have been unearthed….

nkkhoo says:

The only traces for Sri Vijaya Empire are in My San, Vietnam.