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Auditor-General's audit report is a junk

Why I say so?

The annual report only identify problems year after year, I will be fired if I were an auditor for any MNC by telling the story without giving permanent solutions.

An audit report has to contain three elements,

1. Problem definition or identify the problem.

2. Finding the root causes.

3. Corrective and preventive actions taken to eliminate root causes permanently.

The Auditor-General’s audit report is missing element #2 and 3 and repeating problem findings year after year.

What is value-added service by telling problems only to we taxpayers?

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郭美美 says:

nkkhoo doesn’t like LGE’s leadership ?

槟州亦被总稽查建议,州政府可通过提高投资回筹来增加收入,而该州也应该继续加紧追收2011年底共7784万令吉逾期未收的收入,包括地税、贷学金、供 期付款、屋租,以及其他收入。雪州方面,于2011年储备金飙涨3亿5713万令吉或22.5%,达到19亿4401万令吉水平。此外,其收入也比 2010年增加6250万令吉或4%,至16亿3400万令吉,并且创下1亿8050万令吉的盈余。

nkkhoo says:

Go read the audit report carefully, the surplus is mainly from account transfer, not real surplus.

This is a common trick used by that cunning son.

Dio says:


Wali says:

The only change possible is through UBAH, as BN’s transformation plan is only transforming BN cronies to be richer!

Ras says:

No action taken against civil servants who wasted tax payers money.
Many cases of repair cost that is many times the cost of the equipment.
Either they are stupid or too smart to commit corruption, paying Hugh sum of money to crony contractors.

BN will not take action as this is part of the ‘You tolong Saya, Saya tolong you’ culture.

delia says:

problem will not go away while BN is still in power.
We must utilise our votes wisely.