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Telekom is a bully

Besides the double billing issue faced by some users, I have encountered a bully from Telekom who called me after I terminated my streamyx account at a Telekom outlet in Taman Indah Pandan.

The Telekom staff who speak Malay only was asking my personal particulars on the phone, I replied him that NO to provide my personal details like name and IC number to anyone calling my phone.

He threatened me that Telekom will not terminate my Streamyx account even I already have submitted application form to them IF I refused to provide my personal info for their verification on the phone.

I immediately shouted at him at >100 decibel points and challenged him to do so.

I scolded him that I will make it an issue by dragging Telekom to Tribunal Court besides complaining to Prime Minister’s complaint bureau and MCMC IF he got ball not to terminate my streamyx account.

The staff chickened out and terminated my streamyx account on the following day.

Telekom is a big bully because of its monopoly on broadband service in Bodohland.

Steamed up over Unifi-Streamyx double billing

Malaysiakini – 2 hours 4 minutes ago

An emerging number of Internet users are accusing Telekom Malaysia Bhd of double-dipping – offering an “upgrade” to its Unifi services without automatic cancellation of their Streamyx services.

This has resulted in many customers being charged for the pricier Unifi services, a fibre-optic network, on top of their existing Streamyx services, which runs on the slower DSL network.

The problem appears to stem from the fact that Telekom’s Unifi and Streamyx unit are separate entities, with the former’s resellers not helping customers terminate their Streamyx services as part of the “upgrade package”.

Tan Wei Tee, a producer at NTV7, told Malaysiakini that he has been billed for both services since July.

He became annoyed after receiving SMS reminders to settle his bills, despite having diligently paid those for the new Unifi service, and called the company for details.

To his shock, Tan found out that his Streamyx account was still active and he would need to settle an outstanding amount.

“I thought (the bill) is for Unifi, however, it turned out to be Streamyx bill. How could I distinguish the Unifi from the Streamyx bill?” he asked.

‘Upgrade’ or additional product?

However, the company was willing to waive the amount but he would still need to fill in some papers at a Telekom outlet.

The matter has yet to be resolved at the time of writing this report.

“It is illogical. If I am already subscribing to Unifi, why would I need Streamyx?” he asked.

For Lee Way Loon, a Malaysiakini journalist, not only had he to pay two bills for a few months but was repeatedly badgered by tele-promoters offering the same product even after having been “upgraded”.

“I had to scold them before they stopped bugging me,” he said.

Similar complaints were spotted on Facebook. Singer Yu Heng uploaded a post warning her followers to avoid having to pay two bills.

“Friends, remember to terminate your Streamyx account after you apply for Unifi. They won’t help you cancel it. I am frustrated. I have been paying double for seven months.

“I already ‘upgraded’ my service. Why I should need to terminate the old service? I have spent a lot of money calling (Telekom from overseas) and until now it has yet to be resolved

Her post also included a definition of the term “upgrade”, which she defined as a “replacement” of a product with a newer version of the same product.

Streamyx, Unifi operate independently

Responding to Yu Heng’s post, a Facebook user by the name of Julia Chin warned that Telekom did not fulfil a request made by telephone to terminate the Streamyx service.

Instead, she was later told that she could only do so at a Telekom office.

When contacted, a Telekom representative identified only as Eza said an automatic termination of a Streamyx account only happens if an Unifi application is made at a Telekom outlet.

“If the customer subscribes to Unifi at shopping complex dealers, or through the phone, then customers are advised to terminate their Streamyx subscription at a Telekom outlet.”

Asked why Unifi resellers do not straightaway terminate the Streamyx accounts, the reply was that these agents would not know if the customers intend to keep their old accounts.

She also confirmed that Streamyx and Unifi are two different units within Telekom, operating independently of each other.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Eric Lau says:

I had terminate the streamyx on 13 Aug 2012. They still charge me for the following month on the nextbill. I had make the complaint at tmpoint puchong 2 times. 2 times they said system down. The 2nd times i have to log the complaint manually on the form on the front counter. But the sent me a warning letter and mentio they may take legal action if I didn’t clear the bill. Really angry on streamyx on this.. What should I do or complaint on this?

nkkhoo says:

The maximum days TM can charge you after you have submitted termination form is 14 day.

