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This old Singapore TV drama is only non-war show I watched for full episodes

The Little Nyonya 小娘惹, a very hot TV drama several years ago. You can learn some Baba & Nyonya culture from the show besides on time wasting entertainment. The drama was shot in Melaka, Penang, Ipoh and Singapore.

Watch it in Youtube now if you missed the drama in local and Singapore TV stations.

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郭美美 says:

nkkhoo are you attracted to the character Huang Juxiang ?

nkkhoo says:

Already forget their names. The mother who ran away with the Japanese is having better character and making a right choice.

可比 says:

Befor condemn local production and glorify Singland production, do take time to check out these local shows on tonton or youtube :

Age Of Glory 2 情牵南洋
Footprints In The Sand 足印
Time FM 时光电台
Forget Me Not 罪爱
A Time To Embrace 追影 . 筑梦
The Adjusters 稽查专用
Goodnight DJ 2 声空感应2
I, My Brother 我和我的兄弟-恩
Glowing Embers 炭乡
Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人

nkkhoo says:

I only watched a Kiasu drama since 80s, how on earth you say I support them?

keith says:

People who watch movies on internet are hogging the broadband.
Do not be cheapskate, go buy the box-set of this Little Nyonya DVDs, pirated ones also available easily!

nkkhoo says:

You shall go back to dial-up internet, no one is watching youtube then. Stupid argument…

Unifi promotes online TV and video as their killer app.

Ras says:

Our telco charge high because many people download videos and stream movies!

nkkhoo says:

That is not true, downloading videos is a main usage in any country.

Monopoly is the main reason.

Nam Ho says:

Do not be screwed by unifi, another TM offering.

nkkhoo says:

99% people have no choice to subscribe non-Telekom broadband service.

Greg says:

Go and watch “The Descendant 香火” NTV7 2012 Blockbuster Drama Series
on youtube or tonton to change your misinformed perception.

“剧长30集的《香火》,以制香厂的大家族为故事背景,剧情将会回朔20年代至60 年代的制香业情景。本剧以制香厂的大家族为背景,探讨继承人应属亲生骨肉,抑或能者居之?而一个传统的制香家族,潜藏着人性悲观的宿命论。一对被命运作弄 的姐妹,同时爱上了一个为家族延续香火,也将家族推向灭亡的男人,3人错综复杂的关系,因此点燃了纠缠不清的宿命火苗。”

fong says:

support Malaysian production so that local artists can earn a livings to be on par with Spore MediaCorp artists !

I used to watch “Empat Sekawan” and happy that Lai Meng in the 80s is still active making movies. should honour such veterans rather than glamourise foreign production.

Give local chinese drama a try.

nkkhoo says:

Wasting time on poor quality drama?

小心聲 says:


kkk says:

recommend you to watch NTV7 6pm now showing MediaCorp drama “Be Happy” 生日快乐 starring our Johor-born 陈汉玮 Chen Han Wei and Fann Wong.

40-year-old Zhang Weijian is a copywriter in an advertising firm, whom suffers in silence under his abusive boss Ken all because he lacks paper qualifications. Having made plans for his retirement, he is penny-pinching and shuns credit cards. Weijian’s nondescript life ends when he is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given less than a year to live. Rather than wasting time and money on painful treatments, he keeps his illness to himself and goes on a spending spree. While living the high life, Wei Jian meets the dauntless Big S, whose dream is to become a Superwoman.
Big S, whose real name is Xiao Kaixin, is a 38-year-old single and a former stage 4 cancer patient. She is a popular radio deejay and hosts a programme on societal issues, with a hotline for listeners. Believing that her life is prolonged because she has been entrusted with a mission, Big S sets about doing charitable work. During a rescue attempt, Weijian encounters Big S. The initial animosity between them due to differences in opinions is tempered when Weijian discovers that Big S is a former cancer patient. He learns to appreciate her and eventually she becomes his soul mate.

nkkhoo says:


Nam Ho says:

You should watch those Taiwanese Hokkien drama on HuaHeeDai.

nkkhoo says:

My mum is addicted to Taiwan Hokkien dramas, I still feel Taiwan drama is better than Bodohland one.

kkk says:

the 2 main lead actresses of 小娘惹 : 欧萱 (Jeanette Aw) and 白薇秀 (Joanne Peh) are good in acting BUT in real life prefer Mat Salleh as companions as if Chinese are not up to their standards ?

I think 向云 (Xiang Yun) is the actress you admire more.

nkkhoo says:

In early 90s, Xiang Yun sit on my next table in a Chinese restaurant when I was in Muar and I did not know who is her until my friend told me so. She was no pretty during her younger age, how you expect a 40 plus lady falling in my radar.

Many actresses are so so average girls, only make-up make their photogenic face looks pretty in the movie.

Only immature people will “chasing star”.

Yes, all actors and actress in the drama are serious in acting except the plot is illogical like how on earth the girl escaped the fire unless there is underground tunnel in the hut.

Chinese girls prefer Mat Salleh and anyone with money is not a secret.

delia says:

mediacorp female artists are mostly sarung party girls prefer caucasians.

Dio says:

nkkhoo should watch 犀利人妻 in order to be mesmerized by 隋棠.

Ajiboy says:

The latest FHM Singapore magazine featured Little Nyonya’s Cynthia Koh as cover girl. A good collection for the fans: