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This unislamic statue has anything to do with Melaka world heritage status?

The statue is truly an eyesore landmark in the Melaka world heritage core zone.

What his great achievement contributed to Melaka city being accredited as a Unesco world heritage site?

Pasar malam and Chinese lantern decoration in Jonker Street proposed by Mr. Gan were never considered as a universal value by Unesco, thus I do not see why the statue should be there to remind his past achievement.

Besides, such living object statue like deer mouse status is considered un-islamic by Melaka Fatwa Council in 80s.

Melaka state government had removed three deer mouse statues erected in Bukit Cina roundabout after the fatwa. Gan Boon Leong was a state exco then has no objection in complying with the fatwa.

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Greg says:

ai yo yoh
nkkhoo you are so rough with a lady reader no wonder you are still “bujang senang” LOL

nkkhoo says:

Don’t try drag gender issue in my blog.

simone says:

i didn’t say it was Jonker St – i said it is at the road running across at the end junction of Jonker St. Got it ?

nkkhoo says:

He runs a gym with more of his statues at the end of Jonker Street.


At the end of Jonker Street is still the Jonker Street. Don’t wasting time to flip flop your own writing.

I doubt you know there are two junctions, one is V-Junction of Jln Tukang Emas and Jln Hang Jebat and another T-junction of Jln Tukang Emas and Jln Kubu.

His gym is at least 100 meters away from the V-junction as described in your writing, don’t ever to try show me you know better the Melaka city unless you are a local resident.

simone says:

His gym is near junction road at THE END Jonker Street.

nkkhoo says:

The road is not jonker street, a giant lion is in front of his gym.

simone says:

you better don’t offend this Dr Gan.
He runs a gym with more of his statues at the end of Jonker Street. The site is officiated by top UMNO guy.
don’t play play with this ex Mr Universe – got power & $ !

nkkhoo says:

I am very scare now after your reminder….LOL

His gym is not in Jonker Street.