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This is second namewee for making name instantly

Set aside morality and legal issues, these two poor Malaysian young Chinese are learning Namewee by using internet to make themselves instant infamous fame for their business purpose.

I have no appetite to download videos from these cheapskates because there are tons of pretty and sexy Japanese porno girls like Hatano Yui for my pleasure. Sorry to say this poor girl is not sexy enough for porn actress.

The male netizens used to call a Singaporean man who shared his sex video in internet as Mr. 2-Minute because of two minutes stamina performance. While kampung Malays will call him Mr. Dominic @ Mr. Dua Minit.

Please share with us whether this poor man is another Dominic ? I believe so…:-)

The incident is also a total failure of their parents in inculcating right moral values in their children.

They will be regretted forever for their own stupidity especially after they have children. How are they going to tell their children that their parents are free porn stars?

Anyway, Malaysian Chinese should thank MCA Chua for demonstrating by example on how to be a porn star. His leadership is a role model for Malaysia Chinese youngsters making inroad to porn industry. 

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逆流 says:


kkk says:

when i attend mca mega dinner, i shall ask Chua CD what’s his view on Malaysia now producing “yellow” home made movies.

Dio says:

while the poor malay ladies may end up as domestic maids in Saudi, chinese ladies will have to earn a living as AV stars in Japan? This is a scnenario that BN will realise for us!

ham says:

Hooray Malaysians have sexually awakened !
nkkhoo can now appreciate local pictorials and forget about Japanease AV idols, right ?

波多野结衣 Fan says:

Now we know Melaka Multimedia U produces first local AV actrss !
Reported this man will abandon his scorlarship to venture into sex related business in Singapore ! They have been approached to make blue advertisment. This is the product of “Look East” policy learning from the likes of Hatano Yui. Mahathir will be very proud !