Let lodge a complaint with MCMC first with all necessary documents to prove your case. The next step is filing your case with the consumer tribunal if MCMC fails to protect you.

I am still awaiting TM’s legal letter on its overcharging claim before I lodge a complaint with MCMC.

Jeff says:

不然你们叫他们把网线搞快一点, 他们会说:马来西亚网线是酱的咯!要快一点不然你们搬去新加坡和韩国住咯!!

keith says:

Last year I moved into my new place, and had to apply for Yes! broadband because my place wasn’t Unifi ready yet. I blogged about how much I enjoyed the Yes! experience and even recommended it to most friends and family. That little love affair however took a turn for the worst when I discovered Yes! would experience a service interruption nearly once a month and the overall design of the Yes! service was lacking. So in the end I parted ways with Yes! and subscribed to Unifi instead.

My initial experience with Unifi was breath-taking, it was smoother and faster than Yes!, plus I didn’t have to connect a dongle to my laptop anymore (which is always a plus). I was happy with Unifi and even though I was paying a whooping Rm150 a month, I was happy to do so. I use the Internet for my work and I work from home a lot, so I need a reliable connection up and running in my house so that I can work. It’s quite a simple equation, no Internet = no work.

Then my love affair with Unifi took a significant turn for the worse, on the 30-Jan while my neighbors were blasting fire crackers on the eight day of the Chinese new year…my Internet connection died. All I could see was a red light on my Unifi modem, and that my friends was the beginning of a Chinese New Year Nightmare!

I placed a call almost immediately to Unifi. The person on the call center, walked me through a couple of steps that invariably didn’t work, and eventually said he would have to raise this to the technical team and I would be contacted within 24 hours. I can accept a downtime, so I said OK. Barely 4 hours later, I get an sms from Unifi saying that my fault was due to a wider network issue and that Unifi were working on it. I have to say, I was impressed at this point–I can tolerate a 1 day down time, and the Unifi communications were pretty good.

That changed, over the next 24 hours, I wasn’t contacted after that, so I called Unifi again. Again they told me they’ll contact me within 24 hours and they gave me a new ticket number–presumably they had closed the old one.

Then, about 40 hours after I first reported the incident I get a call from Unifi saying my connection was already up and they asked me to test the connection. I said I wasn’t at home. The person on the line said everything was already OK and they’re technical team had already rectified the issue and asked for my permission to close the ticket. On good faith, I told her she could close the ticket–BIG MISTAKE.

I had planned to attend a teleconference at 9pm that day, only to go home and find my connection STILL FAULTY. Now the red light on the modem wasn’t red, but I still couldn’t go online and I couldn’t attend my teleconference. I couldn’t work because Unifi lied to me.

So I made my 3rd call to TM in as many days, and AGAIN they issued me a new ticket number and AGAIN they told me that I’ll be contacted within 24 hours. I asked them to re-open the older ticket because my problem wasn’t resolved, and the call center agent said he couldn’t do it. I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with him, going through steps like flush DNS and rebooting the router. If anyone from UniFi is reading this, I would just like to say–FLUSH DNS DOESN’T FIX A FAULTY CONNECTION!!

In my fit of anger, I told the agent (still rather calmly though) to call the technician and get him to fix the issue. He said he couldn’t do it as they’d all gone back home. I asked him what time do they come in and he said 9am.

So the next day, at 9am I called TM for the 4th time in 4 days, to report the fault, AGAIN they told me they’d contact me back in 24 hours, and again about 4 hours later I get an sms saying my fault is part of a wider network issue and the technical team is working on it. (sigh!)

Today marks the 5th day I’m without and internet connection at home and TM have yet to do anything.

This is without a doubt–unacceptable.

I wonder if P1 is any better.

On a separate note, I wrote a mail to, which according to some sources is the ceo’s email. Not sure how much help he’s going to be, I’m not holding my breath.


nkkhoo says:

Forget about Telekom CEO, what you see in Telekom is a refection of its CEO’s attitude.