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Chua Soi Lek says 1.2 million to lose jobs after the Hudud...Correct! Correct! Correct!

Botak Chin was handcuffed and accomplished by policemen

That is correct! Correct! Correct!

1.2 million Chinese will be losing jobs in Genting casino, prostitution brothels, massage parlors, porn CD hawkling, drug smuggling, illegal gambling, 4D outlets, scratch-and-win lottery scam, loan shark gang, extortion ring, etc. after the Hudud is imposed.

More correct speaking is 1.2 million Chinese will not involving in the illegal and sin businesses if Malaysia has a clean, fair and just environment like Singapore for everyone to make money legally.

In the nutshell, 20% Malaysia Chinese are depending on illegal business for living because of

1. Lacking job opportunities for low level education Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia.

Culprit: BN racial policies.

2. Rampant corruption in the police has made Malaysian Chinese an easy way to make quick money from illegal businesses.

Culprit: Cronyism and Corruption under BN government.

3. Poor morality in the Chinese who put money above everything.

Culprit: Chinese traditional values and religions not in the school syllabus, brainwashing from money first TV dramas from HK and Western world, a bad role model from Chinese political party like Chua Soi Lek, etc.

Anyway, MCA can rescue Malaysian Chinese by legalizing porn industry for people like Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee to show off their private parts for a living.

I can find prostitute in Kelantan for Chua’s pleasure if he needs the bed service when he visited Kelantan to prove what he accused against Kelantan is not true.

Stories related to Botak Chin, a modern day Robbin Hook in Malaysia.

My Form 2’s BM Malay teacher lectured us in the class by saying Botak Chin is a good Samaritan by helping poor people with the money he robbed.

Believe it or not, a Malay teacher openly complimented a Chinese gangster in the classroom. I think he would be fired if MOE knew about his misconduct.

The Malay teacher is wrong for teaching such value to students because any good cause must be done with the right and legal ways. Robbing is wrong no matter how you justify it.

Another untold story, Botak Chin and other gangster leaders declined to cooperate with Malaya Communist Party for bombing uprising campaign in 70s.

Soi Lek: Hudud will cause 1.2 million to lose jobs
Malaysiakini – Thu, Oct 18, 2012

MCA president Chua Soi Lek has claimed that 1.2 million Malaysians will lose their jobs if PAS implements hudud in Malaysia – which he bases on an anonymous SMS he received today.

Chua listed various industries that he said would contribute to a massive loss of employment should hudud be implemented, including jobs at gambling resort Genting Highlands ( right ), betting outlets as well as massage parlours.

He made this claim on his video blog on YouTube and Facebook today, based on an SMS he said he received this morning.

However, Chua said he could not verify the sender as no one picked up his call.

“This SMS said that MCA talks about hudud but never talks about the jobs that will be lost because of the strict enforcement of hudud in this country,” he said.

“So the figures he gave come to 1.2 million that will be affected if there is a strict interpretation and implementation of hudud in this country,” Chua says in the under three-minute video.

‘A reality if PAS becomes dominant party’

To beef up his latest hudud attack, Chua included some of his own calculations – with Genting accounting for 20,000 lost jobs, betting outlets 100,000, and Internet cafes, massage parlours and the service sector, especially tourism, around 200,000 to 300,000.

“Now this can become a reality if what is predicted: if PAS becomes a dominant party in the Pakatan Rakyat. And it is going to be a dominant party in Pakatan Rakyat”.

He cited Kelantan as an example, saying how difficult it was to find alcohol outlets there as well as other amenities.

“There is no cinema, there is no so-called spa centres, reflexology centres, Four D and Big Sweep are all history”.

Chua ended his video by calling on Malaysians to vote carefully on the upcoming elections.

“So ladies and gentlemen, while we may not be happy with Barisan Nasional, and there are reasons not to be happy…

“But once you do not vote (for BN) 1.2 million Malaysians are jobless… and I pray that this figure is not true.

“If it’s true, it will be a sad day for Malaysia because that will represent nearly 8 to 10 percent of Malaysians who are working (that) will be jobless”.

Chua has been capitalising on PAS’ aspirations of implementing hudud law in attacking the Chinese party’s main foe DAP.

However, it has been pointed out that several of Umno leaders have also supported the implementation of hudud, including Umno’s Kemelah assemblyperson Ayub Rahmat ( above ), Umno’s working committee secretariat of young ulama chairperson , and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mashitah Ibrahim .

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Fhineas says:

If Tun M has his way for a new RCI on immigrants, chinese will lose their citizenship?

Anyway, MCA (with the help of Prof KKK) should remind the old man that the citizenship issued to immigrants during Tunku’s administration was an agreement achieved by the Chinese, Malay and Indians in their fight for national independence.

杰夫 says:


Fanny says:


Ajiboy says:

MCA says if Pakatan wins, we will live under Islamic Hudud Law.
UMNO says if Pakatan wins, Malaysia will become a Christian state.
How confusing is BN?

BN openly gloats over its success in creating fear and mistrust between people of different religions. And this is its idea of getting votes! The rakyat are looking for political parties that celebrate our similarities and promote our shared goals, not one that magnifies out differences and pulls us apart.

kkk says:

Datuk Michael Chong Ten Soo 拿督张天赐 of MCA’s PUBLIC SERVICES & COMPLAINTS DEPT shall be the first lose his job when complaints from indecent & illegal business dealing become less with hudud implementation !

This Ten Soo appears to have many Ah Longs’ lobangs.

nkkhoo says:

Last reminder, your ID will be rubbished in spam list if you continue to say rubbish which I have deleted for many times.

Dio says:


有多少外劳抢了大马人的饭碗呢? 老咸菜你不懂吗?



Ajiboy says:

Wee Ka Siong said Malaysia’s debts (53% of GDP) is OK compared Singapore’s 118% of its GDP.

I suggest he read this paper by the Singapore government that explains their borrowings/debts: